It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

Sunday Sales advocates rejoice.  The Senate Republican caucus has just voted and SB 10 will be allowed out of Rules and will be voted on as a stand alone bill, not as an amendment to SB 150, on Wednesday.

There are some technical corrections that need to be made to SB 10, so expect amendments.  I would envision the amendment process to get quite lively.  If you enjoy good political theater, get down to the Capitol early Wednesday, and bring a Costco sized tub of popcorn.


    • Charlie says:

      Now you’re just getting greedy.

      But the start stop restriction’s wording, as I understand it, has problems in that it sets mandatory sales times for jurisdictions that allow the sale, not a window of allowed sales.

      There’s also an issue of no repeal clause, though local sales referendums have repeal paths. Thus, if a county/municipality voted to go dry, they apparently would still be required to sell on Sunday under existing language.

      Unless these are/were fixed in committee (they weren’t during the first pass thru Slo Go), there will need to be amendments. And once you start amending….

  1. Calypso says:

    I predict one of the amendments offered is to allow Sunday Sales as long as there is no alcohol in the beer, wine, & booze.

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