Georgia Democrats Place Only One Candidate on Presidential Ballot

In news sure to send shock waves through Georgia’s political establishment, the Georgia Democratic Party notified Secretary of State Brian Kemp that only one Democratic candidate will appear on the ballot in next year’s Presidential Preference Primary: Barack Obama.

Secretary of State Kemp Announces Receipt of Presidential Preference Primary Candidate Name from the Democratic Party of Georgia

Atlanta – Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced today that the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of Georgia has submitted a letter indicating the candidate whose name will appear on the March 6, 2012 Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Ballot. The candidate’s name is Barack Obama.

As one political insider put it: “Didn’t see that coming.”

A Google search of the name “Barack Obamna” yielded only 191,000,000 results in 0.32 seconds. How the Democratic Party of Georgia expects to compete against the Republicans with such a little known candidate is unclear at this time.



    • Calypso says:

      Unfortunately, the R’s actually have to put a real person’s name on the ballot. That could well be their undoing.

    • saltycracker says:

      Really ? I got this list of “first” achievement via e-mail. They need verification as they might have come from one of those guys in North GA:

      First President to refuse to show a valid Birth Certificate.

      First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny
      he was a foreigner

      First President to have a social security number from a state he has never
      even lived in

      First President to Preside over a Cut to the Credit Rating of the United
      States Government

      First President to Violate the War Powers Act

      First President to Orchestrate the Sale of Murder Weapons to Mexican
      Drug Cartels

      First President to be Held in Contempt of Court for Illegally
      Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

      First President to Defy a Federal Judges Court Order to Cease
      Implementing the Health Care Reform Law

      First President to Require All Americans to Purchase a Product From a
      Third Party

      First President to Spend a Trillion Dollars on Shovel-Ready Jobs and
      Later Admit There Was No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Jobs

      First President to Abrogate Bankruptcy Law to Turn Over Control of
      Companies to His Union Supporters

      First President to Bypass Congress and Implement the DREAM Act Through
      Executive Fiat

      First President to Order a Secret Amnesty Program that Stopped the
      Deportations of Illegal Immigrants Across the US , Including Those With
      Criminal Convictions.

      First President to Demand a Company Hand Over $20 Billion to One of His
      Political Appointees

      First President to Terminate America Ability to Put a Man into Space

      First President to Encourage Racial Discrimination and Intimidation at
      Polling Places

      First President to Have a Law Signed By an Auto-pen Without Being

      First President to Arbitrarily Declare an Existing Law Unconstitutional
      and Refuse to Enforce It

      First President to Threaten Insurance Companies if they Publicly Speak
      out on the Reasons for their Rate Increases

      First President to Tell a Major Manufacturing Company In Which State
      They Are Allowed to Locate a Factory

      First President to File Lawsuits Against the States He Swore an Oath to
      Protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN, etc)

      First President to Withdraw an Existing Coal Permit That Had Been
      Properly Issued Years Ago

      First President to Fire an Inspector General of Ameri-corps for Catching
      One of His Friends in a Corruption Case

      First President to Propose an Executive Order Demanding Companies
      Disclose Their Political Contributions to Bid on Government Contracts

      First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his

      First President to Golf 73 separate Times in His First Two-and-a-Half
      Years in Office

      First President to hide his medical, educational, and travel records

      First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it

      First President to coddle Americas enemies while alienating Americas

      First President to publicly bow to Americas enemies while refusing to
      salute the US flag

      First President to go on multiple Global apology tours But remember: he
      will not rest until all Americans have jobs, affordable homes,
      green-energy vehicles, and the environment is repaired, etc, etc

      First President to go on 17 vacations, including a date night paid for
      by the taxpayer.

      • Todd Rehm says:

        I’d forgotten the Nobel Peace Prize for Not Being Named George Bush. Seriously, how have the Nobel people not demanded the return of his prize and money.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        I would have listed the vow not to rest…right beside the number of golf outings and vacations. Some of the items on the list are biased, but I’m OK with that. One or two of them were news to me; meaning fact checks later.

