On the GAGOP Campaign Trail: Coming to the End on May 14th

It’s been a long ride (really long for some), but we’re about to see how well the miles put on cars, the number of hands shook, pieces of literature mailed, and the number of robo-calls (and real calls) dialed will pay off at the GAGOP convention in Macon this Saturday.

CNN and CSPAN (and I’m sure other national media outlets) will be at the GAGOP Convention Banquet on Friday evening covering Newt’s speech live.  His first since he declared his candidacy yesterday.  If you can’t, or don’t want to, go to the convention banquet, you can always head over to the Peach Pundit Road Show.  I’m sure we’ll be around there even after the banquet is over, so stop on by and hang out with us for a bit.

Anyway, on to our last round of GAGOP updates…

First, we’ll start off with a few notes from Shawn Hanley:

To my Fellow Georgia Delegates,

America needs a true leader.  The first step toward electing a quality leader in 2012 is to elect the right leader for the Georgia Republican Party in 2011.  As a proud U.S. Marine, a former Fulton County GOP Chairman, Father, Husband and Statesman.  I would be honored to serve as your next Georgia GOP Chairman.

In Macon, the first job of the next Chairman will be to unite the party.  Last year, the morning after the Republican Primary run-off, I hosted the first ever Fulton County GOP Unity Breakfast.  Urgently, something had to be done at once to ensure our party became united again as we prepared for the General Election. We had over 450 people attend and witnessed a few amazing moments like:

•    Doug MacGinnitie introducing Brian Kemp as our next Secretary of State

•    Maria Sheffield introducing Ralph Hudgens as our next Insurance Commissioner

•    Melvin Everson introducing Mark Butler as our next Labor Commissioner

We also had former candidate for Governor, John Oxendine give the prayer, and current State GOP Chairman Sue Everhart was asked to lead us in the pledge.  Governor-Elect Nathan Deal gave a remarkable speech that focused on coming together. It was there, only hours after the polls closed, following a brutal run-off, that our party once again, became one.

Many people light heartedly asked me to make the Fulton County GOP Unity Breakfast a unity “Lunch” because it was a late night for many the night before, but I continued to insist it be a breakfast.  The reason is because I wanted to make sure that no negative press developed that morning.  Instead, I wanted to make sure that Atlanta’s liberal media was forced to watch a United Republican Party just hours after the polls closed. To me, even a four hour delay, was four hours too long when it comes to unifying and coming together in preparation of November’s General Election.  As much as the Democrats and the Liberal Press wanted to see us continue an internal battle they instead watched us unite and prepare for war with the Democrats.

Although I believe my plan (6-in-60) is the right plan needed for our party,  I also believe that embracing Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment has been just as important as the plan itself.  No plan can be properly executed with the support of the grassroots and elected Republicans if we don’t respect each other.

Fellow Delegates, when you get back in your car this Saturday and depart Macon don’t have second thoughts.  Make your vote count.  The only way to do that is by voting with your conscience at the Georgia State GOP Convention. I’d be honored to lead our party to victory.  With your help, we’ll do so on a united front.

To learn more about my campaign please visit shawnforchairman.com.  Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].

Semper Fidelis,



Fellow Delegates,

This Saturday you will be electing a Chairman to lead our state through the 2012 election cycle. As leaders, we must ensure we elect Republicans candidates to Republicans seats, and ensure Barack Obama is a one term president. The Chairman’s race has been long and arduous but it has been well worth it. We have the majority in both houses under the dome but we continue to make deals with Democrats to switch to the Republican Party?  Those Democrats should be begging us to let them in our party, not the other way around.  This is not the Georgia of years ago when we were in the minority and conservative Democrats were switching to the Republican Party on principle.  Now, we’re getting over-run by Democrats who, after being elected as Democrats, see the Republican party as a way to protect their seat in a changing district.  What’s their answer?  Just become a Republican.  Our Grassroots shouldn’t be carrying these Democrats through future General Elections. The Grassroots need to make sure we have a Republican candidate running for that Republican seat.

Delegates, we need to get back to the basics.  Accountability left us long ago and it took the Tea Party to remind us of its importance.  We need to stop coddling our elected Republicans who act like Democrats.  Also we need to abandon the “Clear the Path” mentality for Republican primaries. Cutting deals with Democrats to join our party and the “Clearing the Path” mentality has got to stop! If I’m elected as GOP Chairman I will issue a Press Release on the first day of candidate filing that reads, “THE PROCESS HAS BEGUN AND COMPETITIVE PRIMARIES ARE ENCOURAGED, GOOD LUCK CANDIDATES.”  At that point, regardless who is challenged, the State GOP has to get out of the way.

And I have a very special message for all of the Democrats who came over to the GOP since last November. First, Welcome Aboard!! And second, get ready for a Primary fight!!  If you want to keep your Republican seat you need to earn it in a Republican Primary.  That is where accountability starts!!  This isn’t just a Tea Party message, It’s the American way.

On Saturday, after the election, the first job our new Chairman will have is to unite our party. If you’re an undecided voter I ask that you carefully look at our plans, our experience and the ability for the next Chairman to unite us.  I’m proud that our campaign has honored Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment from day one, and we have not been involved with any negative campaigning at all.

God bless our Founding Fathers, they got it right.

To learn more about my campaign please visit shawnforchairman.com.  Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].

