Polls are open for municipal, special elections, referenda

Across Georgia, compulsive patriotic voters will head to the polls today to vote in special elections for some legislative offices that have had vacancies, municipal elections and referenda. After walking the dogs, I will head across the street to the local high school to cast my vote in the E-SPLOST-IV election in DeKalb County.

In some areas, voters who wish to vote in both municipal elections and elections held by county election officials will have to vote in two separate elections in two separate voting places. In Lilburn, for example, you will have to vote at City Hall on Main Street and also head to your normal voting place to vote on the E-SPLOST. This last tip is courtesy of State Representative B.J. Pak.

And here’s a pro-tip for amateurs: don’t release anything political the day before the election that does not relate directly to that election unless you want it to get buried in elections news. Like the announcement that Jackson County Chairman Hunter Bicknell will run for Congress as a Republican in the 9th CD, or the release of the feasibility study for a proprosed City of Brookhaven. Finally, if you know that a blogger on a popular political website is writing about your issue, maybe you want to send him a heads-up on your feasibility study, or even a copy. I’m looking at you, C4ND.

Consider this an open thread for voting related topics throughout the day.



  1. Toxic Avenger says:

    These special elections need to be better run. Like your tip from Rep. Pak, some of these elections are just plumb confusing! I don’t know where I am supposed to vote (or even if I can) because my polling place was bare this morning!


  2. Cassandra says:

    (Dunwoody/GA) Feisty pol pickins’ from the Land of the Riding Vacuum Cleaners. I have selected local online resources that provide some background on the interesting pol experiment of new City governance.

    Voters are being asked to approve a controversial set referendums to acquire, develop parks:

    The nascent City shall choose a new Mayor, and three Council Persons. One incumbent Council Person faces stiff competition:

    The City is asking to be granted powers under the State redevelopment act:

    Finally, continuation of the DeKalb County Educational SPLOST and Sunday liquor sales round out the ballot:

    Although Dunwoody is not really much interest to my friends below the Gnat Line, our policies, successes, and failures reflect what folks in Brookhaven, and to some degree Peachtree Corners may be watching.

    Peachtree Corners is balloting for incorporation today, as well:

  3. drjay says:

    open mayor’s race in sav’h, 6 folks running, expect a runoff, also some open council seats as a couple of them are running for mayor…

  4. Rambler1414 says:

    3 City Council seats on the line in Roswell.
    My prediction: 2 incumbents win and the 3rd goes to a runoff (4 people running against the incumbent, I’d be shocked if anyone pulls 50% + 1)

  5. Engineer says:

    Albany GA has a couple of City Commission seats up and a very heated 3-way mayor race.

    Then there is the issue of the sale of alcohol on Sunday and a controversial E-SPLOST that are both on the ballot (the local newspapers and tv stations have spoken/editorialized against voting for the E-SPLOST http://www.walb.com/story/15977157/viewpoint-more-money-needed-for-school-operation & http://www.albanyherald.com/news/2011/nov/06/voters-should-send-school-system-message/ ).

  6. View from Brookhaven says:

    I’m going to the poll later and plan to stare at the E-SPLOST question for 20 minutes so I can feel that I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

  7. Andre says:

    It appears that Sunday alcohol sales passed in Cherokee County, the cities of Holly Springs, Ball Ground, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Peachtree City, Smyrna, and Kennesaw.

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