Governor Deal To Sign HB87, Opposition Groups Declare “Human Rights Summer”

UPDATE: It’s signed and here are some pictures from the AJC.

Governor Deal will sign HB87 the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011” today. I’m told that a small group of protesters have assembled in front of the Capitol. At least one is holding a sign saying “KKK supports HB87.”

Moments ago the Peach Pundit Tip Line received a press release from oppositions groups declaring this summer to be “Human Rights Summer.” These groups are planning protests on May 22nd and July 1st. I was planning to head to the beach but if other folks have other plans that’s cool with me.

Here’s a small bit of the press release:

Georgina Perez, student member of Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance
“We have a right to remain in this state where we have lived, worked, and studied, for some of us, nearly all of our lives. We will not obey a law that is unjust, that is meant to drive out our families and criminalize our community. Just as African Americans resisted unjust Jim Crow and segregation laws in the 1960’s, so will we resist until justice prevails and HB 87, and all anti-immigrant laws, are repealed.”


  1. Three Jack says:

    fox5 i-team reporter dale russell posted this on his fb page — “state patrol refused to let justin gray and I into public press conference by order of governor deal’s staff. 9 capital police and state patrol gaurded doors to Governors office.”

    guess the governor didn’t like dale exposing his latest financial controversy.

  2. ricstewart says:

    And STILL no fiscal note! Remember those campaign promises of fiscal responsibility?
    Guess not.

  3. ricstewart says:

    Meanwhile, less than an hour after HB 87 was signed, we’re already getting reports of potential misuse of E-Verify, even though the E-Verify provisions won’t go into effect yet. Surprise surprise.

  4. benevolus says:

    I think this law is too complicated. We can codify Republican sentiment about illegal immigrants- and criminals in general- with a much simpler law. Something like this:

    “Any criminal or anyone who can’t prove they are not a criminal shall have no more rights than a bag of used kitty litter. “

    • saltycracker says:

      ok – require a valid passport (U.S. & foreign) scanable into a computer base….for everyone….might be a bit touchy to get done but it would be simpler….

  5. Paul Srch says:

    “We will not obey a law that is unjust…”
    Yeah, those darn pesky laws against illegal immigration.

    “So will we resist until justice prevails and HB 87, and all anti-immigrant laws, are repealed.”
    Says the open borders advocate.

    Why is it SO hard for people to understand that breaking the law to get here does NOT grant a free pass to stay here?

  6. Scott65 says:

    Ok all you fiscal conservatives…lets take a step back. What does this law accomplish. It ensures a costly constitutional fight in the courts, a great deal of lost revenue to the state, and private business from the upcoming boycotts (if you’re in the business of conventions even more so), and for what…so a bunch of spoiled brat republicans can thumb their nose at the federal government…na na na boo boo…look what we can do. Its disgusting on so many levels

    • Calypso says:

      You’re right, it will cost the state some money to enforce. Never mind then all you lawbreakers, whether you are burglars, bank robbers, car thieves, Scott65 says it will cost money to apprehend and prosecute you. We’ll stop doing that to save some money, so have at it.

      All you victims of such crimes, please contact Scott65 directly for compensation. Thanks.

      • benevolus says:

        I for one am glad this law passed. That should really end this immigration “problem”. It would suck if we were to suffer consequences and the law didn’t really fix the problem anyway.
        I don’t think anyone will really go to jail, they will all just leave (once the protests are over). And even if they do go to jail, who cares, we have room.

      • Scott65 says:

        Thats BS and you know it. State law does not supersede Federal law. The disgusting part is the guys who voted for it know its not constitutional, and if by some miracle it is…what does it really accomplish that cant be done now? Well, it does accomplish driving dollars out of state, reduces convention business, and it makes us look like a bunch of Yahoos…there is a reason we have a constitution (and not just when it suits us)

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