Senate Caucus Meets To Consider A Reverse Vascetomy

Just before this session of the General Assembly began, the Senate Republican caucus met in Macon and effectively neutered the Lieutenant Governor with a “power sharing” arrangement that didn’t really share much power with him.  The descriptive term accepted around the Capitol was that Cagle had been “neutered”.

The Republican caucus has just met during a legislative day in a “contentious” meeting to debate whether the procedure needs to be reversed.

There will be a vote on a Senate rule tomorrow that the Senate failed to “engross” earlier today.  Jim Galloway has excellent details, as usual.  Updated with more details in this post by Jim.

The infighting among top Senators has been barely hidden from public view, when hidden at all. In the last few weeks, a few of the matches have spilled into the open. Freshmen and Senators with lower seniority have begun to discuss forming their own caucus within the caucus, and given their numbers, could actually lead the Senate if they were able to execute such a plan.

Today’s vote, however, was orchistrated by the Lieutenant Governor and at least one member of the Committee On Assignments that was not one of his two appointees. Much to the chagrin of some caucus members, it appears that Democratic support was sought as a basis for the rule change prior to most caucus members being informed of the potential reverse coup.

I’m told that right now the votes don’t appear to be there for the Lt. Gov, but that the situation remains “very fluid”. A lot can happen between today’s meeting and tomorrow’s vote, and it probably will.

….AND as I type, the House has just changed their adjournment resolution, where they will not meet tomorrow but instead meet again Monday. Not sure if that buys time for the Senate or not, but the thought of this being what is occupying Senate attention on day 38 will probably be used against the leaders of the coup for some time to come. Thus, there’s the possiblity of calling for a vote as early as this afternoon, to finish this once and for all. Until it comes up again.


  1. rebelyelp says:

    Which freshman Republican senator told Deal they would pass a sales tax on grocercies and let him veto it if they wanted?

    Conservatives are using recent electoral gains to accomplish some great things around the country this year — school vouchers in Indiana for example — but not here in Georgia. These guys are focused on themselves not on getting Georgia moving by cutting spending, lowering taxes, and expanding freedom.

  2. Bloodhound says:

    Yes, the President Pro Tem was so focused on making it legal to shoot a deer with its head in a bucket of corn today that he may have taken his eyes off his throne just long enough for someone to root him out of it!

    I do hope so!

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