  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Something tells me that this guy is not going to be as easy to beat as some on the (center-) right seem to think he will be or should be considering the state of the economy.

    Hispanics and, ironically, Social Conservatives look like they each could be the biggest impediments to the GOP’s chances at regaining the Presidency in 2012.

    Many Social Conservatives are already howling that they would rather sit on their hands and ensure Obama a second term than to vote for a GOP candidate that they perceive to be a R.I.N.O. or too moderate for their taste, like a Mitt Romney, etc, a morsel of protest that the liberal-dominated media has been all too happy to seize upon, play up and magnify to their political advantage.

    The 2012 General Elections may not necessarily be so much about how many voters each side can turnout, but rather more about how many of the other side’s voters each side can get to not vote for their own party’s candidate, vote for a possible third choice out of pure disgust with their own or both sides or stay home and not vote altogether.

    If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times: The debacle with the I-85 HOT lanes have hit a deep nerve with voters who frequently use that stretch of road, many of whom are dependably conservative voters in a county in Gwinnett that contains a larger bloc of Republican voters than any other county in the state, even traditionally ultraconservative Cobb.

    Those HOT lanes on I-85 through Gwinnett, while they may not necessarily work to the advantage of Obama, who presently polls at 38% in Georgia, and the Democrats, definitely don’t help the Republican cause going forward as long as they stay in place.

    The word on the street is that already disillusioned Gwinnett voters have been pushed over the edge into total disgruntlement and have plans to take out their anger and frustration on every tax-increase initiative that comes before them from now on, starting with next Tuesday’s E-SPLOST (educational SPLOST) and moving forward through next year’s T-SPLOST and beyond.

    The Obama Administration is well aware of the seeds of voter discontent that the ruling GOP has sown in a Republican-dominated corridor with an exceptionally fast-growing minority population and plans to use it to their advantage by likely not granting the State of Georgia a waiver to allow two-person carpools back into the HOT lane.

    That’s what makes the HOT lane debacle so potentially troubling for Georgia Republicans, that there was no consideration of how these lanes could be used against them in the bigger scheme of things politically by this administration.

    Remember, Bill Clinton won the Presidential Election with less than 50 percent of the vote TWICE.

    I sincerely hope that the Georgia GOP doesn’t end up letting these lanes become their political Waterloo.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I don’t think the HOT lanes will decide the national race for President. I also don’t think the HOT lanes will change any Georgian’s vote for President. Congestion might cause some not to get to the polls, but I predict there will be less enthusiasm for the left in 2012 than in 2008.

  2. Engineer says:

    Odd, I could have sworn Ralph Nader claimed he was going to run against him, earlier this year. I guess that never panned out.

  3. slyram says:

    Why would anyone use their Georgia primary vote to vote for Obama when they could help select the GOP nominee? In 2002, Republican voters allegedly crossed over to vote for moderate Denise Majette over real liberal Cynthia McKinney. That same logic should be used in the presidential primary in open primary states like Georgia.

    Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain could really benefit from this situation for various reasons. Yes, there are Black Democrats who are starting to think that Cain is catching too much heat for something less than Bill Clinton’s and Jesse Jackson’s actions; Cain’s conservative message isn’t that far off from rural Black voters and/or losing the White House to a Morehouse Man wouldn’t be half bad.

    Between now and Super Tuesday, making voters aware of their primary options is the goal of my blog.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Why would anyone use their Georgia primary vote to vote for Obama when they could help select the GOP nominee? In 2002, Republican voters allegedly crossed over to vote for moderate Denise Majette over real liberal Cynthia McKinney. That same logic should be used in the presidential primary in open primary states like Georgia.”

      That same logic was used for many years to great effect as once-dominant Georgia Democrats often crossed over to vote in Republican primaries and made sure that the GOP put up the most idiotic, least appealing candidates possible in general elections.

  4. SallyForth says:

    Yep, a third party candidate on the ballot could muck up things for either the Repubs or the Dems – but it sure would make things more interesting…..

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