It’s Really, Really Dead. Again.

Let me quote from a classic, with Sunday Sales as the Wicked Witch of the East (and the bane of the Senate’s existance):

As mayor of the Munchkin City
In the county of the land of Oz
I welcome you most regally

But we’ve got to verify it legally
To see…

To see…

If she…

If she…

Is morally, ethically

(Munchkin 1)
Spiritually, physically

(Munchkin 2)
Positively, absolutely

(Munchkin Men)
Undeniably and reliably dead!

As Coroner, I thoroughly examined her
And she’s not only merely dead,
She’s really most sincerely dead

It didn’t have a House fall on it.  It had a Senate cave.  Regardless, the votes aren’t there, so no one will be on record this year.

Grieve as you will, but we’ve wasted enough pixels on this one, AGAIN, this year.   The can is kicked down the road, the issue, unresolved.

Time to have your favorite Senator start answering tough questions on water, transportation, education, HOPE, and the budget.

My guess is they’ll respond with Guns, anti-gambling, and implanted microchips.

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.


  1. Jeff says:

    At least two Senators haven’t been primaried since 2004 when they first won election. Theese two currently sit on about $120K between them, and one of them actually LOST his initial Primary 40/27/19/14. He won the runoff that year with the same percentage the other won the Primary outright – 54/46.

    These two? Cecil Staton and… Judson Hill.

    That’s right, THAT Judson Hill who “opposes” Sharia law, then SUPPORTS it in the very next breath.

    Still gathering data for everyone else. If anyone wants to help, the link to the Google Spreadsheet is on the Georgians for Sunday Sales FB page.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      Judson Hill was primaried last election by Lynda Coker. And again either 2 or 4 years before that; Levy, I forget her first name though. I don’t know how he keeps winning?

      • Jeff says:

        I stand corrected. I was inputting data from 2008-2004 on Hill last night. He did get primaried last year and won 63/37.

        That said, 75% of *his* primary voters (not just statewide) are at odds with him on this issue, so it could be a GREAT one to primary him on and use to illustrate his across the board hypocrisy.

          • Jeff says:

            Who said anything about giving up on running LP candidates? I intend to run MORE LP candidates. I just have some other ideas about how to get it done. As others have said, I’m tired of sitting back waiting on ballot access to happen. If the Big Government Party won’t give me equal ballot access, I’ll start running my guys under their banner, and have them switch when they win.

              • No lies needed… tell them you’re running as a Republican because to run as a Libertarian, you’d have to get 5% of the registered voters’ signatures. You’re just working the system, playing their game… that’s all.

                • You would never be able to inform the entire electorate of what you’re doing and some folks would still pull the lever believing they were voting for a republican and not someone who was going to switch parties immediately afterwards. Also, you would have to lie in order to sign the oath during qualifying.

                  • Jeff says:

                    You mean the oath that is more than likely unconstitutional to begin with?

                    Somehow I didn’t see you putting up such a fuss when Bob Hanner, Amy Carter, Mike Cheokas, and the others switched from the Party THEY had been voted in under…

                    hypocrite. (But hey, you’re a Republican, so I repeat myself.)

                    • If they ran as a Democrat knowing and planning to switch then yes they were dishonest. Also, I’m not saying that one should not be able to switch, I’m just saying that the plan of attack you and David outlined is dishonest and misleading to the voters.

                    • Oh, please. If people researched the candidates they voted for, history would be a lot different. However, you know as well as I do that many people vote based upon the letter beside someone’s name… Satan could run as a Republican in this state and win.

              • Jeff says:

                Who said I was just targeting Republicans? I’ve got a few friends who could do GREAT in Democratic primaries, which is perfect because that is EXACTLY the district they live in.

                Big Government Party = “both” Republicans “and” Democrats.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      You may have been looking at Jack Hill, who is a grandmaster Chess player compared to Judson Hill’s master checkers player.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      I do believe this sequence of the movie happened after the first witch – Wicked Witch of the East – was flattened by the house Dorothy rode in on. Kind of what I would like to happen to the political careers of those cowards who preach less government control, but cave when one little group opposes their plan – even when data backs up the support in the first place.

      • Charlie says:

        You are correct sir. I have corrected the ID of the proper witch at the beginning of the post. Though for this comparison, maybe Sunday Sales should be the Wicked Witch of the Southeast.

        • Ahh, I guess it’s just been too long since I’ve watched the Wizard of Oz… it hasn’t really been on my playlist in quite some time. With a little one on the way, I’m sure I’ll be watching it at some point in the next few years…

          • Gary Cooper says:

            No problem. I have it on DVD and with kids, you will get a lot of play with it. Congrats on the little one btw.

