Is Herman Cain Finished?

Devastating accusations. I know Gloria Allred is involved which casts a shadow on this but these are pretty specific charges.

Cain has apparently issued a statement denying these allegations.

Just as the country finally begins to refocus on our crippling $15 trillion national debt and the unacceptably high unemployment rate, now activist celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is bringing forth more false accusations against the character of Republican front-runner Herman Cain.

All allegations of harassment against Mr. Cain are completely false. Mr. Cain has never harassed anyone. Fortunately the American people will not allow Mr. Cain’s bold “9-9-9 Plan”, clear foreign policy vision and plans for energy independence to be overshadowed by these bogus attacks.


    • Herb says:

      Talk Radio is a paragon of Conservatism. Of course they’ll give him his gig back. Will certainly be better than his successor, Ed Erickson.

  1. cheapseats says:

    Yes. And no. Cain isn’t finished because he was a non-starter. The allegations of inappropriate behavior are ugly but the real problem is that Cain just doesn’t know anything about government. His radio shows were almost funny but I was too embarrassed for the guy who almost never had any grasp of the facts. Sadly, he hasn’t gotten any better.

    Cain almost makes Palin look well-informed. He beats Biden in the gaffe-a-minute department.

    Da Herminator should be most worried that his book and speaking career are getting seriously damaged. I don’t really think he ever wanted to be POTUS anyway. He never gave me any indication that he was serious about holding that office.

    • I Miss the 90s says:


      Cain, like too many politicians (and yes, Cain is a politician), does not let such silly things as facts and empirical evidence get in his way.

      I guess that I why he has been refusing to discuss the sexual harassment allegations. If he were smart (smarter than required to sell pizza at least) he would have come out in the beginning with a story stating that he had been accused of sexual harassment, but maintained his innocence and wound up on the losing side of an out-of-court settlement.

  2. Three Jack says:

    like i wrote in a previous thread, it can’t be a real sexual harrassment story til gloria allredy slimes her way into the mix.

    i agree with cheapseats, herman never really had a chance because he is simply not interested in preparing to speak intelligently about basic issues. the forum with newt saturday in texas removed any doubt that herman cannot provide insight beyond the very basic talking points he used on his radio show to wow ‘intelligent thinkers’.

    next up, newt…i wonder if he is ready to deflect the usual attacks based on his marriages, hypocrisy during the clinton impeachment and support of tarp/bailouts.

    • saltycracker says:

      Agree – Newt will do better and needs more center stage to have a run at turning the tide—sooner – (pun intended)

    • SmyrnaModerate says:

      hey its hard to know China has had nuclear weapons since 1964! He was only 19 at the time after all and who pays attention to the news when you are that young…

  3. saltycracker says:

    Listened on sirius cnn /
    She was credible that Herman put a (too) strong move on her and when rebuffed dropped her back at her upgraded suite. Bill Clinton or Teddy K . could deal with this but not Herman.

    The push was to get another woman, like one that got a settlement, to step up. Herman has dug himself into a hole that if this can escalate even more, damage control suggests he should go home to radio, books and speech tours, if possible.

    • Baker says:

      She is a woman who is making it possible for people to downplay this as a political stunt. Why would anyone choose her as a lawyer if you wanted to be taken seriously is beyond me.

      • Jeff says:

        Because she is good at what she does. The GOP is running scared. Particularly in Georgia, most of the elected officials and Party officials have rallied around a guy that is beginning to look like that guy from last year look like a saint.

        • Baker says:

          Who do you mean the guy from last year?

          Here is why Gloria Allred is nuts: “She has also represented cases against the Boy Scouts of America for excluding an eleven year old girl named Katrina Yeaw, something she referred to as gender apartheid, and a case against the former Sav-On Drugstore chain for having both a boys and a girls toy section”

        • Jeff,

          To my knowledge there is only one elected official who has endorsed Cain. Perhaps there are others I’m unaware of, but you cannot say that “most” of Georgia’s elected officials are supporting Cain. Gingrich has much more support among elected officials than Cain does.

  4. Noway says:

    The famous philosopher James Carville said it best when he said “Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park and see what reaches out for it.” We’ve seen this before.

  5. CobbGOPer says:

    He’s not finished until his poll numbers start coming back to earth, which they aren’t in spite of an entire week of this scandal…

  6. gcp says:

    Cain’s inadequate response to the harassment allegations is troubling but lack of foreign policy knowledge, contradictory statements on abortion, terrorism and other issues is more troubling. His lousy campaign staff is partially at fault but in the end it’s mainly the fault of Cain himself. Look for him to get a permanent gig as a FOX news analyst when this is all over and also another book.

  7. SallyForth says:

    gcp, I agree wholeheartedly – Cain has more problems than the growing number of women who attest to sexual harassment by the gentleman. He is arguably the biggest flip-flopper we’ve seen running for office ever. It’s “yes” today and “no” tomorrow, issue after issue. And it’s a scary thought that our foreign affairs could under any circumstance fall into such inept hands!
    The most well-prepared and adept candidate is Romney – let’s hope that the fact he is so smart that he’s boring does not keep people from voting for him! Our country would be best served if he gets the Republican nomination.

    • saltycracker says:

      Let’s get to the bottom line / Romney is good looking on tv and Cain is far from it, plus the chicks reject him, vehemently….

  8. Herb says:

    “Is Herman Cain Finished?”

    Yes. I believe with every fiber of my current and past lifetimes that it will be Gingrich/Arpaio in 2012.

  9. Junius says:

    Herman has as much chance of winning the nomination as we have of keeping China nuke- free. Uzbecky-becky bye bye!