Semper Fi,




On May 14th 1787 Delegates began to assemble in Philadelphia and they began to draft our constitution.  Our precious document that together, we must protect with our lives.  This May 14th Delegates will be gathering in Macon to elect Leadership that will be charged with leading our party, protecting our constitution and ensuring we replace incompetence in Washington with a representative of the people and by the people. On this historic day, as we start our journey for Macon, let’s remember those who have served this great nation. The service and sacrifice that America’s troops have demonstrated over our nation’s history, and those who fight today to preserve our way of life, and protect our freedoms that we often take for granted. Including the right to assemble and the right to free speech which we will all be exercising this weekend.

As a U.S. Marine, my father served abroad courageously in the Korean War, and as a veteran back home, he made sure the service and sacrifice of others was not forgotten. At five years old, Dad brought me to a veteran’s cemetery. As he read aloud the names on the headstones, openly weeping before me, I knew then that I would be following in his footsteps and join the Marines. Many years after that day, I witnessed Dad pass away. He was a fighter until the very end…just like the Marine we all knew.

After his passing, there was only one more thing left to do to honor this fallen hero and ensure that he will never be forgotten: Dad was laid to rest with his brothers at Arlington National Cemetery.  The hallowed grounds of Arlington are now a place I visit frequently, not only to pay respect to Dad, but to pray for all of those brave men and women who died in service to our great country and for every freedom we have.

In remembering the fallen, we cannot forget their families. There are widows, fatherless and motherless children, who only have the pictures and stories of the loved ones they have lost and all preserved our freedoms and yes, our right to vote. As we all remember and pray for each of them let us remember the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis, meaning “Always Faithful.”  No matter what challenge is before us, no matter what challenge may be before the children of the fallen, faith and prayer will keep our country strong.

As a father, I hope to instill the same sense of duty and sacrifice in my children that my father passed on to me. These are the lessons that must be passed on from one generation to the next in order to keep the United States of America the most free and prosperous nation on Earth. Abraham Lincoln said in his second Inaugural Address let us “…care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan…”

Honor the families of those men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Honor them by supporting candidates you believe in. The right to vote is so sacred so please take it seriously.  Don’t dishonor those Americans who have paid that ultimate price by ever casting a vote to keep a candidate from winning, proudly cast that vote for who you believe in…or their sacrifice will be in vein.

I would be honored and humbled to receive your vote.

May God bless our troops. And may God bless the United States of America.

Semper Fidelis,


Next are a couple of updates from Tricia Pridemore:

Dear Georgia Republican,

As Republican grassroots activists we know money for yard signs, radio, TV ads, and other campaign marketing extends our reach to voters during election season. Political fundraising is important to whether we win or lose a campaign. Sadly, fundraising at the Georgia Republican Party needs much improvement as we move into the 2012 Presidential election and work to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president.

During the 2005-2006 election cycle, the previous Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party raised $13,378,822. This was the mid-term election year that saw Republicans lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. An anti-Republican atmosphere abounded across the nation, but Georgia remained “red.” Four years later, in the 2009-2010 mid-term election cycle, the current Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party raised only $6,687,823. As we all know, 2010 was a big year for Republicans in Georgia and across the country, but fundraising at the GAGOP was still down nearly 50% compared to mid-term elections just four years prior.

In the 2010 election cycle, the Georgia Republican Party ranked 19th of all state Republican Parties in federal fundraising. States such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota raised millions more than the Georgia Republican Party. (see chart below)


As Georgia Republicans, we all want to see things change in Washington D.C., and there is no better way to make that happen than to elect more conservative Republicans to Congress from Georgia. Our state has thirteen – and soon to be fourteen Congressional seats to represent us in the United States Congress. Currently, Republicans hold eight of the thirteen seats.

During the 2010 election cycle, Georgia Republicans narrowly missed picking up the 2nd Congressional District by 4,847 votes in a race where 168,193 votes were cast. Meanwhile, TV advertising was not placed in two media markets that reach critical counties in the 2nd District – Dothan, Alabama and Tallahassee, Florida by the Georgia Republican Party. Limited funds were directed to other Congressional races such as the 12th district. Yet, according to a statement given to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the Georgia Republican Party left 1.2 million dollars in the bank in November 2010. I know federal money can be spent in state races, but the inverse is not true and there was $826,029 remaining in federal money at the end of this past election cycle.

The Republican Governors Association spent over $5 million in Georgia last year and no run-offs were in sight leading into election day. The Georgia gubernatorial race finished 53% to 43% for Republicans, and our senatorial race finished 58% to 39% for Republicans. With over 1 million dollars to spare, we simply did not do all that could be done to send Georgia Republicans to Congress last year.

If I am honored to be the next chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, I will leverage my fundraising experience to increase fundraising by 50% and bring us back to the level we were at just four years ago. I will reach out to Georgia corporations and explain the value of the Republican Party, while incorporating grassroots fundraising and targeted member drives to bring more voting Republicans into the fold of donors for our Party. My experience as a seasoned entrepreneur and contacts in the business and technology industries coupled with my energy and passion for this Party will provide the basis for the hard work that needs to be accomplished quickly. Finally, I will work with the state executive committee and other Georgia Republican Party members to bring much needed transparency to the finances of our Party.

If we want to ensure that Georgia elects a Republican president and Barack Obama is a one-term president, we must improve fundraising at the Georgia GOP.

I would be honored to have your vote at the state convention this weekend.


Tricia Pridemore

Candidate for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party



The Georgia Republican State Convention is days away. Tea Party leaders from around the state are supporting Tricia Pridemore as the next GAGOP Chairman.

The following are some of the leaders that released their personal endorsements forPridemore:

Jennifer Hulsey-Co-Founder, American Grassroots Coalition.  Jennifer has been a conservative activist in Georgia for over 6 years.

