Georgia Redistricting – Early Recon

Jim Galloway has some early reconnaissance on Georgia’s highly-anticipated redistricting session.

This is the first time in Georgia history that Republicans will have start-to-finish control of the process, which will be primarily, but not entirely, driven by last year’s census.

Under Democratic rule, GOP lawmakers criticized a process that was ruthless and secretive. Republicans promise to conduct themselves more openly. But score-settling will still be the rule — and the targets won’t always be Democratic.

Names to watch for – John Barrow, John Lewis, Sanford Bishop, Austin Scott. Political futures are at stake as the lines are moved about like blobs of Jello.

As Jim quips, “What — you thought these lines were about you?”


  1. SallyForth says:

    Amen, and amen. It’s pretty clear that Republicans who now have all three legs on GA’s lawmaking stool are hell-bent to eliminate the last remaining white Democrat from the South. John Barrow is a good man and a good legislator – this is sad to watch.

    Even sadder is the fact that Southern white Democrats fought for and accomplished racial parity in politics – at the cost of being let down by the minorities they supported and becoming political ciphers today. Is that the definition of “irony”?

    • ChuckEaton says:

      I’d really like to hear more about the “Southern white Democrats” and their fight on the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

    • Whether he’s a good man or not, he’s supported Obama to be President — and supporting very bad policy.

      It’s not sad.

      And Sally — to blame black people for white Democrats losing elections? Voters don’t “owe” a politician anything.

      • SallyForth says:

        Mark, not blaming black people for white Dems losing elections – just torqued out by ANY community not turning out to vote for people who help us and our families. If I put my political career at risk to help you, you should at least go vote for me on election day. It’s about one of the biggest words in the dictionary – loyalty.

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    All I can say is that I am glad we have a Democratic President. The GOP better not try to overplay its hand…or the DOJ will step in to make corrections.

    Mind you, this will be the first time in history that we have a democratic DOJ to review conservative attempts to discriminate against minorities (political minorities that is).

    If you do not like it…opt out. Oh what is that term? Opt out?

    Yes, opt out. Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act establishes the process for states, and other jurisdictions, covered by Section 5 to opt out of coverage provided they can demonstrate the absence of racially discriminatory electoral environments. Virginia just was able to opt out a few years ago, even several of California’s counties that were Sec 5 covered have opted out. Georgia is not only eligible, but very likely to have their Section 5 coverage lifted if the Governor and Attorney General merely showed an interest in doing so…but that would only give them one less thing to complain to the world about.

    • SallyForth says:

      Seriously?? Obama’s DOJ step in and help Georgians get a fair shake in redistricting? Were you not watching the debt ceiling circus that just left town in D.C.? The Democratic President is such a tough negotiator that he got 2% of what Dems wanted, gave Republicans 98% of what they wanted. Dems will end up being gerrymandered into 4 sure-bet Black congressional districts.

      As a purely states’ rights matter, I’d love to see the Governor and Attorney General opt out on Section 5 coverage – as you say, there is certainly clear justification and eligibility due to all the changes of the past 46 years. Section 5 was a temporary provision to aid implementation of the VRA and was originally to phase out after the first five years. It has been inexplicably been extended repeatedly, far beyond its usefulness. Whatever’s up with that, it is WAY past time for Georgia to use the opt out provision and join all the other states in the country who have the right to self-determination.

      If Republicans really are for states’ rights, now is the time for Gov. Deal and the A/G to step up to the plate, submit the 46 years of facts in Georgia and opt out of this oppressive antiquated section.

  3. saltycracker says:

    The last time we listened to that “we’re in control now, it’s our turn” was from Bill Campbell in Atlanta.

    It won’t end until the lines are drawn without regard to the personal interest “voices” by…you pick ’em…..precincts, zip codes, townships, cities, counties, trade areas……..redundantly, as we grow, jobs improve & we get educated & civilized, folks of a political feather just will not stay where we want them too………………

  4. slyram says:

    I understand Sally’s view point on some degree. Since the 70s, a combination of people made up the Dems in the South—including rural Whites, Blacks and city liberals. Everything in the South is directly or indirectly driven by White men. Period. We will be dead for 100 years before there is a major political party without a significant percentage of White members. The Dixiecrats tolerated Black voters reluctantly and felt burnt in the early 90s when Blacks plotted with the GOP in the South to increase Black elected officials while making GOP friendly congressional districts.

    When moderate to conservative White voters bolted for the GOP, the remaining Dems were obviously more left and urban—which drove the rest of White rural voters into the GOP. If a White elected official spent his or her entire career trying to maintain a functional relationship with all communities and had old friends walk away from them, that hurts. That was the situation with Hillary Clinton when Barrack Obama came into the presidential race and the situation with Charles Hatcher and Sanford Bishop. It’s the price of progress—that’s life.

    If conservatives want to rid congress of the Dems less like them, Bishop, Marshall and Barrow wouldn’t be as important as the other GA congressional Dems. So, Dems who thought they had a decent relationship with conservatives get the target like low hanging fruit or easy pickings.
    Back to the Future or the Empire Strikes Back: after Obama leaves office, Blacks worst case scenario is waking up to find the GOP running the South and America with little influence from our community. That’s the rest moderate Blacks are somewhat supportive of level-head Black conseravative and somewhat supportive of conservatives who focus on policy without getting ugly. I wish we could say to Saxby that we could replace every voter he loses because he talks with Dems with two moderates.

    I am voting in the GOP presidential primary to hedge my bets. If Obama isn’t president, the president could be the best of the rest. The Libertarians might be right about open congressional and legislative primaries.

    • SallyForth says:

      @slyram, thanks for getting my drift. Dem politicians of the 70’s – present sacrificed their political careers trying to make our country more color-blind, and paid for it by being voted out of office. In view of the train wreck now in D.C., I just hope every voter will scrutinize their incumbent (regardless of political party) and vote the retards out.

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