  10. James Fannin says:

    This was in the 90’s. A different era, Bill Clinton was president and this kind of thing was considered “personal behavior” in Washington particularly if it involves an intern and say, the leader of the free world. Seriously, the allegations have less credibility than the rape charges against Bill Clinton and the recent sexual assault charges against Al Gore and everyone rembers the coverage those charges received – nothing, nada, nothing to see here, move on. Put some ice on it. Those who claim a racial double standard only need look at the way the media covered John Edwards. They went after him just as hard as they are going after Cain. Oh wait, never mind.

  11. The Big Kahuna says:

    Sad. Textbook case of character assasignation. It’s not the claims of the women that bother me, rather the pitiful way crisis management has been handle by the campaign. Your 15 minutes are now up Hermy. Next.

  12. Harry says:

    He’s finished, right along with my man Silvio. Here’s the problem – females vote, which is why most of us would never be successful in politics. Too much baggage.

  13. Andre says:

    Herman Cain is far from finished.

    These allegations are extremely sordid, but it’s an all too familiar story in the black community.

    Throughout history, white women have made up stories accusing black men of making unwanted sexual advances towards them. An entire town in Florida was destroyed because a white woman claimed a black man raped her. Emmett Till murdered because he allegedly whistled at a white woman. The Scottsboro Boys falsely accused and convicted of raping two white women.

    I’m always a little skeptical when charges of rape are hurled, because the fact is that many women have used rape as weapon to punish men. If a white woman accuses a black man of rape, my skepticism and suspicions are raised to a whole new level. Why? Because there’s been a long history of black men being wrongly accused by white women.

    That’s not opinion. That’s fact.

    • Harry says:

      It’s about getting the female vote, never mind the racists. We can’t lose that vote.

      If there were only one or two accusers it could be overcome. Three or four is a problem. I of all people am not making a judgement but others will. It’s too late for Herman to do a mea culpa. There’s a lot to love about him, but I’m being realistic.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        [These comments and the ones beneath have been removed. Keep the discussion on topic and stay away from personal attacks on other commenters.]

        • Doug Grammer says:

          Just in case someone think I said something really bad, let me say that Herman Cain said that (some people in) America need(s) a sense of humor. I’m extending that need to include whatever moderator removed my earlier post.

          If XXXX XXXXXX was offended by my post, I apologize. I thought my post was directly on topic and will try to rephrase it not offend the moderator or XXXX XXXXXX. 95% of Georgia lives SW of me, so let’s assume he is from that area. So lets assume a poster on PP thinks that because an accusation is made, there is fact to it. It might be XXXX XXXXXX and it might not. Either way, I am going to accuse an unnamed person of unwanted sexual advances. I must come forward because I cannot live with the shame. (Most people would recognize that as a joke or irony.)

          Now how many other people have had unwanted sexual advance from this non disclosed person? If it’s three or more, it must be true, right?

    • ted in bed says:

      The Atlanta Race Riot in 1906 was fomented by the news media with false allegations of rape and assault on white women. Some of the headlines at the time were: “Bold Negro Kisses White Girl’s Hand”, “Negro Attempts to Assault Mrs. Mary Cafin Near Sugar Creek Bridge”,
      “Atlanta Is Swept By Raging Mob Due To Assaults On White Women; 16 Negroes Reported To Be Dead”

      Its a timeless formula that works for the corrupt bastards.

  14. Engineer says:

    There is no physical evidence beyond a 15 year old he-said she-said argument, so I can’t really give it much if any consideration regarding Mr. Cain. Then you toss in her lawyer being the hit-job queen, Gloria Allred, and I think I’ll stay skeptical.

  15. saltycracker says:

    After watching re-runs of the interview, I retract my remark about her being credible. All seemed plausible until it got into the details of the assault (not harrassment).

    Hitting on her, maybe, assaulting her in a car with a suite waiting……getting questionable…….

    This one could probably be discredited but other women stepping up…..a problem…..and Cain can’t manage this one….

  16. saltycracker says:

    Cain just had a news conference and threw a hail Mary – saying he did not recall this disturbed woman, her face or her name until the left wing Democrats brought her forth.

    There has to be a paper trail of receipts, restaurant/hotel employees, witnesses, luncheon attendance & seating, expense reports and such either putting him at the places and time the woman contends or not.

    The press never asked about these and focused more on the other woman coming forth today, which Cain answered.

  17. SallyForth says:

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that Herman is a lobbyist? He was President of the National Restaurant Association in Washington, DC — aka, the top lobbyist on Capitol Hill for that national association. In that capacity he was part and parcel of the big-money wheeling & dealing DC culture of corruption. On “60 Minutes” this past Sunday night, even Jack Abramoff said that a DC lobbyist should NEVER be elected to any public office.

    Who better to wine and dine all the decision makers than the CEO of the Restaurant Association?! These women who keep coming forward with allegations of misconduct are only another symptom of that insider good-old-boy network who think they can get away with anything. I’m more concerned about the over-all lobbying activities (of which womanizing is a very small part!).

    • saltycracker says:

      As long as we have a tax system of winners and loosers lobbyists will be essential to those causes.
      And a very lucrative drop back for displaced politicians and bureaucrats.

      What was also strange in Cain’s Q&A no ABC, CBS, NBC , fox, wsj reporter asked him if he sat with her at the lunches, had dinner with her, talked about employment, upgraded the suite, drove her around as she alleged. And no Photos, paper trails, witnesses exist as to his whereabouts in these times ?

  18. Lo Mein says:

    Is Herman Cain Finished?

    Same question I ask every time I’m forced to listen to him “explain” all of this again.

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