Hulsey stated: “It is essential that the leader of the Republican Party understand the grassroots of Georgia.  Tricia’s experience as the President of the Cobb/Cherokee 912 Project and the state director for the Georgia 912 Project is important. I think it is telling that over the last six months, she has spoken at 194 grassroots meetings in 80 Georgia counties, and traveled more than 18,000 miles throughout the state. Winning 2012 will require a leader that can bring together conservatives. Tricia is that leader .”


Jack Staver– Co- chair Cobb/Cherokee/Bartow 912 Project, Fayette County Issues Tea Party, American Grassroots Coalition

Staver stated: “I have had the opportunity to work at a grassroots level with Tricia Pridemoresince the fall of 2009. She pulled our Cobb 912 group together with many other groups from across the state and led us in canvassing neighborhoods, phone banking, fundraising, posting signs all over the state, and standing on street corners holding candidate signs. She worked side-by-side with us, walking door to door during the hot July summer in an effort to get our country back on track. Tricia is and will continue to be an effective leader for Georgia and America, as she truly is Grassroots and this is what we need to be effective in the 2012 elections.”


Donna Driskell– SWGA Patriots Co-Founder

Driskell stated: “I am excited about Tricia being our state chairman for several reasons:  her enthusiasm regarding social media, her willingness to support all of Georgia, and her work with local parties to develop leaders and grow their membership. Tricia has been to the 2nd district many times during this race. The tremendous success the Republican Party had in 2010 will not be easily repeated in 2012. We need a leader that is eager to ensure that we take our country back, and will take thinking outside the box. I believe strongly that Tricia is the one to lead us to victory in 2012.”


Marolyn Overton-Co-Founder and Chairman Savannah Tea Party, Past President Skidaway Island Republican Club, member Savannah Area Republican Women

Overton stated: “Tricia Pridemore has the enthusiasm, the drive, the spirit and the IT technology that it will take to reach out to all conservative Georgians and bring them into the Republican fold for a Republican victory in 2012. I am honored to join her team and endorse her for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.”


Linda Rudolph-Leader 912 Project Conyers

Rudolph stated: “Tricia was very instrumental in getting A LOT of Tea Party folks and even more 912 group individuals to go into the Republican Party and get involved.  As a dynamic leader, she got very involved with 912 leadership, seeing that we needed some focus and direction at a critical time when most of us were floundering around not knowing what to do next.  I thinkTricia would be an incredible chair, and I support her 100%.”


Lori Wexler-Organizer, Alpharetta 912 Project

Wexler stated: “I know Tricia from a patriotic group she helped organize prior to the formation of Tea Parties. As a leader and founder of multiple grassroots groups, Tricia stands out because of her proven ability to draw individuals with varied bases of knowledge, skills, and priorities together in working toward a common goal of restoring conservatism all over Georgia by initiating results-based activism. Those of us who worked closely with her know her to be a principled, decisive, and positive leader who can grow and engage the grassroots, apply technology, and raise funds. It is for these reasons that I endorse Tricia Pridemore for Chairman, GAGOP. ”


Jo Ellen Smith– Founder of Cobb Patriots Tea Party & Tea Party Blogger

Smith stated: “Tricia Pridemore not only understands grassroots and its leaders, she is one.Tricia will be strong in standing firm on conservative values and principles. She will bring in people that have never been a part of the GAGOP. ”


Jim Richter-Leader Fayette-Coweta 912 Patriots

Richter stated:”I fully support Tricia Pridemore for Chair of the Georgia Republican Party. I have worked with Tricia for more than two years and she has been an outstanding conservative leader. In my opinion, she possesses all the skill, drive, talent, experience and youthfulness along with the knowledge of21st Century technology to lead local, state, and national Republicans to victory in 2012.”


Mike Sabot-Leader Albany Area Tea Party

Sabot stated: “Tricia Pridemore has a vision and a plan that every conservative can support”


Micah Gravely-Founder of We the People of Paulding County

Gravely stated:”Out of the 3 candidates Tricia is the one candidate I heard from personally.  She told me about her plan to strengthen the majority in GA. Tricia has made it a point to visit myself and other delegates in Paulding County personally. She has my vote.”


Leaders across the state of Georgia believe Tricia Pridemore is the right choice for GAGOP chair. Tricia Pridemore is the future of the Republican Party.  Leaders across Georgia believe in her knowledge, skills, and experience in bringing the Republican Party to a victorious win in 2012.


Endorsement Letter from Sharron Angle

Fellow Patriots,

I am writing this letter in support of a fellow conservative who shares both my conservative principals and love of country and freedom. I am one who believes in limited power and respect for term limits as a means to ensure that those elected to represent us do not rest on their laurels and point to past accomplishments.  These attitudes can surface at all levels of leadership within our party, and now is not the time to pat ourselves on the back for the big wins in 2010. We must leverage that momentum and use it to defeat Barack Obama in 2012.

It is for these and many other reasons that I support and endorse Tricia Pridemore for Georgia Republican Party Chair. As a lifelong conservative, Tricia has been a grassroots Republican leader serving as Chairman of her College Republican group on campus, helping elect Republicans to office, and pushing the conservative message throughout her community. As Director of the 9.12 Project, Tricia was on the forefront of the conservative uprising, as she and her volunteers worked statewide to ensure that Republicans won seats at the federal, state, and local levels. During the past election cycle, Tricia worked tirelessly for many Republican candidates raising countless dollars and contacting tens of thousands of voters through phone calls and door knocks.

Tricia has clearly communicated her vision to move the party forward in her GROWroots Plan. This plan provides the foundation to ensure Georgia votes for a Republican in 2012 and remains a “RED” State for generations to come. Her work with young Republicans coupled with her model to aggressively recruit conservative minorities will grow the GOP and produce a Republican Georgia for years to come.

