Calling All Election Results — Open Thread

Many elections across the state tonight are for municipal offices and, therefore, will have little news coverage.

Since there will be no central source of political news tonight, it`s us — and therefore it`s you.

Please post all election results, even if just partial ones.

For results of the various special elections to fill State Offices, visit the SoS website.

The AJC has metro area results here.

Savannah Now has results here.

Macon area results here.


  1. For starters, I hear Sunday alcohol sales passed in Chamblee, but don’t have first-hand confirmation.

    Any on Dunwoody? Savannah? Gwinnett city elections? State legislative special elections?

  2. Andre says:

    It appears that Sunday alcohol sales passed in Cherokee County, the cities of Holly Springs, Ball Ground, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Peachtree City, Smyrna, and Kennesaw.

  3. Andre says:

    Fulton County has some early results:

    Sunday alcohol sales leads by wide margins in the cities of Atlanta, Alpharetta, East Point, Hapeville, Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs and Union City.

  4. Lo Mein says:

    “They’re voting on taxing and drinking. Drinking is taking an early lead.”

    Well, if that’s my two choices, I’d vote for drinking, too.

  5. ForsythMike says:

    With all precincts in but no early votes counted yet, SPLOST is losing in Forsyth County 4923-4993.

  6. Senate 50: 78% reporting, All counties reporting except Franklin.
    Rick Austin 46.7%
    John Wilkinson 37.3%

    House 10: 99% reporting
    Terry Rogers 61.4%
    Harkness: 23.8%

    • bowersville says:

      Haven’t said anything about this election so I’ll say it now. John Wilkinson will carry Franklin County and Rick Austin’s lead will drop and there’ll be a run-off. With Terry Rogers winning Rick’s home county of Habersham out right, the runoff for Senate 50 favors Wilkinson.

      The topic of conversation in Wilkinson’s home turf of Stephen’s County wasn’t politics. It was the FBI arrests of the terrorist suspects. That’ll change.

      Austin spent a bucket load of money on mailers in the last few days trying to get over the top. Some individuals recieved two mailers in the last days, as late as Monday. Polling must have shown Rogers landslide in Habersham, thus Austin’s push at the last.

      While I was typing Franklin County results came in. So make of this post what you will. But you heard it here first.

      • bowersville says:

        Since I’m going all in I might as well say the rest. With the ton of money Austin spent, if he didn’t get it tonight, which he didn’t, it’s not going to happen.

          • bowersville says:

            I spent time in Toccoa, on the ground, talking. The hot topic was the terrorist arrests, not politics.

        • Word says:

          Maybe we should inform Austin and Wilkinson so they won’t have to waste their time and money. Thanks for letting the rest of us know what the outcome will be. Those dang terrorist screwing up voter turnout in NE Georgia!

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      Well, since the E-SPLOST passed overwhelmingly, you know what that means, Buzz…

      HOT lanes and T-SPLOST for EVERYBODY, on the house!!!!!

      Since it looks like we’re stuck with those [darned] HOT lanes FOREVER, can we at least talk about some commuter rail on the Norfolk Southern/Amtrak rail line between the Atlanta Airport and Gainesville and on the CSX/”Brain Train” rail line between the Atlanta Airport and Athens?

  7. Headed for runoffs:

    Senate District 28:
    Blackburn 28.0%
    Mike Crane 19.8%

    Senate District 50:
    Austin 43.3%
    Wilkinson 39.2%

    House District 25:
    Dunahoo 21.3%
    Banks 19.7%

    No runoff in House district 10 as Terry Rogers wins with 61.4% of the vote.

  8. Rep Hatfield says:

    Southeast Georgia: in the City of Waycross, Sunday package sales were defeated 898-744. Sunday restaurant sales also were defeated 893-781.

  9. Clint says:

    In the Hostess City of the South, the embodiment of the status quo and defender of 10% unemployment and 25% poverty, Edna Jackson, will be in a run-off. She will face Jeff Felser, a candidate with a vision for a better and JUST Savannah. The results were 36% Edna / 24% Jeff. Odds seem to favor Felser in the runoff as all the other candidates in the race did not like the status quo either and will be looking to finally help Savannah turn the page moving forward and elect a Mayor with a pro-job growth agenda.

    Alcohol on Sunday passed overwhelmingly in Savannah, but an effort to remove term limits so Pete Liakakis could run for a 3rd term failed.

    • drjay says:

      i’d love to see jeff felser elected mayor, he’s a good guy that i’ve known for 20 years, unfortunately there is one important thing that edna jackson has that felser does not that will put him at a distinct disadvantage in 3 weeks….of course i’d love to be wrong about how important that attribute is, but i doubt i am…

      • drjay says:

        it will be interesting to see what folks like regina thomas, floyd adams and even ellis cook do in the next 3 weeks–if anything…

  10. jm says:

    Roswell results – 26 precincts of 26 reporting (100.00%):
    All three incumbents held their seats. Rumors around town were that “Tea Party” folks would push for more conservative candidates and there would be some upsets. Didn’t happen. Sunday sales passed readily and we’re still waiting on Fulton with complete E-SPLOST results, but its also likely to pass.

