Diverging Diamond Coming To Jimmy Carter-I85 Bridge

A diverging diamond interchange will be completed early next year on the bridge at Jimmy Carter Blvd and I-85 in Gwinnett county. I like it but my wife is not nearly as excited about it as I am. I think it will help traffic flow and believe me, increased traffic flow is sorely needed at that interchange.

The Gwinnett Daily Post has an article and more information can be found at the Gwinnett Place CID’s webpage.


  1. To quote Garth in Wayne’s World “we fear change”. I’m all for progress though. Look forward to driving over it (or the one on Ashford Dunwoody) one day soon.

  2. Harry says:

    The image provided shows the Pleasant Hill interchange, not Jimmy Carter. But it’s a great concept. I just don’t understand why it costs so much to implement.

    • Rambler1414 says:

      They’re a LOT cheaper than traditional interchange modfications.
      It’s actually a very good “bang for your buck” style project.

      The only potential issue for Jimmy Carter is what happens when the interstate is gridlocked. I am VERY curious to see how Ashford Dunwoody is going to operate when I-285 is a parking lot and the on-ramps begin backing up. With traditional diamond interchanges, you’ll have the right and left turn lanes back up. With a DDI, you could see the entire interchange theoretically gridlocked.

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