          • Jeff says:

            ok, what is this with seemingly every male LP official that doesn’t yet have kids suddenly having them on the way – except me? bah!

            • Jeff – it certainly wasn’t planned. We weren’t planning on having kids for another couple of years… when the farm was a bit further along than it currently is. Apparently the flying spaghetti monster had other plans. 😉

  2. Three Jack says:

    “My guess is they’ll respond with Guns, anti-gambling, and implanted microchips.”

    you left out gay bashing and abortion.

  3. Calypso says:

    I emailed Senators Hill and Seabaugh this morning expressing my dismay at things up ’til then. Hill has invited me to call him to discuss this issue, but I guess it’s a moot point now. Still think I’ll call, though. You know, it’s the principle of the thing that bugs me the most. Not the fact that it involves purchasing alcohol.

    I’d like to think that if there was a a law prohibiting the sale of dog food on Sunday which was based on some folks’ religious tenets (or lack of guts to stand up to those pushing said tenants) that we would still be just as vehement with our protestations. I take strong exception with folks purporting to know how best I should handle my personal affairs, and buying dog food on Sundays is one of those.

    • I for one haven’t given up yet. Call Chip Rogers at 404-463-1378 and ask him to be a REAL leader and bring SB-10 to the floor for a vote. Between Democrats and Republicans, the bill will pass.

  4. B Balz says:

    As harry mentioned yesterday, take the oppo view of almost whatever PeachPundit posters postulate, and you’ll have what lawmakers do.

    Somebody has a bigger scorecard….

  5. So, I expect that the Christian Coalition, David Shafer, and the rest of the big-government Republicans under the gold dome will shortly be introducing a bill requiring all businesses to close on Sundays. Christians who would be offended that I’m buying beer or liquor on a Sunday would be just as offended that the cashier I’m buying it from is working on the Lord’s day, a day that is commanded to be a day of rest. Why isn’t the Christian Coalition leading the charge on this issue?

    (feel free to substitute “Saturday” for “Sunday” depending on your favorite flavor of religion)

    • Calypso says:

      Can I hear an Amen for Robbie’s post? But keep in mind, we aren’t that far removed from the blue laws that did exactly what Robbie mentions here facetiously.

    • kdoc says:

      That actually gets to why I think they should legalize Sunday alcohol sales. As a Christian, I do believe in the sanctity of Sunday as the Lord’s Day, and I believe that an ideal society would have no Sunday sales of any kind. (I’m not trying to open up that whole area for debate here…). But if we’re not going to make all sales illegal on Sunday, I can see no reason whatsoever to single out alcohol sales – if the stores are going to be open, it’s inconsistent to restrict WHAT they can sell.

    • kdoc says:

      That actually gets to why I think they should legalize Sunday alcohol sales. As a Christian, I do believe in the sanctity of Sunday as the Lord’s Day, and I believe that an ideal society would have no Sunday sales of any kind. (I’m not trying to open up that whole area for debate here…). But if we’re not going to make all sales illegal on Sunday, I can see no reason whatsoever to single out alcohol sales – if the stores are going to be open, it’s inconsistent to restrict WHAT they can sell. It’s no more immoral to sell beer than it is to sell dog food, paper towels, or shoes.

  6. Three Jack says:

    georgia legislators put the laugh in laughingstock.

    really? you can’t even pass this simple piece of legislation because you are scared of the bible thumping brigade? 20 years from now, georgians will look back at this group of legislators and wonder how the hell we survived as a state.

    • That’s a pretty big assumption there, Three Jack.

      If these jokers are too chickensh!t (looking at you Shafer) to have an up or down vote on something like this, regardless of the votes outcome, then how the heck are they going to grow a pair big enough to tackle important issues, like the budget, HOPE, transportation….answer: They’re not. They will punt on those issues as well.

      So, don’t just go an assume that we will survive as a state. Because, there’s a lot of punting for these Senators still to do.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      What this boils down to is the rest of the caucus taking a collective hit to avoid their rural members having to face primary challenges from CC-backed social conservatives opposed to the Sunday Sales bill. The metro members, whose constituents would have no problem voting for them again should they support SB 10, are rolling over for their rural buddies.

      This is why we need legislative term limits, people.

      • Charlie says:

        You’re ignoring at least two metro area Republicans whose constituents want this, but are keeping it from a vote to appease social conservative groups that they will one day need to further their higher ambitions.

        • Gary Cooper says:

          Yeah, but Schafer is taking a beating on his FB page because of this. What good would running for statewide office in 2014 be if you lose your Senate seat in 2012?

