Morning Reads for Tuesday, November 1st

“Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.” – Ayn Rand

Here in Georgia…
– While Cain’s campaign poorly handled the allegations of sexual harassment, the candidate himself did a good job yesterday at explaining the issue.
– Even though Cain and Newt Gingrich are from Georgia, Mitt Romney is leading the money haul from the Peach State.
– The legislature may take up repeal of the energy tax on businesses in the upcoming session.
– Candidates running in special elections for the State Senate have received some press in recent days. The Douglas County Sentinel covered a recent forum for candidates in SD-28 and Blake Aued has the story on candidates in SD-50.

National stories of interest…
– Many Occupy Wall Street protesters are part of the 1%.
– More bad news for the housing market as home prices are expected to fall again.
– SunTrust and other banks are backing off debit card fees.
– An al-Qaeda flag is flying over the birthplace of the Libyan revolution. Why do I get the feeling that we’re going to wind up regretting that foreign intervention?
– Separate movements in the Libertarian Party are underway to draft Ron Paul and Gary Johnson to run for nomination in 2012. Neither has outright ruled out a third party or independent bid.
– At a time when voters want to hear about the economy, social issues may be making a comeback. *sigh*

A few that I like…
– According to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, Americans would pick Ronald Reagan to run the country over FDR.
– Zombies are a $5 billion industry.
– Thankfully, Derek Lowe was traded to the Cleveland Indians yesterday, though the Braves are still picking up $10 million of his salary in 2012.


  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    “- An al-Qaeda flag is flying over the birthplace of the Libyan revolution. Why do I get the feeling that we’re going to wind up regretting that foreign intervention?”

    Maybe it’s because of the competing al-Qaeda and Iranian interests that are vying to fill the power vacuum created after our foreign intervention in Iraq?

    Americans don’t seem to quite comprehend that there are often only two choices in most of parts of the world: awful bad and much worse….

    With good intentions, you get rid of the awful bad and often end up with much worse, but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    We often forget that there was a reason why these murderous scumbags like Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi were in power and it wasn’t merely for their own vanity, but to act as a hedge to keep even worse murderous scumbags from taking over.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Bank fees changed when deposits from preferred customers and resulting ratios were impacted. The banks seem over anxious to find ways to tap depositors.

    Let’s see a list of the amount of the non-performing assets of Georgia banks and their key ratios. Doesn’t seem like non performers are going down fast enough and the banks are running scared.

  3. Toxic Avenger says:

    Wait, wait, wait. I’m sorry, but if you’re so partisan as to think that Herman Cain did “well” at explaining the sexual harassment allegations, I’m in awe of your ignorance.

    For one, he (and his campaign) could never get his story straight. It evolved from “That’s ludicrous, I have no idea what settlement you’re talking about. Nothing ever happened,” to “Okay, there was this incident, and I remember basically what it was. Oh, and there was a settlement, I was involved in it.” Look at the videos (like the one where he was asked repeatedly if he had ever sexually harassed anyone, to which he groaned and then said “Have YOU ever sexually harassed anyone?”)

    Cain is an idiot. He sounds nice in debates, but if you ask him for substance, or apparently to explain a real-life event, not only can’t you get a straight answer, whatever he does say will evolve so much from what he first said that any real position he might hold will be undiscernable. I mean the guy flip flopped on his own life story yesterday!

    Oh, and I really wish you would have linked the story about his campaign’s blatant violation of Federal election and tax law.

    • Jason says:

      There is no question that his campaign did a horrible job with the story on Sunday evening and into Monday morning. And there is no question that there are inconsistencies. My point is that Cain did a good job of deflecting and explaining the story. Does that mean it’s over and settled? Absolutely not. But there was a completely turn around in how the day was going for him yesterday at the National Press Club, and that was the consensus among observers.

      And on the possible/likely election law violations, I forgot to link them. Feel free to post it yourself.

    • saltycracker says:

      Cain is not Presidential timber but he would be a lot better than Obama as there is a better chance of being surrounded by a capable staff.

      He is in a mess on this one and hasn’t had a consistent answer to a question most males would stumble on. Like “have you ever cheated on your taxes ?” Probably not, but probably you have pushed the envelope. No outside party really knows the circumstances.

      What is interesting is the press always refers to Cain as the pizza exec when he could be described as an MBA, executive & CEO in the food industry business (corporate & national association) and Board member in the Federal Reserve….pretty good in comparing with any Democrat.

      Most of Americas consider themselves conservative and regular folk or at least well to the right of Obama, so where/who is our candidate with the least baggage ?

    • Three Jack says:

      ta, he did not reply with “Have YOU ever sexually harassed anyone?”….he did say in response to the ambush question from jmart, “have you ever been accused of sexual harrassment”…big difference.

      did the campaign handle this scenario well, probably not. but for you to say cain “is an idiot” shows who the true idiot is in this case. the man has risen from ‘who is that black republican guy running for president’ to the frontrunner with little money and hardly any staffers. let’s see how he moves forward before throwing him under the bus over a bs story from a totally biased website.

      • Toxic Avenger says:

        Politico? You mean the website with an unequivocal conservative bias? And if you’re really defending Cain on this one, you’re speaking with blinders on, too.

        And yes, I misquoted him. But that’s not really that big a difference. Have you been accused of sexual harassment in any real sense? I sure haven’t! And sorry you see that as an “ambush question,” but the story was out, Cain knew, and he’d already answered similar questions before. You’re apologizing for him.

        I’ve made plenty of assertions of how he’s an idiot, and it’s not just this incident. He’s a CEO. Foreign policy? The man is a halfwit, but speaks like he knows it all. Hey, not everyone needs to know foreign policy! I’m sure not an expert! But if you want to be President, at least recognize the importance of it, and do a little research, please. You don’t need to have McCain or Biden foreign policy experience, but you need to at least be educated.

        And his actions over the past 24 hours have proven how he’s going to “move ahead.” Fun fact: he’s retrogressing. It’s pathetic, really. I’ve managed campaigns, and you prepare for things like this. This not only shows a lack of preparation, but Cain’s continued concessions from his initial “What? No. False. Nothing ever happened. Made up” make him look daft.

  4. Engineer says:

    Something of Georgia and National news that I’m surprised you missed.

    “Supreme Court To Weigh Case Of False Testimony”

    Long story short, the US Supreme Court is to weigh in on the Phoebe Factoids case (regarding events in Albany, GA back in 2003), “the issue is whether police investigators have total immunity from being sued for giving false testimony before a grand jury”.

      • Engineer says:

        It’s no biggie, I got bored and listened to GPB on the radio this morning and heard them talking about it. Admittedly they haven’t mentioned it on too many TV stations or newspapers, so I admit I may have come off a bit rude in saying the surprised bit. Sorry if I came off a bit rude.

        • Jason says:

          No worries. You didn’t come off rude. Part of the reason I’m doing this is to allow commenters the chance to post stories we may miss. We want to provide a place for dialogue.

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