2011 CRCT Results Up In Almost Every Area

Some good news from Georgia’s schools:

Among the highlights of the 2011 CRCT report:

– Reading, grade 5: Ninety-one (91) percent of students passed the reading CRCT, a one-year increase of one point, and a one-year increase of 10 points in the number of students exceeding the standard.

– Reading, grade 8: Ninety-six (96) percent of students passed the reading CRCT, a one-year increase of one point and an increase of seven points since GPS implementation (2006).

– Mathematics, grade 7: The pass rate was 89 percent, an increase of four points in one year and 15 points since GPS implementation (2007).

– Mathematics, grade 8: The pass rate was 78 percent, an increase of four points in one year and 16 points since GPS implementation (2008).

– Science, grade 3: The percentage of students exceeding the standard increased six points in one year.

– Social Studies, grade 6: The pass rate was 72 percent, an increase of eight points in one year.


  1. saltycracker says:

    The lousy economy has been a factor as parents and teachers have focused. The influx of private school kids and the exodus of illegals has also been a factor. Opinions on which category had the greater effect is up to the beholder as those stats are avoided.

    Great potential strides in education are coming from technology. Programs can be designed to “individually” teach children with better results and top teachers than from the current textbook, small classroom settings. It will be hard to pull off as the teacher’ organizations (unions), school boards, textbook lobbyists and their minions will fight to avoid employee, administration & classroom reductions/changes.
    reference recent Fortune column:

  2. Three Jack says:

    while i’m not a big supporter of rick santorum, he talked about reforming education on mtp yesterday. santorum said he would eliminate age as a means to classify students which blew david gregory’s mind. santorum was not able to elaborate much, but i think it is a good idea worth exploring. as santorum said, ‘nowhere else do we put folks together solely on the basis of age, why do we insist on doing it in education’ (paraphrase).

    crct improvements aside, georgia still needs to radically reform it’s education system instead of farting around with these useless charter school debates. santorum seems to have some decent ideas on how to accomplish reform, might be worth reading more about his thoughts on this matter.

    • saltycracker says:

      haha, really bad idea for Georgia but then again we could get Gillette to sponsor some elementary school events….

    • RE: Santorum. That does sound like the right idea. Fewer bored kids, more challenged kids, allows math whizzes who suck a grammar to be placed properly in both classes and kids who learn more slowly would not be written off.

      I agree GA needs radical reform, BUT I can see charter schools as a way to introduce radical reforms that work.

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