Morning Reads for Monday, October 24th

We miss some stories around here every now and then, largely because we are all very busy in our own lives. So I’m going to try to post daily with links to stories that we didn’t get to the previous day as well as throw in some other news from around the country.

Here in Georgia…
– Legislators in Georgia may try to ram through a taxpayer-funded investment program during next year’s session that has been a failure in other states.
– Phil Kent, a nativist and immigration restrictionist, doesn’t know the anti-immigration law. Odd given that he was appointed to an important panel that will work to make sure the law is being followed.
– Herman Cain apparently doesn’t know how the Constitution is amended.
– The Occupy Atlanta folks, a mostly white group, may be nearing a showdown with Mayor Kasim Reed.
– The Atlanta Regional Commission may soon have a new executive director.
– The DNC has opened a new headquarters in Georgia.

National stories of interest…
– Rick Perry fell into the “birther” trap over the weekend.
– President Barack Obama’s approval rating is the lowest since Jimmy Carter.
– While all the briefs are in to move the legal challenge to ObamaCare to the Supreme Court, there are still some questions facing how it will be handled by the nation’s High Court.
– We won’t be able to count on Afghanistan as an ally if the United States goes to war with Pakistan.
– Jacob Hornberger explains that the immigration issue has become a convenient scapegoat for GOP candidates.

A few that I like…
– For fans of Parks and Recreation, here’s a look at the show’s politics.
– Even though they didn’t play this past weekend, Georgia is back in the Top 25.
– Georgia Tech fell out of the Top 25 after losing their second straight game.
– The Atlanta Braves hired a new hitting coach.
– In case you missed it, here is a recap of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead.


  1. Toxic Avenger says:

    -Seriously? We’re going to take money we could be using for useful and productive things like HOPE or infrastructure and put it into CAPCO? Why don’t we just go ahead and burn all of our money now?

    -I’m happy someone else sees Phil Kent as a nativist. And I’m equally as happy that someone else sees how dangerous it is for him to be on any government board. This puppy has been out there for a while ( Apparently 5,000something people already noticed.

    -Herman Cain doesn’t know much outside of crappy pizza and general corporate business practices.

    -I know it’s semantics, but the new office is not for the DNC, it’s for the DPG. Two different entities.

    -Thanks for ruining Parks&Rec with any degree of intellectualism.

  2. saltycracker says:

    So listening to the radio on a long drive yesterday, we have Herman, supposedly a law & order guy, agreeing that abortion should be illegal while supporting a women’s right to abort. Must have missed something.

    Then on WSB talk was the interview with the coach beaten in Hancock Co. sayng he wasn’t mad and, essentially, kids will be kids instead of saying we cannot stand for this kind of behavior….anyway the commentator & call-ins were stunned at this closing of the ranks and the focus shifted to the harm this coach is doing to the community.

    • saltycracker says:

      And let’s not forget the Home Act where real estate mogul Isakson and sidekick “you shouldn’t have loaned me the money” Graves propose a plan to get at previously lien holder untouchable 401k’s for “only” $50,000.

      How about we take a hardship test that takes another look at the circumstances at the time of the loan and if the payment was more than 25-33% of verified income or no docs or anyway unconventional, the lender takes a $50k haircut in principal or whatever it takes to get the loan in line at a 4% fixed rate.

  3. Three Jack says:

    capco – bad idea (didn’t we learn anything about deal’s investment prowess from his personal failings?)
    phil kent – worse idea. he will eventually do something really dumb which will force deal to seek his resignation.

    i’m still wondering what deal has done for georgia since being elected. he has certainly done much for his family and friends.

  4. freebird says:

    That CAPCO thing is the worse idea I’ve heard all year. If Georgia doesn’t feel like it’s getting enough venture capital, perhaps it should examine the root causes for that and address them, rather than trying to short-circuit the process. I seem to remember the Feds being dissatisfied with the level of home ownership, and look where that’s gotten us. We don’t need to start creating our own GSEs here in Georgia to circumvent the discipline of the markets.

  5. ricstewart says:

    Not surprised at all that Kent doesn’t know the law. Kent is the most high-profile member of the board, but I’d be interested to know how much the other members know or don’t know about existing federal immigration policies. None of them have any background in immigration.

    Immigration law is complex. To give you an idea of how complicated it is, the AILA recently published a 2,000+ page book explaining employment-related immigration law…. to other lawyers, not common folk.

    Surely they could have found an immigration lawyer, retired immigration court judge, DOJ or USCIS administrator who has dealt with immigration law.

    But this wasn’t about competence, knowledge, or experience. This is about pursuing a political agenda, not ensuring compliance with the law.

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