Sunday sales headed to the Senate floor

SB 10, legislation that would allow local communities to vote on whether or not to allow Sunday alcohol sales, has cleared the Senate Rules Committee and will get an up or down vote tomorrow on the floor:

A bill that could allow the sale of alcohol in stores on Sundays will get a long-awaited vote in the Georgia Senate Wednesday, and supporters and opponents are feverishly lining up commitments from lawmakers.

The Senate Rules Committee today added the bill to the list of 50 measures that will be considered by the full Senate.

Sen. John Bulloch, R-Ochlocknee, the bill’s sponsor, said he isn’t sure of the outcome of the vote.

“There will be some red votes and some green votes,” Bulloch said. “I have no idea.”

Those that would restrict your personal choice to buy a perfectly legal product are actively working to kill this measure. I suggest you start calling Senators and politely ask them to support SB 10.


  1. Brenda says:

    Georgians for Sunday alcohol sales FB Group will be at the Capitol tomorrow to speak to our Senators, watch the debate and the vote on SB 10.

    SB 10 is about LOCAL CONTROL and sale of a legal product 7 days a week.

  2. SmyrnaSAHM says:

    Here’s an excerpt from the note I wrote my Senator (who is in favor of the bill):

    “I maintain that those who allege that supporters of Sunday sales are little more than heathens with time-management issues are clearly not the ones responsible for their family’s grocery shopping. Thus, it’s arguable that a vote *against* Sunday sales is, in fact, a vote against all the worthy housewives in this great state, doing their best for home and hearth.

    “Plus, I’m Catholic. I drink wine every Sunday at church. So why shouldn’t I be able to run into Publix on the way home to buy a bottle to share with friends and family (above age 21, of course) at Sunday dinner?”

    I’ll note here that I have a fairly genial relationship with my Senator, so the tone of my note isn’t (too) inappropriate.

  3. Harry says:

    Laws and public policy should not further facilitate destructive behavior, just in order to stay friendly with the liquor industry.

      • John Vestal says:

        You are correct, Harry. The law should be allowing me to do my driving after I drink on Sundays, rather than encouraging me to do the drinking first.

    • Laws and public policy should not further facilitate destructive behavior, just in order to stay friendly with the gun, beef, knife, and other industries either then, right?

    • “Laws and public policy should not further facilitate destructive behavior…” Then you DO admit to be against prohibition of any kind…. πŸ˜‰

      Joking aside, the natural state is for things are to be “legal”… governments don’t make them so. They can only make them illegal… thus, initiating the most destructive behavior in history, tyranny. (granted, governments can and should reverse themselves as in this case, SB10).

      Harry, I’m with you if you want to hold people accountable for their own bad behavior against others… but the self-responsible “rest of us” should not be held accountable for other people’s bad behavior… especially not pre-emptively. If you follow that logic, you might as well just go ahead and lock everyone up for crimes that they (or others) might commit in the future if given the opportunity to do so…. do this and we’d all be safe, right?

  4. Jas says:

    FYI – The liquor industry and associated groups are not the ones pushing this legislation. Hell, they want to maintain their government mandated day off, thus restricting the free market.

    • Harry says:

      Maybe the package stores are against it, but be assured the booze distributors, supermarkets and convenience stores are lobbying hard for it.

      • As are private citizens who simply don’t want certain beliefs shoved down our throats and the ability to purchase a product that is legal the other six days of the week.

        • Harry says:

          You’re confusing “beliefs” with “marketing”. It just depends on whose propaganda you choose to believe. Personally, I choose to “believe” that society in the form of government should have a bigger educational and protective role to play than the marketing propaganda of the poison sellers.

          • Jas says:

            Harry – would you be oppose to outlawing sales of Cool Ranch Doritos on Thursday. They really have no good place in society and contribute to death through obesity, heart disease, and other weight related ailments. Why just stop at alcohol?

  5. analogkid says:

    As I see it, there are only three intellectually honest solutions to this issue: (1) Legalize Sunday package sales. (2) Make all alcohol sales on Sunday illegal, including restaurants and bars. Or (3), raise the legal limit for DUI on Sunday only, so as to accommodate those that are forced by law to drive to a bar or restaurant on Sunday in order to get a beer.

    I prefer number (1) myself, but I’m OK with any of the above. πŸ™‚

    • or (4) force those who are opposed to Sunday alcohol sales to be designated drivers so that those of us who want to drink on Sunday can go out to the bar and drink without having to drive. πŸ™‚

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