Mayor’s Brother Resigns

We’re hearing that Tracy Reed, brother of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has resigned.

Tracy Reed has caused some controversy for allegedly driving city vehicles with an expired license.

In addition, officials confirmed the city’s law department is investigating an Oct. 28 traffic stop in which Tracy Reed, who has been employed by the city of Atlanta for 12 years, was apparently allowed to drive away without a ticket after being stopped while driving with a suspended license.

At that time, there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest stemming from a failure to appear in court on Oct. 6 to answer charges of driving with a suspended license. The fact that he was allowed to drive away that night raised questions of whether he received special treatment from the police.

UPDATE: After hearing a clip of Mayor Reed on WGST. I think he deserves some praise. I doubt he tried to cover this up. Also, his brother was wise to resign so as to not cause the Mayor more embarrassment.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Not many close families could keep a suspended drivers license secret from each other.
    Nor could an employer’s files or insurance dept/carrier have it slip by too long.

    • Charlie says:

      I’m pretty sure my family are among the last to know the details of my driving record.

      I’ll also just jump out here and say that Tracy Reed was a City of Atlanta employee for 12 years. Kasim Reed has been Mayor for about 18 months.

      • saltycracker says:

        Just sayin’ it would be improbable to run around for a couple years driving personal and company (insured) vehicles with an expired license, getting a cititation and , since Oct. 6, having an outstanding arrest warrant.

        And really improbable if you are the mayor’s brother and one closest to him. He wasn’t a fugitive and everyone in the court room/system was clueless to tip off the mayor ?

        The City is lax with their vehicle oversight and the mayor needs some friends (other than traffic cops).
        Too much smoke in this family BBQ.

        • saltycracker says:

          Expired or suspended ?
          Not sayin’ driving with an expired license should cause someone their job.
          Driving with a suspended license should result in a review of the offenses to consider denial of driving any vehicle on the job for liability reasons.
          Blowing it all off, not smart. So there is probably……the rest of the story……

  2. Hosea says:

    The Mayor said in his news conference that he just found out his brother’s driver license was suspended on Tuesday. Are we really to believe, the Mayor’s brother was arrested by APD in May for driving with a suspended license and the Mayor was not notified by APD or his brother? C’mon man!

    This story is not over. Let’s wait until the investigation is completed on why APD didn’t arrest this guy last Friday when he was pulled over and why he was arrested in May and then released. I have a funny feeling the road will lead back to 55 Trinity Ave.

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      Yes, we are to believe exactly that. Do you think that there’s some sort of system where every friend and relative of Kasim Reed is tagged in a system, where if and when they are stopped for even a basic traffic violation, he gets a text message, or something?

      And have you notified your relatives every time you did something stupid, or did you do what every other American does, and hide it from them so you don’t get a lecture.

      Take off your partisan blinders. The situation has been resolved.

  3. Hosea says:

    Kasim’s brother is the closest person to Kasim. Some would argue the 2nd most powerful person in city govt. Kasim knew. No doubt about it. Now the cover up begins. Let’s wait and see how that goes.

  4. ckingtruth says:

    I can’t imagine he didn’t know, but it’s possible. But what does it say about how thoughtful his brother is for not taking care of this before it got out?

    Isn’t driving without a license breaking the law as much as staying in a City park past 11:00? I probably wouldn’t have my brother arrested either, but man, he certainly isn’t doing the Mayor any favors.

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