HOPE Proposal to be Unveiled Today

As reported here, Governor Deal will be at Georgia State University this morning to announce proposed plans and changes regarding the HOPE Scholarship.

In all likelihood, decoupling the amount of money students from received from HOPE will be included in his proposal. A low- or no-interest loan program is also expected to be proposed by the General Assembly to make up for the award losses in the face of tuition increases.

Additionally, it’s expected that Pre-K school days will be cut by about 2 and 1/2 hours.

The HOPE fund is facing a massive shortfall and tough times, such as these, require tough decisions. Keep all of that in mind as the details become more clear. I’m hoping to see an elimination of funding for remedial classes.

More on this as more details are released.


  1. SOGTP says:

    Government subsidies for college only drives up the cost. If the schools had to compete for paying students they would drive down their costs and actually teach something.

    • KD_fiscal conservative says:

      Government subsidies for _____only drives up the cost. If the ____had to compete for paying ____they would drive down their costs ……unconstitutional [no need to think, just fill in blank with any thing]

      There Bill now you don’t have to say anything else, this universally applicable statement can be applied

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