The Start of a Movement?

The “Sticky Notes Campaign” has apparently made its way to Georgia grocery stores. Originally found on gas pumps, these notes detail President Obama’s policies and offer thoughtful, considered analysis of the effects of those policies on consumers.

Just kidding! They’re actually snarky comments like “How’s that hope and change working out for you?” and “Hope and change at work here. High Prices. Thanks Obama.

Is this a movement, or just littering?

As direct political action goes, it’s pretty clever, and much better than trying to organize say, a letters-to-the-editor campaign.

As the song said, if one person does it, he’s a nut; if three people do it it’s an organization and if fifty people do it it might be a movement. Several bloggers are posting pictures of their notes, the campaign has its own facebook page and anything linked by the mighty Instapundit is probably going to go viral if it hasn’t already.


Anybody seen any of these? Is it a movement, or is it just littering? Because littering could get you a ticket to the Group W bench.


  1. Chris says:

    That’s not new. People were posting Shafer’s number in the beer & wine asile of the Duluth Publix last year during the sunday sales debate.

  2. Toxic Avenger says:

    Every time a Republican blames high gas prices on Obama, I want to punch them in the whatever part of the brain is supposed to remember things. And know about oil production, generally.

    • TA,

      Restricting the production of oil in a stable country does affect gas prices. It does so in a bad way. Continuing to be a barrier to the construction of nuclear power plants, licensing of the drilling for oil and stubbornly burying money in “alternative energy”, which is the modern alchemy, is not helpful.

      Now stand up and punch yourself in the brain.

      • griftdrift says:

        Considering the Obama administration granted the first new license for a nuclear plant in 30 years, I’m curious to know how he’s standing in the way of nuclear.

        • Hi grift,

          I’m afraid I’m looking at it from the perspective of what needs to be done. It’s kind of like the one license to drill issues for the gulf, but having the EPA cancel Shell’s permit elsewhere. And we have folks wanting the Yankee Nuclear Plant taken off-line and being forced to obtain another certificate.

          We also have environmentalist groups, not raising a stink as they have done under Republican administrations. It’s a lot easier now, for that reason. I would definitely like to see more progress than we have made.

    • Ed says:

      So you’d also want to punch Pelosi and pretty much every Dem in 2006 who campaigned on high gas prices and blaming Bush for that in the face?

      • Toxic Avenger says:

        Obviously I’m partisan here, but I do tire of the whole “blame the guy in charge” for high gas prices without an economic basis for doing so. One can argue that, say, Carter had a part in high gas prices just as one can about George Bush. But I don’t think that Obama is responsible for high gas prices. I’d agree he needs to do more with energy policy, but Lord knows that’s like tackling Godzilla. Godzilla with a lot of freaking cash.

    • macho says:

      I don’t blame Obama for high gas prices, but I do think it sheds light on some media bias. A few years ago, when we had high gas prices, it was because of Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and their cozy connections with “big oil.” Now that we have high gas prices under a different Administration, there is no connection made to the White House.

      When a oligopoly controls the majority of the world’s supply, we are subjected to whatever amount of supply they decide to release to the market. Yes, we could drill more, but that big dogs still control the world price by the amount of oil they choose to release.

  3. griftdrift says:

    I find them annoying but in the rankings of things that annoy me, they are below that car I saw yesterday that had 8 Harry Potter bumper stickers.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Let’s revisit the littering and sign ordinances……life’s small annoyances.
    If you throw your garbage in a dumpster the shop keep has options….allow them to take action for post-its…..and keep handbills on windshields off their property……gotta go clean my driveway & mailbox from the days “welcome burglars” trash

  5. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Typical right wingers. Obama has done nothing to cause an increase in fuel costs.

    The problem with you people is a lack of understanding of the term “causality.”

    The market is causing this…not the President. If the president could do something to drive the prices back down to pre-Bush levels he would. Investors, speculators, and oil companies are banking off of this and none of you want to admit that the market is at fault.

    The market cares about one thing: profits. It does not care about you, your family, your bank accounts, etc. Problem is…the fanatical right wing thinks 200 year old economic theory (not science) has even applied. Supply has not changed over the past 5 months…and demand has not changed significantly. No government policy regulating the oil/gas (or energy market at large) markets has been put in effect nor have those on the books changed. Not even the regional instability has interrupted output.

    Efficient/optimal allocation of resources and pricing of commodities is something that right-wing market fundamentalists believe (but have no proof for). Efficient allocation, pricing, etc…what do these thing say about justice, freedom, democracy? Nothing. They are incomplete.

    furthermore, had President Obama done anything to lower prices you people would still hate him and call him a socialist… Because he is not a conservative republican…principles do not matter to you people.

    • Goldwater Conservative says:

      This just in:

      Mitt Romney sort of agrees with Obama on energy. He tip-toed around his remarks…but he blames speculation as well.

      That being said, his criticism of Obama, if you can really call it criticism, is that the administration is not “in-bed-enough” with the oil industry.

    • Quantitative Easing. The dollar is now at its weakest in 3 years and gold just hit an all-time high against the dollar. Weak dollar equals higher prices.

      For the record, how do you know what other people feel about President Obama? Are you projecting your own possible hatred of conservatives onto those same conservatives?

  6. saltycracker says:

    Sen. Tom Price:
    Ever-Increasing Gas Prices are the Result of Failed Washington Policies

    Gas prices have been on the rise since President Obama took office. In recent weeks, the national average has reached near record highs, having a devastating effect on American families and businesses alike. Policies put in place by the Obama administration have stalled American energy production – diminishing exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and costing Americans as many as 12,000 jobs already. These regulatory roadblocks have become the trademark of this White House and are an affront to businesses and families struggling through a sluggish economic recovery. The administration should act immediately to remove these barriers to American-made energy and pursue an all-of-the-above strategy.
    And here are some campaign clips where Obama, Pelosi & H. Clinton blamed Bush for high gas prices which were $1.87 @ gal. when O took over.
    Followed by some current news clips from mainstream media saying oil at $4.00 plus @ gal. might be a good thing & is saving lives:

    • analogkid says:

      “near record highs”

      The record high was recorded in July 2008 at $4.12/ gallon. I forgot who was president then though.

        • analogkid says:

          I didn’t blame Bush then, and I don’t blame Obama now. Free markets and all that…

          If we’re going to go down this road though, I hope you’ll agree that we need to adjust for inflation. 🙂

          • If we had a free market, you’d be right. The ICC alone prevents that from ever being true – even in commodities, such as wheat.

            Inflation is a normal state that occasionally happens in a growing economy. Quantitative Easing is neither normal nor smart.

            Then, there are energy sector policies that are detrimental to supply and demand. BTW, when an oil company spends millions of dollars to explore and to get a drilling permit, then the federal government stops it at the end of the process, the consumer is who will eat those wasted costs.

            I’m not saying oil companies are saints, but the government is a demon with a monopoly.

            • Oh, and there were SIX years when Republicans could have done something about our approach to energy – we failed to do so. We’re a part of the problem.

            • benevolus says:

              The consumer always pays. It’s the only money there is, isn’t it? Anything that costs money, anything that has to be paid for, ultimately gets paid for by consumers. There is no one else.

            • analogkid says:


              Not arguing with you (not yet anyway), but you’re going to need to explain how (or provide a source that explains how) the ICC affects oil prices. I’m not seeing the connection. Educate me.

              Also, inflation has happened almost every year, ever. I can provide a source if need be.

              Finally, I agree that oil companies are not saints, but they are good at consistently making money, which is why I own oil stock despite my distaste for the industry.

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