Picking the Peach State’s New Car Badge

There are eight, but only one will become Georgia’s next license plate.  I’ve been told that folks are indicating they aren’t fans on Twitter, but they look alright….not spectacular though.  I have to agree with the folks over at Creative Loafing in that they are reminiscent of the license plates of the Peninsular State Just Below the State of Georgia.

Here’s a picture of all 8, compiled by Creative Loafing from the Georgia Department of Revenue’s site:


Number 4 looks alright, and number 7 looks like a peach that has exploded.  The others…meh…  However, to each his own.  Personally, I like the plates that had “Georgia…on my mind” on them.  Vote for whatever you like at the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website from now until July 8th.


  1. jiminga says:

    I could be wrong, but I think South Carolina produces far more peaches than Georgia. But every tag shown insists on the “peach state” motto. Like Nathan, I like the “Georgia on My Mind” and would add “In God We Trust” somewhere other than where the county name would cover it.

    • bgsmallz says:

      Well…California produces about 65% of the US’ peach crop and China is actually the worlds largest Peach producer…but I don’t think the ‘peanut’ state or the ‘kaolin’ state has the same ring.

      Although, it would be funny if China ever went to a republic, they switched from a red flag to a peach flag.

    • r130211 says:

      If I’m not mistaken, Georgia law requires that the tags must have a peach on them. I prefer the “Georgia on My Mind” plate as well.

  2. saltycracker says:

    The looks need to promote the state – these are weak –
    Georgia on my mind is catchy….

    The primary purpose should be functionality – like when are they going to bar code the plates or stickers so cops can scan them, do their business fast & efficiently & keep things moving.

    But maybe spending a long time & many times two or three responders standing around increases some staffing statistic.

    • Nathan says:

      It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they could start issuing the tag stickers with a 2D bar code that would hold a bit of information that could be scanned using an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry. I’m not sure what the public reaction would be though if they started to do that. And yes, the tags should be designed to promote the state and should look clear and not too cluttered.

    • Rick Day says:

      How will that bar code functionality work when you report to 9-1-1 your car stolen? “What is the make, year and tag of your stolen vehicle?” White 2011 BMW tag number linelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelinelineSHORTlinelinelinelinelinelinelineSHORTlinelineline

      Practical forward thinking there, Salty

  3. A couple of things:

    1. Between the Art Institute of Atlanta and Savannah College of Art and Design… this is the best anyone could come up with?

    2. I would hope the “In God We Trust” isn’t required to be at the bottom of my plate, as I’ll find a sticker to put over it should they decide to replace the county name with religion.

  4. bgsmallz says:

    I think they are all pretty bad. Remind me of the neon peach tags from the early 90s. PUKE!

    Can’t we just keep them clean and not turn the back of our cars into flea market folk art?

    I agree that #4 is the least odious. But the peach in that design looks like a big butt…

    • Junius says:

      Agreed. Clearly this stuff is subjective but I have always preferred the simpler, classic designs (Virginia and Texas come to mind) over the over-the-top ones with lots of crazy colors (any of Florida’s 73 designs come to mind). Hate to think how one of these will look on my car.

  5. I’m pretty sure they’re offering “In God We Trust” because the 23rd Psalm wouldn’t fit. Anyone who drives in/around Metro Atlanta needs all the prayers they can get.

    • Chris says:

      “In God we Trust because no-one in this in-bred redneck state knows how to stop at a 4-way intersection” was too long.

  6. TPNoGa says:

    Number 2 is growing on me a little. If I had to rank preference 2, 4, 7 and 6.

    They’re all a little ‘busy’ for my taste. I like simple and clean look. Oh I don’t know, like the current plate.

    • Nathan says:

      I agree. The K.I.S.S. principle. Apparently that’s not fashionable when designing license plates in Georgia or in other states. Number 2 looks pretty good…kinda has the Irish flag colors going vertical, so that’s pretty cool.

  7. Three Jack says:

    they all suck. what’s wrong with a cheap blk/wht tag instead of wasting money on midtown-ish designs?

    if we are going to be forced into a designer tag based on what georgia is famous for, might as well have an image of a closed bank.

  8. Rick Day says:

    Who decided the plate design needed ‘sprucing up’ and when can we get them to ‘spruce up’ their office… FOR THEIR REPLACEMENT?

    • drjay says:

      i am pretty sure it has been a fairly longstanding custom to redesign tags in ga every 7 to 8 years–i am not exactly sure why, but it seems to be what they’ve always done

      • drjay says:

        it seems like the earliest tags i remember were blue, then in the 70’s sometime they switched them to red (just block letters across the top saying GEORGIA, and red numbers and letters) the tag of the general lee on dukes of hazzard looks like that, my first car had a green tag that looked the same except for the color of the letters and numbers, then around 1990 is when these “peachy” tags started cropping up…

  9. ricstewart says:

    As a Christian, I would rather not have “In God We Trust” on my license plate, mainly because I have terrible road rage and it would probably reflect poorly on my faith to drive around with Christian insignia while cursing at other drivers and giving the finger.

  10. cheapseats says:

    hmmm…I guess one that reads “if my turn signals are on it’s because they were on when I bought the car” is also too long.

  11. Libertarian Chick says:

    Tag 8 is the best; the others are too busy, and I am not a fan of someone telling me that I need to put “In God We Trust” on my car.

  12. Quaker says:

    I don’t even believe in god, much less trust her. Just a plain Jane tag, please. Let those who can’t contain their passion for a college, dogs, wild flowers, or dieties purchase specialty tags at their own cost and not force such silliness on everyone.

  13. benevolus says:

    Perhaps more than than picking our own favorite; Which one do you think Gov. Deal will pick?

  14. Under the big GEORGIA, have “at least we’re not________________”

    Then for a small fee you can get a sticker of the state you hate to put there. Raising revenue without a tax increase… the Republican way 😉

    • ricstewart says:

      “at least we’re not Arizona.”
      and then I’ll cover that up with
      “wait, nevermind.”
      “well, we’re still not Alabama.”

      See, now the state of Georgia has collected three additional fees from me.

  15. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    They all stink. Georgia’s tags for the last 20 years have stunk. This crap looks like something you would put on Elton Johns car or in a smaller version put on an old ladies bike as a novelty. Not something a real Georgian would want on the typical Georgia vehicle, the F-150. Cant we lose the peach? This is like Jimmy Carter never going away.

  16. Some suggested tag mottos:

    “We’re STILL sorry about Jimmy Carter”

    “Where ethics matter a little, sometimes”

    “Home of the Hank Johnson, Capsizer of Islands”

    “Home of Beth Merkelson”

    “Going Downhill As Slowly As Possible”

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