In addition, she has demonstrated a clear understanding for using technology and marketing in her career as well as political campaigns. She will leverage these skills to lead our party forward in the new information age. She has communicated the best plan, shares a clear vision, and possesses the passion and energy to carry the conservative message.

I believe in Tricia Pridemore. I ask you to support a true grassroots conservative and cast your vote for Tricia Pridemore for Georgia Republican Party Chair.


Sharron Angle

Candidate for United States Congress (R-NV)

Next are more endorsements from the 912 and tea party groups across Georgia for Sue Everhart:

Tea Party and 912 activists from around Georgia continue to pledge support to Everhart for Re-election as Chairman of the GAGOP

Atlanta, GA – Last week Tea Party leaders announced they would be endorsing Sue Everhart for GAGOP Chairman. This week, more leaders (all Georgians) within the movement have pledged support to Everhart, as the momentum grows for next weekend’s Georgia Republican Party State Convention.

The original list includes:

Julianne Thompson – State Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots in Georgia and Co-Organizer of the Atlanta Tea Party

Debbie Dooley –  Co-Founder of the Atlanta Tea Party

Virginia Galloway –  Tea Party Educator and Co-Founder of the Atlanta Tea Party

Catherine McDonald – Leader, Atlanta 9-12

Steve Ramey –  Chairman of the Founding Fathers Tea Party

Anthony Scott-Hobbs – Chairman, Tea Party Business Network

Nighta Davis – Founder, American Patriots Tea Party

“This is very exciting”, said Julianne Thompson, State Coordinator of Georgia Tea Party Patriots and Co-Organizer of the Atlanta Tea Party. “Longtime GOP activists, as well as Tea Party activists brand new to the GOP have taken notice of Everhart’s support and respect of the movement, and her dedication to all of the various coalitions of conservatives that will make the difference going forward. They realize being an activist is about getting involved in choosing the right grassroots leaders going into 2012, if we are going to beat the Obama machine.”

Dooley stated, “After last week’s press release, Julianne and I were contacted by many Tea Party activists around Georgia who also support Sue Everhart. There were so many that it definitely warranted another press release.”

The following Tea Party leaders have added their names to Tea Party leaders for Sue and proudly give their endorsement.

Kathy Hildebrand – 7th District Tea Party Patriots leader.

“You don’t trade the winning quarterback after you just won the super bowl. Sue is the one to lead us into 2012!”


Stella Lohmann – Media Professional and Tea Party leader. Known as The Freedom Czar of America.

“If Georgia Republicans want this state to remain “RED” in 2012, we must have a leader who knows, understands, and has proven consistent experience in every aspect of the political process. Sue Everhart has been the ‘boots on the ground’ for many years in grassroots cultivation, management, and growth. Like many conservatives, labels and titles are insignificant when selecting leaders; it’s about integrity to principles and passion. In the more than twelve years that I have known Sue, she remains one of the most reliable models of citizen activism working tirelessly in any capacity entrusted to her with humility and grace. The fact of the matter is Sue gets results. It would be difficult to travel within Conservative circles in Georgia without someone having a story to tell about working on a winning team with Sue. Sue IS the One (for GA GOP Chairman) because she was “Tea Party before Tea Party was cool!”


Conrad Quagliaroli – Organizer, Cherokee County Tea Party Patriots

“I’m forwarding this message about Sue Everhart, because after hearing all three candidates last month, I decided to support her.   Reason- while her opponents are very capable and embrace technology, it occurred to me that the number one job of the chairman is to raise money and get people to work together.  And for that, you need to have personal contacts with these people.

It seems to me, that after many years volunteering for the GA Republican Party, Sue is the only one with those kind of relationships.  Additionally, while you can hire the technical expertise, you can’t buy those personal contacts.

I will of course support whoever is our chairman, but I will be voting for Sue Everhart at the convention and hope you will as well.”


Tom Ross, Henry County 912 Project

John Bigham, Henry County 912 Project

Clayton County 9-12 Project/Tea Party

Chris Collins  Jackson County 9-12 leader

Maureen Miller ~ Douglas County TEA Party Chairman

Atlanta 912 Leadership Team supports Sue Everhart for GA GOP Chair:

*Marilyn & John Allan
*Carey & Tony Brewer
*John & Judy Heald
*John & Karen King
*Catherine McDonald
*Deborah Fett Moscato
*Amy Peil
*Sue Simpson
*Linda Smith

Next are a couple of notes from Justin Tomczak.  One of which is an endorsement from Georgia Right to Life:

Justin Tomczak’s campaign for GAGOP 1st Vice Chairman is proud to stand with the Georgia Right to Life in defense of the unborn. One of Justin’s first political activities was marching in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. The President of the organization released the following statement this week…

“I am pleased to affirm Justin Tomczak for the office of First Vice Chairman of the state GOP, as one who would fight for and uphold, the sanctity of life and the full personhood of all humans from the earliest moment of fertilization until death by natural causes.” Dan Becker, President of Georgia Right to Life

Commenting on the statement, Tomczak said “From day one of this campaign I have made crystal clear my stance on this key issue. We must stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

The statement from the organization comes a few days before Saturday’s vote for this important party leadership position at the State Convention in Macon. The Georgia Right to Life will have a display booth at the Convention.

About Justin: Justin Tomczak’s first political activity was marching in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. as a child. He was home schooled through high school, served as Student Government President at Kennesaw State University and went on to earn a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. He has worked tirelessly for the GAGOP and numerous successful Republican campaigns. He is currently responsible for public relations in Georgia at State Farm Insurance. In 2004 Tomczak received the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award from the Georgia Association of College Republicans and he is a Coverdell Leadership Institute (CLI) graduate. Tomczak is known as one of the most successful and dedicated grassroots veterans in Georgia politics.


