Political Potpurri

No real big story today but here’s a few things you might be interested in.

1) Galloway has a map of new Congressional districts. It’s been floating around for a few weeks now (Charlie posted it here) but in the comments Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report claims he drew the map.

Galloway makes an observation about this map I agree with:

The lines for the 7th District, now occupied by Republican Rob Woodall, wouldn’t hold up over 10 years. Population shifts would nearly guarantee that the district would wind up in Democratic hands by 2021.

2) Civil Rights lawsuit filed against Gwinnett County Schools.

3) Atlanta Public Schools face a budget shortfall.

4) Gwinnett voters will decide in November whether or not to renew a SPLOST for Gwinnett County Schools and Buford City Schools.

5) A study will determine whether Gwinnett needs light rail, more buses, or something else to ease traffic in I-85.


  1. Bill30097 says:

    Hope the lawsuit wins. Gwinnett school board is a bunch of idiots.

    Voting NO and urging all I know to vote no on SPLOST for Gwinnett tax money wasters

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