Dick Yarbrough Gives Awards To “Brave Public Servants”

Check out Dick Yarborough’s column this week.  He’s got a few awards of merit from the 2011 session of the Georgia General Assembly, including:

The Look-Ma-No-Heads Award is given to the Gang of Eight or Seven or Six — I can never keep up with cabals — who took over leadership (insert joke here) of the Senate and managed to distinguish themselves by doing absolutely nothing but bicker. They even embarrassed the House of Representatives and that’s hard to do.

The Rodney Dangerfield I-Get-No-Respect Award goes to Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers. This award was much debated by the judges because Rodney Dangerfield had a sense of humor. Not Mr. Rogers.
Other awardees include Casey Cagle for the “Titanic Award” for career achievement – or at least trajectory, George Hooks for living with gnats while remaining a Democrat, and even a nice word or two about a couple of folks that seemed to do OK the last 40 days.


  1. Dickson says:

    for all that the GA Legislature got done — what would we have lost if they had simply stayed home? — and think of the money our State would have saved

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