For the past 5 months, I’ve been interviewing for the number two position within our state’s Republican Party-1st Vice Chairman. This weekend in Macon, you, the delegates, will make the hiring decision. Through the interview process, I have told you a little about who I am and what I believe. I have told you about my background and my relevant work experience, and I have told you what I will do if I am entrusted with the position. When you are hiring someone to do a job, these are the questions you must have answered.

As a candidate for any job, you start by sending your résumé to those in the position to hire you. During the last 5 months, I have revealed my qualifications for this job through a series of weekly newsletters. But emailing your résumé is not enough. As with any job interview, meeting with those you are asking to hire you is the only way to give those individuals the opportunity to determine whether your values are consistent with theirs and that you are the best candidates to meet their needs.

I have attended 60 GOP meetings across this state. I believe that the way you campaign for a position is a strong indication of how you will lead if elected. My campaign has been the hardest working, best organized, and most effective in this race. Actions speak far louder than words, especially when seeking positions of leadership.

The task ahead of us is large. Now is the time to hire the best candidate for the position-the candidate you believe will be best able to organize and execute a plan for victory in 2012. I humbly submit that my track record of actual work done on behalf of Georgia Republicans is unrivaled in this race. I have never run for a major Party office before, yet I have played an integral part in helping to elect Republicans as Governor, Senator, Congressman, and on down the line. Many of you have been in the trenches with me and can personally attest to my effectiveness at getting the job done.

The future of our nation hangs in the balance. We cannot survive another 4 years of the failed, liberal policies of our current President. Irreparable damage is being done on a daily basis, but thankfully, the election in 2012 is fast approaching, and with it the opportunity to take our country back. I am committed to doing all I can to make that happen.

I ask you to hire me as your next 1st Vice Chairman, and I will roll up my sleeves and get to work on Day 1.

Thank you and God Bless.


PS – Here is the final installment of great folks who are standing with me in this effort:

Bob Fink – Immediate past Rabun County GOP Chair and Delegate to the State Convention

Trey O’Callaghan – Immediate Past Chairman Georgia Teen Republicans

Carolyn Ragan – Pulaski County 1st Vice Chair and Delegate to the State Convention

Amanda Swafford – Flowery Branch City Council, Post 1

Lori Pesta – State Convention Delegate from Cherokee County

Dr. David Miller – Executive Associate, Brookings Institute, Forsyth County GOP

David Young – former Dade County Commissioner and Delegate to the State Convention

Michael Roberts – DeKalb County Nathan Deal Campaign Chair

Bill Evelyn – State of Georgia Tea Party Founder, Forsyth GOP Precinct #24 Chairman

Kenneth Turner – Mayor of Gordon, State Convention Delegate from Wilkinson County

Nelson Brooks – State Convention Delegate and GOP Chair from Lincoln County

Wanda Tschudy – State Convention Alternate from Clayton County

Shahid Malik – State Convention Delegate from Clayton County

Mike Johnson – McCain Clayton County Chair

Narender Reddy – Gwinnett County GOP

Sen. Jim Butterworth – State Senate District 50, State Convention Delegate from Habersham County

Robert Adkerson – State Convention Delegate from Bartow County

John Perry – State Convention Delegate from Bartow County

Eric Johnson – State Convention Alternate from Bartow County

George Peterson – State Convention Delegate from Clayton County

John McCune – State Convention Delegate from Pulaski County

James Hall – Chatham County GOP, Membership Chair

Alicia Evans – GOTV Chairman of the Fulton County GOP, State Convention Delegate

Mike Beaudreau – Gwinnett County Commissioner, District 3 and State Convention Delegate from Gwinnett County

Carolee Williams – Rabun County GOP Chair and State Convention Delegate

Scott Shepherd – Burke County GOP Chair and State Convention Delegate

Amanda Stone – State Convention Delegate from Burke County

Amanda Trice – State Convention Delegate from Coweta County

Mayor Harris Little – Mayor of Carnesville, Former Franklin County GOP Chairman, Coverdell Leadership Institute Graduate

Rep. Christian Coomer – State Representative and State Convention Delegate from Bartow County

Larry Warnock – State Convention Delegate from Houston County

Bernie Tokarz – HD 46 Chair and State Convention Alternate from Fulton County

Bruce Garraway – Former vice mayor of Snellville, CLI grad. Governor Perdue Appointment to the Juvenile Justice Board, 7th congressional committee member at large

Jeff Duncan – immediate past GOP Chair, Cherokee County

Ted Daywalt – CEO & President VetJobs, delegate to the State Convention from Cobb County

Darryl Wilson – Immediate past 1st Vice Chair Cobb County GOP and Delegate to the State Convention

Senator Frank Ginn – State Senator and Madison County Delegate to the State Convention

Napoleon Jenkins – Washington County Delegate to the State Convention

Greg Howard – Former Gwinnett GOP Chair, Over 80,000 GAGOP Chair and Delegate to the State Convention

Vanessa Green – State Convention Delegate from Gwinnett County

Larry Hutcheson – State Convention Delegate from Haralson County

Terry Agne – Carroll County GOP Chair and Delegate to the State Convention

Gary Crews – State Convention Delegate from Whitfield County

Paul & Orlena Tipton – State Convention Alternates from Whitfield County

Charlie Wingo – Vice Chair Fulton County GOP and Delegate to the State Convention

Here is an update from Bert Guy:

Dear Delegates and Alternates:

The convention is almost here.  I look forward to being with you in Macon this weekend as we elect those who will lead our party over the next two years.

