Morning Reads for Thursday, October 27th

The folks from Americans for Prosperity have asked me to remind you that their annual Defending the American Dream Summit is coming up next weekend in Washington, DC. You can find more information about speakers and prices here.

Here in Georgia…
– Unemployment in Metro Atlanta is stuck at 10.3%.
– The wife of a candidate in Smyrna was attacked on Monday when she asked a man why he was pulling up her husbands campaign signs.
– Casinos could bring in as much as $1 billion in revenue for Georgia by 2014. But the legislature would first have to, you know, make that legal.
– According to a new poll from Insider Advantage, 48% of Georgians approve of Gov. Nathan Deal’s job performance.
– A group of pastors in Albany have come out against the referendum that would allow Sunday alcohol sales.
– If you thought the ad featuring Herman Cain’s chief of staff was odd, check out this, uh, unique video from August.

National stories of interest…
– The Washington Post reports that a debt deal has been reached in Europe.
– The Supreme Court will take the first look at court challenges to ObamaCare on November 10th.
– Democrats on the “Super Committee” are pushing a $3 trillion deficit reduction package, nearly half of which would come from tax hikes.
– Contrary to what you may hear from Occupy Wall Street, the 99% are largely doing better than their parents.
– Support for gun control laws has reached an all-time low.
– Complying with government regulations tops the list of concerns of small business owners. And sorry, Mr. President, tax credits are not a significant motivation in hiring new workers.

A few that I like…
William Niskanen, chairman emeritus of the Cato Institute and a economic adviser in the Reagan Administration, has passed away. In celebration of his work, Cato has made his book, Reflections of a Political Economist, available online for free.
– FiveThirtyEight offers up some interesting information on the history and outcome of political newspaper endorsements.
– Craig Kimbrel has been named the Sporting News‘ National League Rookie of the Year.


  1. Engineer says:

    And here I thought we had casinos, oh wait, the Emerald Princess Casino in Brunswick takes you out to sea for the day, I guess that doesn’t count.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    I give Gov Deal for doing a decent job thus far—-that doesn’t mean I’d at all trust him with CAPCO purse string though.

    • saltycracker says:

      Republicans and Democrats should pay attention to this widening gap.

      At the top end, old line public corporations pay out tens of millions in bonuses and perks to execs (the highest ratios in modern business) which could be used for expansion and dividends.

      At the bottom end public support and personal assets are not counted in defining poor.

      Meanwhile the government oversight continues to provide subjective indexes and account for a growing portion of the economy while contributing greatly to the income gap.

      All three constitute cultural rot.

  3. saltycracker says:

    A bill for casino’s pumping in a billion dollars should be connected to a tax overhaul eliminating a billion dollars plus of other revenue.

    • Charlie says:

      There are some things I was looking for, notably competitive forces and opportunity costs, that I did not find in my first quick skim. Given deadline requirements, my focus today is on how we got here. With almost 90 pages of “analysis” to break down, I’m sure there will be a few more ripples to come out of this report. In my quick read, however, I’m no where near sold that this concept is viable or the revenue number is atttainable.

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