Presidential Straw Poll from the 9th District GOP Picnic

For your statistical pleasure, here are the straw poll results from the 9th District Republican Party 19th Annual Picnic hosted in Walker County:

Herman Cain 38

Rick Perry 26

Michele Bachmann 16

Newt Gingrich 14

Tim Pawlenty 11

Mitt Romney 7

Sarah Palin 4

Ron Paul 3

Jon Huntsman 1

Gary Johnson 1

Jeb Bush – Write-in 1

Donald Trump – Write-in 1

Thaddeus McCottee 0

Rick Santorum 0

Thanks to all those who came today and to the 9th District GOP Committee for the opportunity to host this year’s picnic in Walker County.


  1. grumpymoderate says:

    And why is Newt Gringrich running again? You can’t win the nomination if you can’t win your own “home” state.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Polls are a snap-shot in time. I’m willing to bet that if the election were held in GA today, the Ninth’s election results would look very close to this. However, the candidates haven’t campaigned to the point that they are ready for an election, so expect these numbers to move. Gov. Palin for example will either be in or out, so she’ll either get 0% or she’ll get higher than 8%.

      • Tiberius says:

        “snap shots in time.” I like that. @100,000 people voted in the 9th CD in 2008 Prez primary and 123 people voted here. And as we both know, as veterans of these things, our attendees are not indicative of the primary voter at large.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I agree that these people are probably hard core GOP voters and workers. In a light GOP primary, the vote results should be close to what these people think. In a heavy GOP turn out, they may not be as much as a reflection of what these people think.

  2. ricstewart says:

    I didn’t even realize Thad McCotter was running for president until I saw that he got zero votes in the straw poll.

  3. sunkawakan says:

    And Randall Terry of Operation Rescue is running as a Democrat. Perhaps he’ll take the 9th.

  4. Jeff says:

    Top 10 goes roughly in order of sanity – from least to most.

    This, from the same group that elected Shady Deal for 20 yrs. Typical.

    • Nah, it’s not anyone’s “turn”, so it can’t be “a ‘Bob Dole’ kinda election”. We Republicans often reward long-time GOP leaders who have shown flashes of mediocrity (Bob Dole) or flashes of “maverickness” (John McCain) with presidential nominations. It’s just our little way of demonstrating that political parties can also have ADHD.

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