This is a turning point in the history of our nation.  We must decide if we will continue to emulate the failed left wing policies of Europe or return to our founding principles of smaller, smarter Constitutionally limited government.

We must do all that is in our power to defeat Obama next year.  If you elect me 1st Vice Chairman I will work with the Chairman and Executive Committee to use all available resources and technology/social media platforms to get our message out to voters.  We must use our Republican activists from across Georgia and partner with the tea parties and GOP auxiliary groups to leave no stone unturned and win this state and nation on Election Day.  We have to take this battle to the voters by going door to door, using phone banks, email, twitter, Facebook, and education programs.  We must educate the next generation so that they will be prepared to continue the battle for freedom after we are gone.  We know that we’ve got the best ideas and solutions to solve the problems of today, but we must make sure that through proper messaging those ideas resonate with the voters and those voters turn out on Election Day.

I have the experience we need in the position of 1st Vice Chair.  It has been an honor to serve you as a state party officer for the past 10 years.  I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished working together.  We went from a state completely controlled by the Democrats to a state where all state wide offices and the House and Senate are under Republican leadership.

I’m a GRASSROOTS VOLUNTEER who is invested in this party and in this state and I’d be honored to have your vote!  Please review my bio below and email me or call [me] with any questions.  See you in Macon!

Let Freedom Ring!

Bert Guy

Bert Guy Resume


Married to Jillian Kathleen Guy,  5th Grade Teacher
Michaela Kathryn Guy, Daughter – 3 years old
Robert Mattox Guy, Son 4 weeks old


Georgia Republican Party

  • Secretary, 2005-2011
  • Assistant Secretary, 2001-2005

Camden County GOP

  • Tillerson  “Volunteer of the Year” Award, 2011
  • Executive Committee Member, 2002-08

1st District GOP

  • Committee Member, 2002-Present
  • General Counsel, 2009-11

Republican National Committee

  • Committee on Permanent Organization Member, 2008
  • National Convention Delegate, 2008
  • National  Convention Alternate, 2004

Georgia Trend

  • Named to the “40 Under 40” list, 2006

Camden County Board of Elections

  • Member, 2004

Bibb County GOP

  • Executive Committee, 2000-02

Mercer Law School College Republicans

  • President, 2000-02

Georgia Association of College Republicans

  • Lee Atwater “Activist of the Year” Award, 2000
  • Ronald Reagan Leadership Award, 1999
  • President, 1998-99
  • National Committee Member 1998-99

University of Georgia College Republicans

  • Chairman, 1997-98
  • Secretary, 1996-97

Clarke County GOP

  • Executive Committee 1996-99


Kingsland First United Methodist Church

  • Chairman of Staff Parrish Relations Committee
  • VC of Finance ,  2005-08
  • Committee Member of Administrative Council

Rotary Club of Camden County

  • President, 2008-09
  • Rotarian of the Year, 2005-06 & 2009-10

Rotary District 6920

  • Director 2010-12

Navy League of the United States

  • Vice President, Legislative Affairs, South Atlantic Coast Region, 2006-07
  • Vice President, Legislative Affairs, Kings  Bay Council, 2005-07

Camden County Bar Association

  • President, 2006- Present

Various Memberships

  • Nassau County Inn of Court Member
  • NRA Life Member
  • Georgia Coast Community Health Center, Inc.
  • Camden County Chamber of Commerce, Chairman
  • Ferst Foundation of Camden County, Chairman
  • Georgia Rotary Student Program, Trustee
  • Salvation Army Advisory Board


Mercer University, Walter F. George School of Law, JD, Macon, Georgia
University of Georgia, College of Arts and Sciences, Athens, Georgia
BA, Political Science, Cum Laude; 1999 (Minor: History) Phi Beta Kappa

And here’s a short note from Doug:

I’m running for First Vice-Chairman of the GA GOP.

I am not the guy who has campaigned by coming to meetings and wearing name tags.  I am the candidate who has campaigned by trying to build the Republican Party.  I have been raising funds for the GOP and organizing events, not for myself, but for the party.  I’m running on my record.  I’ve held many positions in the GOP, but with every one of them, I have used them to advance the party.

I want you to vote for the person you think will help the GOP elect more Republicans. If you study the candidates, I hope that you will find that I have the most experience in that area. Don’t vote for me because we are friends or because someone else endorsed me. Vote for me if you think I am the best person for the job.

I’m in Macon, ready to shake hands, make new friends, see old friends, but most importantly, talk about how to make our party better.  It’s impossible for me to lose, because just by running, I have made other candidates think about if they are successful in this election, they will know that someone else wanted to be there, doing a good job.  If I should prevail, I will work hard to make sure that they know that I care about this party and it’s future.

Thank you,


Finally, here are a few notes from Kevin Gough who is running for Assistant Secretary:


You probably don’t know me, but for the past several years I have been the “voice” of the Republican Party in the Golden Isles. My name is Kevin Gough, and I am running for Assistant Secretary of the Republican Party of Georgia.

I am running because I believe the 2012 elections are perhaps the most important in our nation’s history. I am proud of Georgia GOP, and its leaders, but I believe we can – and must –do better.

I have the commitment, and experience, to get the job done. I have served on the State Committee, on the First District Executive Committee, and on the Glynn County Committee. I have chaired the rules and resolutions committees of the district and county committees. I have been elected chair of the Glynn County GOP twice.

