Peach Pundit Road Show Friday Night at The Rookery in Macon

For those attending the Republican State Convention in Macon, come over and join us for the Peach Pundit Road Show at 6:30 on Friday night (tomorrow) at THE ROOKERY.

The Rookery is at 543 Cherry Street, about two minutes by car from the convention center.

I had to do some research today, testing the Guinness in advance for all of you. It passed, and the place was pretty cool.

It’s an open event, and without you it just won’t be the same. Bring your friends, donors, lobbyists, media folk, operatives, legislators and other assorted entertainers. We’ll start about the same time the official dinner starts, and then be there after. We’ll be in the loft.

Charlie wants me to mention that he looks forward to seeing most of you.

Others, not so much.


    • Calypso says:

      That’s fine and dandy for you chefdavid, but you needn’t tell of your sexual escapades on this blog, but then again, it is the weekend.

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