Georgia Allows Medical Marijuana? And Has Since The Early 80’s?

Leave it to our good friends at Creative Loafing to uncover this one:

Also in 1981, the Georgia Legislature passed the “Medical Marijuana Necessities Act,” which mandated the creation of a state-run program through which qualified cancer and glaucoma patients would receive prescriptions of cannabis sativa.


On March 24, the state medical board oh-so-quietly issued a call for applicants — five doctors in various fields and one pharmacist — to be named to a reformed PQRB. Once that body is in place, perhaps within six months, Cornwell predicts that opening the door officially to widespread use of medical marijuana will be a no-brainer.

“Once the board reviews the past 30 years of studies that have been done, we’d expect them to recommend allowing medical marijuana to be used for a variety of ailments,” he says.

Head on over to Creative Loafing for the rest of the history of the bill, and the problems with implementation in its current form.  Then come back here to watch Harry’s head asplode in the comments section.


  1. B Balz says:

    Seems odd to talk about legalizing dope over here and addressing gang violence over there. “It’s your world, Boss. I just live in it.”

      • Goldwater Conservative says:

        Well, decriminalizing pot would end its role as a major source of financing for organized crime. That and it is not a carcinogen.

  2. So many reasons to legalize all forms of cannabis sativa, but so little time to address them. From industrial hemp production to the fact that fewer people have died from using marijuana in the last 100 years than the number of people that died from the effects of cigarettes in just the past year. From taking away the product that funds drug cartels and gangs to the fact that marijuana has been shown to have positive medicinal benefits.

    I don’t smoke marijuana, though I’ve tried it in the past. It’s just not my kinda thing. I know plenty of people who do smoke it on a regular basis and could get my hands on some pretty darn quickly if I wanted it. Like it or not, it is fairly abundant. Prohibition didn’t work with alcohol and it will never work with marijuana. Legalize the freaking plant already and quit spending my tax dollars arresting people for simple possession of a substance that isn’t harming anyone.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      Don’t worry, I’m sure someone is already putting together a bill to dismantle or repeal this “Medical Marijuana Necessities Act” as soon as the legislature comes back for redistricting. There will be no debate, and it will pass overwhelmingly.

      Because they’re idiots.

  3. Baker says:

    I think I had a “headline” tagged about this in regards to that story about some judge who was busted for pot use and claimed it was for medical reasons. I was wondering how he could’ve even claimed that unless this was already on the books.

    • I’m told “back pain” is the now the biggest medical problem in California. I think you can pretty much get diagnosed and get a prescription in a drive thru lane.

    • Goldwater Conservative says:

      Does that really surprise you? Newt Gingrich doing and saying anything to win an election?

  4. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Despite the mass support you all know that evangelical fascists and pharmaceutical company lobbyists will derail this.

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