I have also been involved in more political campaigns than I care to remember, from sign waiving to fund raising, and I have served on our local Board of Elections.  Please vote Kevin Gough for Assistant Secretary of the Republican Party of Georgia. With your help, we can make a difference in 2012.

Kevin Gough



When I began my campaign for Assistant Secretary, nearly two months ago, I did so without opposition — and with the encouragement of elected officials and party leaders from across our great State. However, as the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus so famously observed, “the only constant in life (and politics) is change.” I embrace the challenge, and look forward to a positive, spirited campaign over the next ten days in accord with the best traditions of our Republican Party.

As it turns out, my opponent and I have much in common. We have both served the Republican Party as county chairs, as members of the district committee and district executive committee, and on the state committee. We have both worked “on the front lines” in a long list of political campaigns as well. We have both been recognized for our hard work on behalf of the Republican Party.

We agree that party leaders should have a strong knowledge of GOP rules and policies. I am proud to have served as chair of both the county and district rules committees (and drafted extensive revisions to both), as legal counsel to the Glynn County GOP (and to various candidates), as the qualifying officer for Glynn County GOP for many Republican primaries, and to have served on the Glynn County Board of Elections where I had actual “hands on” experience with “election security.”

We agree that party leaders should be real leaders — people who have distinguished themselves not merely within the GOP but also professionally and within their community. I am an honors graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law, where I was an editor of the Georgia Law Review and member of both the moot court and mock trial teams. I am a past President of the Brunswick-Glynn County Bar Association, past Vice-President of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and presently serve on the Domestic Violence Committee of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association.

My opponent and I agree upon the value of team work, and of collaboration, in achieving shared goals. I am proud to have served on the board of directors of numerous community and civic organizations including Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Golden Isles, the Golden Isles Chapter of the Navy League, the Marty Lyons Foundation, the Brunswick Civic Orchestra, the Brunswick Chapter of the NAACP, and the St. Francis Xavier Catholic School among others. I am also a former Rotarian, Kiwanian and Jaycee. As a member of the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce for nearly twenty years, I have sponsored several participants from my small law firm in our “Leadership Glynn” program.

Given limitations of time and space, it will not be possible for me to meet each of you individually prior to the State Convention. However, I do have a short, seven minute campaign video which I encourage you to view at your convenience. You can access it on Facebook, either at my personal page or campaign fan page, http://www.facebook.com/v/218691704823959, or on Youtube: http://youtu.be/EjQT1ZKF92s.

If you have any questions about my campaign, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at my office, at 912-262-0565, by email, or through Facebook.

Kevin Gough



Delegates often ask why I focus so much attention on our county Republican parties, especially with the all-important national election just around the corner. I believe, as did former House Speaker Tip O’Neill, that “all politics is local.” And with 159 counties in Georgia, when we speak of “local” politics we are talking about politics at the county level.

I am proud of Georgia GOP, and its leadership, but we can and must do better. The strength of any political party is its grass roots, yet amid the historic conservative resurgence which gave rise to the Tea Party movement, two dozen counties in Georgia do not have a county GOP. The reasons are varied and complex; there are no simple solutions. But if we are to strengthen our party over the next two years, it will be by reaching out locally – county by county – growing the grass roots base of our party.

In my two terms as a county chair, I changed the way we did business. We relied increasingly on technology, including email, the web, and social media. With creative scheduling, we were able to draw speakers, such as our U.S. Senators, the Governor and other state-wide officials who, for logistical reasons, had often been beyond our reach. We launched events, such as the Red & Black (Georgia-Florida) GOP Shrimp Boil, that appealed not merely to party insiders but also to our broader conservative base. The result was record attendance at many local GOP events.

We learned to use “earned media” to build our local party. As the “voice” of Glynn County GOP for several years, I was able to generate substantial media coverage for our local party – and the candidates and elected Republican officials who attended our events. When we hosted a debate between Ralph Reed and Casey Cagle, for example, the event garnered local, regional and state-wide media coverage. Rolling Stone magazine even sent someone to cover it.

We also emphasized fundraising, creating tiered membership levels – and increasing the top tier from $75 to $1,000 dollars. We established a $75 dollar per plate dinner, and encouraged sales of tables rather than tickets, providing yet another revenue stream. In March, the new leadership of our local GOP inherited approximately $18,000. That may not sound like much in Marietta, or Sandy Springs, but bear in mind that many local GOPs remain dependent on candidate qualifying fees and nominal membership dues to fund their operations.

As Assistant Secretary, I would encourage Georgia GOP to take a more active role – a more supportive role — at the county level. Georgia GOP should expand its excellent training programs, and provide guarantees or seed money for county GOPs to conduct their own fundraisers. At the same time, Georgia GOP must respect the independence of our local GOPs, and recognize that each has its own strengths and challenges. Some counties neither want nor need assistance from Georgia GOP. And as the old saying goes – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

County by county, with your help, we will grow the grassroots base of the Georgia GOP.

Please vote Kevin Gough for Assistant Secretary of Georgia GOP.

Kevin Gough




  1. Charlie says:

    I want to thank Nathan for handling the duites of keeping everyone informed on the upcoming convention, as well as navigating the “but you posted HIS press release” minefield with great neutrality and fairness.

    Some have asked if the front pager contributors will be weighing in on any of the races. I do not intend to, though the others are free to offer their opinions if they so choose. I have some strong feelings on the first Vice Chairman’s race, but those will be kept to myself for now. As for the Chairman’s race, there are three distinct choices of where the party direction may go. I’m interested to see what the delegates decide.

    I’ve been out of town all week and will be traveling again today. Posting from me will remain limited, but with a little luck, I’ll be at the Rookery in Macon this evening at some point. I look forward to seeing some of you….

