Meet Your New USG Chancellor

If you haven’t heard by now, sitting University System of Georgia Chancellor Erroll B. Davis is retiring effective June 30 of this year.

Jim Galloway is reporting that Governor Deal has found his replacement: Rep. Hank Huckaby (R – Watkinsville) will be replacing Chancellor Davis.

Rumor has it that Rep. Huckaby was approached by Governor Deal and Speaker Ralston to be the candidate as someone who could mend fences between the legislature and Board of Regents.  He was asked to put his name into the hat , and apparently the Regents were convinced to let him be the new chancellor.  There will be a special election called to fill Rep. Huckaby’s soon-to-be vacated 113th District seat.  Rumor also has it that Bob Smith will be seeking to fill the 113th District House seat.

Congratulations to Rep. Huckaby.  I hope that he can continue to move the university system forward and build a better relationship between them and the legislature and governor.



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