          • CobbGOPer says:

            Which is why he wants to kill this before it gets to a floor vote: so he won’t be on the record one way or another…

            Plausible deniability.

            • Tiberius says:

              Somone needs to point black ask him in front of a room of people.

              He is speaking at the Fulton GOP breakfast this Saturday. Someone needs to stand and ask him the question “do you support this bill,” If this bill comes to the floor as is will you support it,” “did you vote for this bill getting to the floor in the Caucus vote” “If you were a member of Rules would you support its pathway to the Senate floor,” “If almighty God asked you if you favor this bill, what would you say,” etc…

              Props are good. Pull out a copy of the bill itself place it in front og him on a table or podium and ask him, “do you support this.”

        • CobbGOPer says:

          Hey Charlie, I know Shafer has hopes for the LG office. You mention “at least two.” Who would the other be? Surely not Chip Rogers. If you say Seabaugh, I may have to quit my job to campaign full time against him.

          • Charlie says:

            See below on Chip. It’s no secret that he has higher aspirations, but he was pushing this from within. He takes a bigger hit now for it not passing than he probably would have had it passed.

            I was specifically referring to Judson Hill, who was a candidate for Attorney General for a week or so, unofficially, but has had designs on moving up somewhere. East Cobb/North Fulton aren’t exactly enclaves of prohibition (neither is Duluth), so Shafer and Hill weren’t voting with their constituents, in my opinion.

            Seabaugh has had occasional thoughts of moving up. He was considering LG when Casey was a candidate for Governor, and he occasionally will mention he’s looking at replacing Westmoreland one day. I’ve never discussed either with him, and have no idea what his current career outlook is these days.

            But, Seabaugh probably does have more of a “split district” on the issue than Shafer and Hill. I wouldn’t say any motivation in a non-vote was for future office, though this morning when we talked, he was insistant he wanted a vote – just on a different bill than the one on the table.

  7. Harry says:

    Is this thing really dead? Well, if my senator David Shafer had anything to do with it, he has my continued strong support but I would support the man one way or the other.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      Good to know you don’t love freedom or liberty. Then again, you probably understand very little of the concepts in the first place.

        • If it doesn’t end up passing this year, it will be back next year… and on and on until it does pass. We won’t stop pushing for legalization until we have our freedom.

          • Lady Thinker says:

            There was this similar argument back in the sixties when businesses were closed on Sunday, you know, Rich’s, Macy’s, Penneys, Sears, Belks, etc. The bible thumpers fought that tooth and nail because Sunday was God’s day and people should do all shopping on the six days.

            Now, nobody gives seven days of shopping a second thought. I can see some future date when Sunday sales will be as common as malls being open on Sunday.

            Are you old enough to remember that Harry?

    • Charlie says:

      Chip will take a lot of the fall, but from those I’m speaking with, he was at least sincerely trying to move it to a vote, and ultimately, passage.

      But as predicted, there are inherent problems with running a legislative body by committee. If 8 people are in charge, then no one is in charge. One person will take point on an issue, only to be undercut by his “friends” looking to increase their position in the pecking order.

      The result of this episode is an early display that there is a lack of trust in the Senate, and it now grows bigger. And as the Senators grow further skeptical of each other, Ralston and the House understand that negotiating with any Senator on any issue is pointless.

      In the grand scheme, Sunday Sales isn’t that big of a factor. Yet, what it revealed about our current situation in the general assembly should serve as a huge warning shot when the big ticket items come down the tracks soon.

      Corrective action is required immediately.

  8. Rick Day says:

    Wonder how much tax revenue the state just lost. Shoot, wait until we resurrect the medical marijuana tax issue. Controversy with tax money, yowsah!

    • sunkawakan says:

      Oh, come on. When someone suggesting increasing the tobacco tax, Chip Rogers said it would increase marijuna use among our youth.

  9. Bucky Plyler says:

    This comment may (just maybe) have been blocked earlier due to concerns of civility……AIRBALL !!!

  10. A Fly on the Wall says:

    Tom Crawford posted an interesting fact in his Georgia Report today on how Shafer has blocked Sunday Sales legislation in his committee previously and then solicited contributions from those who want it passed. Ditto for utilites.

    When is anyone gonna see the teflon man for what he is? Not here apparently.

  11. A Fly on the Wall says:

    Note to David Shafer:

    When your statewide aspirations come to fruition, you can be assured that I will do my best to remind every working mom whose only day to shop is Sunday that YOU are the reason that the male dominated Republicans in the Senate want to remind you to plan ahead. You can take that to the bank.

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