Paul Broun Leads House In Amendments To Cut Spending Which Have Passed

We like to kid Congressman Paul Broun around here.  We’re not sure he has ever been sworn in, and he’s not sure the President is a citizen.  We’ll call that one a draw.

Love him or hate him, Broun has been quite successful on his mission to slow down the appropriations process by adding amendments to cut spending, and according to them, has had more amendments pass the House than any other Congressman.  Roll Call has profiled him in a piece called Broun’s Budget By 1,000 Cuts:

Broun’s amendments stand out not only because of the sheer number but also because of the strategy of attempting to chip away at the bills’ bottom-line numbers in a piecemeal fashion. Republican amendments — like those King offered — have historically placed conditions and prohibitions on how funds can be used. Lawmakers from both parties typically attempt to hack larger amounts from the total appropriation or to shift money from one account to another.

Six of the amendments Broun proposed to the Agriculture bill attempted to cut less than $100 million from various programs. For instance, one Broun amendment would have cut $21 million from the operation and maintenance of Agriculture Department buildings. Another proposal would have entirely scrapped a $180 million international child nutrition program and four others made 10 percent cuts to programs like the Agriculture Marketing Service and the Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program. Broun also offered an amendment to reduce by half the number of passenger motor vehicles the Agriculture Department could purchase next year.

Broun’s staff went through the bill provision by provision to identify spots where they could make incremental cuts without offending constituents, Griffanti said.

“Many of the programs I have proposed cutting or eliminating are wasteful, do not serve their original purpose, and have grown exponentially in cost over the years — to the point where we can no longer afford them,” Broun said in a statement issued last week.

It’s easy to just give up when approaching the US Budget, given that gutting all discretionary spending would barely balance the 2012 books.  Broun is attacking at the margins, however, and helping hold the reigns on the spending side while entitlement reform and tax code issues can hopefully shore up revenues when the economy improves.

Just think about what he could accomplish if he could get sworn in…


  1. Scott65 says:

    Its people like Rep. Broun that give GA a bad name. He is a perfect example of an ideologue. He cares more about that than the people he represents. He does nothing for his district and cares more about getting his name in the press than doing his job. If he had his way we would be in a worse position than the Great Depression.

  2. cheapseats says:

    Poor Paul Broun. He’ll never be half the man his father was and he knows it. Nobody will ever take him seriously.

    I doubt he would even make the news if he started tweeting pictures of his naughty bits to teenage girls.

    Chair warmer. Of all the people who have ever held a Congressional seat, he is certainly one of them.

  3. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    I’ve had several discussions with the congressman, and I have yet to successfully engage him in intelligent discussions specific policy issues. Even in areas he should be knowledgeable in…like health care. Its all about partisan ideology and pesudo-science with this guy. With that said, I will admit he really believes . So when he compares Obama and Pelosi and other “socialists” to nazis, hitler, etc., he really believes it. And when he brings up factual inaccurate statements about the Constitution and “founding fathers” he isn’t just pandering like other politicians.

  4. Bucky Plyler says:

    It’s like casting pearls before swine….I wish every state in the Union had a congressman like Paul Broun.

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