Karen Handel Now Senior VP For Public Policy With Susan G Komen For The Cure

Congratulations are in order for former Secretary of State Karen Handel for her new position as Senior Vice-President For Public Policy of the Susan G Komen organization.

WASHINGTON D.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, announced today that it has appointed Karen Handel to serve as senior vice president of public policy. 

Ms. Handel is a well-known and experienced policy maker, having held various positions in government at the local, state and federal level. Most recently, she was the Secretary of State for the state of Georgia, where she had oversight of 400 employees, responsible for overseeing elections, corporations, securities and professional licensing boards. 

In her role at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Ms. Handel will be responsible for leading the organization’s federal and state advocacy efforts, including management of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Advocacy Alliance. Ms. Handel has been working with Komen as a consultant for advocacy since January and with this appointment now officially joins the staff. She will be based out of Komen’s Washington, D.C. office.

As I have written before, getting to know Karen and Steve was one of the true bright spots of the last campaign cycle.  I’ll also state that based on my time in and around politics and politicians, you can learn a lot more about a person’s true self after a loss than you ever will after a win.  I remain proud to call Karen and Steve friends, who continue to reside in the Atlanta area despite the location of Karen’s new office.

Please join me in congratulating Karen on her new role.


  1. NoTeabagging says:

    Congrats to Karen for working with this fine organization. I hope she can finally put her talents and ambitions to good use.I know several friends that do the 3 day every year.

    I do regret that she supported Deal after the primary. Nathan’s personal attacks against Karen were vile and unnecessary. I wish she had showed some spine and said NO to an endorsement for him. Instead, she sucked up to him for ‘the good of the party’. Must be some mighty strong Kool-Aid.

    • gopgal says:

      Interesting that you thought Handel supported Deal as most felt her endorsement of him was tepid at best.

      • NoTeabagging says:

        Gopal, glad to know that is the more enduring memory. I only remember her supporting Deal as a faithful party member.

    • saltycracker says:

      Not sure the RINO label goes with (R) Komen supporters….Below from Wikipedia makes one wonder, who is “using” who….

      Grants to Planned Parenthood:
      The Susan G. Komen organization allows their affiliates to award grants to Planned Parenthood and other clinics. This partnership has garnered criticism from some pro-life advocates because Planned Parenthood also provides abortion and birth control services.[35] Komen says their affiliates provide funds for screening, education and treatment programs in dozens of communities in which Planned Parenthood is the only place that poor, uninsured or under-insured women can receive these services

      • Bill30097 says:

        money is fungible and Planned Parenthood lies about what they spend money on. Also, wikipaedia is not a serious source for anything political.

    • KD_fiscal conservative says:

      Dear Bill,

      Your mental retardation level has been upgraded from imbecile to a full blown idiot.

      Sincerly, KD

  2. Gerald says:


    Quit being a stinking hypocrite. The GOP is nothing but a bunch of liars on the abortion issue and you know it. Ronald Reagan signed the nation’s most liberal pro-abortion law as governor of California, and as president, despite a huge “pro-life” majority in the Senate and a 4-4 margin on abortion on the Supreme Court appointed TWO pro-abortion judges, O’Connor and Kennedy, resulting in a 6-3 pro-abortion margin that has remained the same ever since. The GOP does nothing but take money and votes from social conservatives only to not only refuse to do squat on their agenda, but they sit and watch while the social liberal agenda gets passed year after year. They’ll shut down the government over tax cuts for the rich and spending cuts that mostly impacts services that affects poor people, but do the same over stopping abortion or gay marriage or getting a comprehensive school choice program that doesn’t force private schools to abide by Department of Education strings that turn “private” schools into the same secular humanist institutions as public schools? Please … as if.

    Look, Bill30097. Planned Parenthood was federally funded under Ronald Reagan. It was federally funded under George H. W. Bush. It was federally funded under George W. Bush. It was federally funded under Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott. It was federally funded under Denny Hastert and Bill Frist, and this was when the GOP controlled the White House AND both branches of Congress for 4 years, when they could have passed a law forbidding federal money from going to abortion that would have NEVER been overturned because the GOP and southern Democrats would have filibustered it in the Senate (we hope). And now it is being federally funded under Boehner.

    Quit being another fraud. You guys just use abortion to go after politicians you don’t like. Nathan Deal was pro-abortion back when he was a Democrat. He claimed to be pro-life when switching parties because you have to in order to get elected in this state as a GOPer (except for those who live in Atlanta-DeKalb). But in his long career in the House, Deal didn’t do SQUAT on abortion or any other social issue. The guy was in Washington when Hastert, Frist and Bush FAILED to do a thing to stop the money going to Planned Parenthood. And you want to call Handel the RINO? Ha!

    You are just using the abortion issue against Handel because she isn’t part of your good ole boy network like Newt Gingrich (who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on abortion in his career in the House) and Mike Huckabee (what did he do to stop abortions during the 12 years as governor of Arkansas). Sadie Fields and company have been trying to get EFFECTIVE pro-life legislation through the Georgia legislature for over 20 years, and all you hypocrites, frauds, liars and thieves do is bottle it up in committee because they are too cowardly to take a vote on it and let their supporters know that they have been stealing money and votes from them all these years. But these same folks who refuse to even allow a vote on a real pro-life bill passed Sunday sales by a huge margin, and were perfectly willing to pass a tax reform bill that ended deductions for charitable contributions, right?

    Please. If you aren’t willing to acknowledge that the GOP is just as pro-abortion as the Democrats – and they merely lie about it – and that the religious right has just been a play by dishonest people for money, power and votes the past 30 years, then go crawl back under your dark, slime covered rock. I supported Handel because at least she wasn’t going to LIE about supporting the pro-life agenda like everybody else. Given the choice between someone openly pro-abortion an someone who lies about it, I’ll take the honest man (or woman) over the liar any day of the week.

    The truth is that in 30 years of the conservative revolution, only a few states have made an honest attempt to curb abortion at the state level … Mississippi, Idaho and a couple of others. You guys are a bunch of frauds and liars on this issue – and other social issues in general – and need to be exposed for what you are.

  3. Bill30097 says:

    Gerald, You idiot. I spoke on my own behalf. I am a Conservative and do not defend the Republican party yet you go off on this childish tirade as if I was a Republican party official.

  4. Bucky Plyler says:

    So, Gerald, there is much to agree with you about. What do you suggest should be done? Vote for people who don’t lie, who don’t support life issues, who have exceptions, etc. ? In my book, Handel falls into this category and that’s why I didn’t vote for her.

    It’s one thing to point out the truth & name hypocrits. It’s another thing to do something about them & the issue.

  5. AlanR says:

    Good for Karen. I wish her and her husband all the best. I’m sorry to see she will be based in Washington. I wish she was staying in Georgia. I hope she doesn’t get sucked into the DC culture that has turned so many republicans to mush.

    • Don’t worry, Alan–they claim that she will continue to “reside” in Georgia.

      That is, unless the Maryland Republican Party offers her something more substantial. She’d be a better fit with them anyway.

  6. Lady Thinker says:


    Congratulations, you deserve this opportunity. If you need an assistant, I am available.

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