Ballot approved for the GA-GOP presidential primary

The GA-GOP Executive Committee has approved the list of candidates that will appear on the ballot for the GOP Presidential Preference Primary on Super Tuesday (March 6th):

  • Michele Bachmann
  • Herman Cain
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Jon Huntsman
  • Gary Johnson
  • Ron Paul
  • Rick Perry
  • Buddy Roemer
  • Mitt Romney
  • Rick Santorum


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    With only Obama on the Democratic ballot, the situation is ripe for speculation on the impact of crossover voting.

  2. benevolus says:

    OK, my take.
    Bachmann is out. Missing an L in her first name and too many N’s in her last name.
    Gingrich, well… his name is “Newt”.
    Huntsman in missing an H in his first name.
    Johnson is missing a T in his last name.
    Ron Paul doesn’t even have a last name.
    Rick Perry has too many R’s.
    Buddy Roemer…. who is Buddy Roemer?
    Mitt Romney. Mitt.
    Rick Santorum. Santorum sounds too much like “sanatarium”. Nuff said.
    Herman Cain is more normal than the rest of the names, so he wins.

  3. jm says:

    OK, a few things will factor in here. GA lately has skewed away from moderates. We have two native sons on the ballot. Race plays a role, hopefully diminishing each cycle, but can’t be counted out in 2012.
    So it comes down to:
    The others are too moderate or too unknown. How these more conservative candidates do in the early primaries will likely determine the winner in GA. My money is on Perry. If Cain survives this week and into March, he could be #2.

  4. ZazaPachulia says:

    So I just Googled Buddy Roemer and he is a former Congressman, Governor of Louisiana and a Harvard grad. How come I’ve never heard of him? When did this guy start running and why isn’t he being taken seriously? Surely he can’t be more of an outsider than the Hermanator, nor can he be more of a has-been than Newt…What gives?

    • Jeff says:

      Because the media is selecting who the candidates will be. They give preference to an unqualified talk show host who apparently likes to try to force himself on women and ignore men who have actually governed.

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