    City Council Post 1
    Rich Dippolito: 64.99%

    City Council Post 2
    Becky Wynn: 60.27%

    City Council Post 3
    Betty Price: 58.28%

    Municipal Judge
    Maurice H. Hilliard Jr.: 98.43%

    Sunday Alcohol Sales
    Yes: 80.71%

  11. Steve Brown says:

    The election results in Fayetteville were another decisive indication of the voters’ desires to put an end to foolish road projects like the West Fayetteville Bypass, to keep financially unproductive mass transit out of Fayette County and to be wary of Fayette County’s inclusion in any type of regional governance that could adversely affect home rule.

    The defeat of incumbent Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele is another key indicator that our regional representatives to the Atlanta Regional Commission were taking us astray. Both Steele and former Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith both voted in favor of mass transit in Fayette County (Concept 3) and, on April 21, 2010, in favor of a resolution committing to a regional transit system and governance structure.

    When the facts regarding mass transit were brought to light, both Smith and Steele suffered significant voter confidence setbacks in Fayette County.

    The November 8 election results effectively seals the end to both of Fayette County’s ARC representatives who supported the Transportation Investment Act and regional governance.

    In my personal opinion, Mayor Steele, and many others in the ARC, lost touch with the people who are suffering in this poor economy, asking for exorbitant spending on unproductive transit projects and increased taxes for pet projects like the Beltline at a time when traffic levels have actually decreased each year over the last five years.

    The same sentiments were recently echoed from the citizens of Colorado voting to reject a new tax referendum.

  12. newby says:

    Sunday sales passes in Hiram
    Mayor Boyd Austin wins once again in Dallas
    Boyd Austin 54.26%
    Marvin Tingler 45.49%

  13. SmyrnaModerate says:

    TSPLOST backers have to be happy to see how comfortably the ESPLOST’s passed in Gwinnett as well as the “outer” counties of Cherokee, Henry and Douglas. Granted they are not the same thing, but it certainly shows that the anti-tax fervor of the Tea Party is perhaps not shared as much by average voters as the Tea Party thinks it is even in a “low turnout” election. Once the government and Chamber gets the TSPLOST ad campaign going, passage might be a lot easier than most people think.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      From the looks of yesterday’s election results for the E-SPLOST’s, it looks like passage of the T-SPLOST might seemingly be a walk-in-the-park for the backers of the tax.

      How in the heck is the anti-tax fervor of the Tea Party supposed to be effective when the Tea Party disappears out of the public eye for long stretches of time.

      The Occupy (insert city here) people may have a distinctively marxist-type of aura around them, but at least they are in the news seemingly everyday.

      Unsavory local politicians across the region looking to increase the sizes of slush funds probably are thinking that the T-SPLOST referendum will be like taking candy from a baby after last night’s extremely favorable E-SPLOST results.

  14. Nathan says:

    Teddy Harris won the mayoral race in Rossville, Mayor David Pennington won reelection in Dalton. Dalton, Cohutta, Lookout Mountain and Eton passed Sunday Sales. Unincorporated Whitfield County, Tunnel Hill, Fort Oglethorpe, and Varnell said no to Sunday sales. Dalton said “no” to the special tax allocation districts for economic development. 2 city council races will be going to a run-off in LaFayette.

  15. Engineer says:

    Albany GA

    Sunday Alcohol Sales lost by a close margin of 51.8% (lost by about 500 votes)

    Albany will have it’s first female mayor, although there will be a runoff between the two women candidates (there were 3 candidates in the race originally) since no candidate got 50%.

    E-SPLOST passed with 58.7% of the vote in Dougherty County

    A full run-down of the results for the rest of SW GA are available at:

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Sunday Alcohol Sales lost by a close margin of 51.8% (lost by about 500 votes)”

      That result could ONLY be in South Georgia because virtually EVERYWHERE that the Sunday sales question was put on the ballot in North Georgia it pretty much passed overwhelmingly to my knowledge, almost as if someone was trying to take away peoples’ liquor during the week or something.

      Georgia Christian Coalition, eat your heart out!

      • Engineer says:

        Unfortunately, most of South Georgia voted no, (Brunswick, Kingsland, St. Marys, Woodbine and Waycross also voted no), the only exception I’m aware of is that Glynn County voters approved it. So I guess this means you can buy alcohol on Sunday on Jekyll and St. Simons Islands but not in Brunswick. That’ll be good for summertime at the beaches and I’m sure some gas stations will capitalize on this (esp. the ones on the county line).

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          Out of the counties of Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Clayton, Henry, Fayette, Cobb and Cherokee, Palmetto and Forest Park are the only two cities that I’m aware of at this very moment that did not pass it.

          • Joshua Morris says:

            Just heard a news report that the voting machines apparently malfunctioned in Forest Park and that the referendum did pass after all. The report also said that none of the other votes were affected. Sounds very suspect–more reason to question the validity of electronic voting machines altogether.

  16. Joshua Morris says:

    My brother called from South Georgia this morning to tell me the Valdosta-Lowndes County school system consolidation referendum failed. Apparently, this has been a big source of contention in the community for the last several months. It was essentially an 80-20 loss for the proponents of consolidation, which included the local chamber of commerce.

  17. Kevin Gough says:

    Glynn County voters rejected SPLOST VI by a 59 – 41 margin. Voter turnout was 23.4 percent, with about ten thousand votes cast. As for Sunday Sales, as previously reported Brunswick voted against the measure while unincorporated Glynn County voted in favor of Sunday alcohol sales.

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