  2. GAOTPC says:

    Yep, apparently there is a copy of a check floating around out there. It’s one that Tricia Pridemore wrote to the Log Cabin Republicans, a GAY Republican organization, which was written last year just shortly before Gov. Nathan Deal’s election. This is the LAST STRAW! We just cannot accept this as Republicans – NOT someone who writes checks to the gays!

  3. B Balz says:

    As you drink together ask yourselves, “What has the GaGOP done for the ol’ cash taxpayer?”

    Facing still more budget cuts, we gave our leading corporate citizens generous business tax gratuities. We contemplated taxing the stew out of everything from auto repairs to groceries, but not private club memberships. It took a bright new, Rep. Stacey Abrams, (D-Gotta a clue) to flummox The Tax Plan. Yet, Georgia must address it’s structural tax inadequacies.

    Your assignment: Georgia needs more clear thinking, smart, and sensible leaders that are able to stretch beyond Party polemics and resolve revenue issues with Wisdom, Moderation, and Justice.


  4. Thank the LORD this is almost over! I’m all for the use of technology, but Lord have mercy, I’m afraid to answer my cell phone for fear of another robocall. Do they really think we’re that darn dumb? THESE ARE DELEGATES for goodness sakes, people that have skin in the game.

    It is a GREAT time to be a Republican in Georgia. All statewide constitutionally elected offices, both U.S. Senate seats, a majority of the Congressional districts and both the Georgia House and Senate are under the GOP banner. We also have two individuals who are giants in their respective arenas are vying for the highest elected office in the free world.

    For anyone to imply that the GAGOP is broken is not being intellectually honest. As far as the revenue issue, someone is really streeeeettttcccchhhinnnnggg here. Fewer states are as bulldog red as Georgia. I would expect that many of these donors are probably contributing to the many campaigns. I would be interested in seeing a figure based on all the campaign coffers. That would be far more telling.

    I, personally, don’t know the Chairman. I may have met her once at an Party event and probably wouldn’t even be able to point her out in a crowd, same with the staff with the exception of Kevin Harris who I’ve met during the governor’s campaign. I can say that in all of my dealings with the GAGOP they have ALWAYS been accommodating and have provided the information requested in a timely, efficient and a professional manner.

  5. Three Jack says:

    “It is a GREAT time to be a Republican in Georgia.”

    not really. unless republican is now defined as a disjointed, leaderless collection of ego driven politicians who repeatedly put self interest ahead of constituents and the betterment of georgia.

    • I understand what you’re saying. That’s the nature of politics and depravity. However, on the flip side, we still have the opportunity via electoral politics to throw the bums out and replace them. What I don’t see is willing people to get involved to make it work. That’s sheer laziness. We get the government we deserve. The GAGOP has a responsibility to lead the GOP organization, which is my point and they are doing a tremendous job. The rest is left up to us.

      There’s no reason we should have to be satisfied with corrupt self serving politicians. EVERYONE has an adequate set of tools to develop coalitions and get their message out. It is happening like never before. ANYONE can change their respective world. If that is impractical or an impossibility then we’re all screwed. Might as well turn off the lights because the party will be over….

      • Three Jack says:

        well said maurice. i would modify your original statement by saying, ‘it’s a great time to be a conservative in georgia’ because ultimately we will either get the efficient, less expensive government we seek, or it will indeed be time to turn out the lights.

      • B Balz says:

        I agree with your last statement. Though everyone has the tools, not everyone has the know-how to use them. There are folks, albeit a small number, that are though no fault of their own, unable to advocate. It is a problem that I see often, and I DO advocate.

        As to this: “It is a GREAT time to be a Republican in Georgia.”
        I offer: Make it a GREAT time to be a Citizen in Georgia.

        Right now, a lot of people are in a world of hurt. People who have made excellent life choices, have good jobs, and medical insurance. They are facing at the worst, medical bankruptcy, and at best, greatly reduced quality of life, as the cost of their life saving meds exceed $30K-50K per year.

        To say nothing of the scourge that ravishes their bodies.

  6. chefdavid says:

    I had the pleasure to speak with the some of the campaign folks from the Williams-Farmer bus tour in Columbia KY by the pool Wed night. Their take was american doesn’t trust Newt. They had never heard of Herman Cain but looked like they were going to look into him. They think the Gov. from Indiana Mitch Daniels will throw his hat in the ring and be a strong contender. Well off to Macon. See you all there.

  7. SOGTP says:

    Shawn writes; “I also believe that embracing Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment has been just as important as the plan itself.” While I support Shawn I disagree wholeheartily with this statement.

    In the error that Reagan made this commandment the Republican were much more educated and intelligent than we have now. Republicans since 1988 have engaged in Big government, Big taxes, and Big spending, which Reagan also said you can’t be for and still be for the little guy.

    For too long bad Republicans have deflected criticism and the backlash from the party faithful precisely because we don’t purposefully criticize them.

    The GOP in Georgia should and must criticize RINO Republicans and if necessary come out against them in primaries. Exactly what they did to Bennett in Utah.

    In fact, the GOP in Georgia should make the clarion call that Saxby Chambliss will be defeated and receive no support from the Republican Party in 2014.

  8. Three Jack says:

    great timing — governor gets called out by fox5 for paying his daughter-in-law $130k so he schedules a signing ceremony at noon today in order to make hb87 the law of georgia (at least until the injunction is set forth by whichever judge hears the inevitable lawsuit). then he can hightail it to macon and be welcomed by all those blind loyalists who will continue to ignore his financial shenanigans as long as he keeps after the mexicans, gays and baby killers.

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