Rick Perry begins hiring campaign staff in Georgia UPDATE: Vaughan denies

Via The Beacon, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is laying the groundwork for his looming entrance in the race for the Republican presidential nomination:

Perry’s camp has just hired Elizabeth Vaughan to run their Georgia campaign. Vaughan was most recently statewide campaign manager for Georgia Agriculture Secretary Gary Black, who swamped his Democrat opponent to capture the constitutional office from Democrat control. Vaughan is said to be one of several former key Newt Gingrich for President staffers who have abandoned their former boss to join the Perry campaign.

Perry insiders say their candidate will formally announce his bid in late June, and will visit Georgia in early July, right after former MN. Governor Tim Pawlenty’s Peach State jaunt.

Perry’s new hires have reportedly convinced him their campaign can carry Georgia and sweep the southern primary states, including winning the all important South Carolina primary. Sen. John McCain won the South Carolina GOP primary 2008, by defeating Mike Huckabee, after Mitt Romney withdrew his resources from the state late in the game. The showdown win propelled McCain to the nomination.

After last night’s debate, who can blame him for getting in the race? The field is terrible.

[UPDATE] I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails challenging this report from The Beacon, so you may want to take it with a grain of salt.

[UPDATE II] Elizabeth Vaughan denies The Beacon‘s report. So, that ends that.


  1. cheapseats says:

    We are doomed!

    Chris Christie and Rick Perry…why not? There’s always room for a couple more ethically-challenged ideologues, right?

    At the next debate, they should start by driving a really small car onto the stage and then having all 38 candidates start popping out…some could have those squeeze-bulb horns and some could have nerf-bats and one could have a toy pistol that pops out a little flag that says “Bang! 4 more years!”

    • Calypso says:

      cheapseats, your post made my laugh ’til I cried. Then I discovered my tears were those born from the sad realization of the unfortunate truth.

      Maybe we could just have a Palin/Bachmann ticket. At least it would give the middle-aged guys who are totally dis-interested in politics (or the future of our country) something to fantasize about when the two of them are on stage together.

  2. GaConservative23 says:

    “Elizabeth Vaughan denies The Beacon‘s report. So, that ends that.”

    So why hasn’t this post been taken down?

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