Wanted: Leadership in the Senate

When discussing the issue of Sunday alcohol sales with legislators in the past, I was told, “Well, if Sonny isn’t going to sign it, there is no use putting up a fight to pass it.” I didn’t like it, but I understood the point. So when Gov. Nathan Deal told the media that he would sign legislation allowing for local control on the issue on Sunday alcohol sales, I just assumed that it would get done.

Frankly, the leadership of the Senate has run out of excuses. Year after year, members go before constituents claiming to be a supporters of limited government. But when it comes to actually putting your words in practice, there is some new reason to explain why you can’t deliver. Now that Perdue isn’t around to blame, the excuse is special interest groups; either the religious right or protectionist liquor store owners that have been supporters in campaigns.

There is no denying at this point that the leadership in the Senate is completely lost. You’re elected by your to make tough choices and guide them forward. Yet, when asked where your caucus is at, you say you don’t know. Yeah, I find that hard to believe. If that is the kind of “leadership” Georgia can expect, resign now and let someone else step up that may actually have the courage to take a stand.

Yes, Georgia has other pressing issues, I’m not denying or downplaying that. But there is no more a basic issue of personal freedom than allowing Georgians to chose what they want to buy. End of story. But hey, at least I don’t have to worry about the government implanting a microchip on me without my permission.


  1. HCL3 says:

    Can Harry, Paulding Pundit, or one of the other people that support continuing the ban on Sunday sales please explain how it is at all consistent with the principles of personal responsibility and local control that these Senators campaigned on and supposedly support.

  2. I have remained silent on this issue long enough. Time for a good rant.

    (1) Stop blaming “Harry” or The Christian Coalition, or “social conservatives” for the fact that this bill is going nowhere. Whether you like it or not, people like Harry (and other like-minded individuals) have a right to petition their elected officials the same as everyone else, and I will defend to the death their right to do so.

    (2) If you want to blame someone, blame the chickensh!t State Senators, as Jason recommended. They’re the elected officials who are suppose to serve as leaders. They’re paid to make the decisions. 100% of the blame (for the success or failure of this bill) rests on the elected Representatives and Senators…not Harry, not the Christian Coalition, not the flying spaghetti monster.

    (3) If you’re looking for someone specifically to blame, look no further than everyone’s favorite “liberty loving” Senator, Sen. David Shafer. Of all of the chickensh!t cowards in the State Senate, he is the ringleader. He has purposely avoided this issue like the plague and is now, behind closed doors, actively working to defeat it–because he doesn’t want this vote on his record when he runs for Lt. Governor. He is the primary reason that the Senate hasn’t brought the bill to the floor. If you want to call someone out, call him out.

    (4) Peach Pundit has been in Shafer’s corner for far too long. If you guys want to make a difference, then you have to be consistent. If this was Nathan Deal blocking the bill, you’d better believe there would be about 10 front page posts calling Deal everything but a good man. What’s going to happen now that it’s Shafer blocking the bill? Crickets?

  3. John Konop says:


    …. But there is no more a basic issue of personal freedom than allowing Georgians to choose what they want to buy….

    Do you think that not allowing you to buy booze on Sunday is the same as denying legal rights to you in our court system? And should a person have the right to buy a nuclear bomb?

    The problem with Libertarians like you is your lack of separating a strict fundamental ideology within proportion and or the reality of the situation. Ironically you attack social conservatives for being fundamentalist yet you have just as ridged as an ideology.

    Ideologues on any side of an issue are usual the problem not the solution.

    • Jason says:

      Feel free, John, to take that sentence out of context and wrap it in an absurd comment as a response. At least make an attempt to be reasonable.

      We’re talking about Sunday alcohol sales, not a nuclear bomb. It’s no different from food bans or blue laws in other states or cities around the country. No one’s life, liberty or property is immediately threatened by the sales of alcohol in stores on Sunday.

      While I make no apologies for my beliefs in personal and economic liberty and free markets, I do take issue when someone who has no idea what they are talking about attempts to define what I believe in.

      • John Konop says:


        You have a pattern issue after issue of supporting your strict ideology over dealing with reality of the situation and or the proportionality.

        Healthcare you are against mandatory pay yet have NO SOLUTION of what to do with people with no insurance and no money and or coverage.

        You are against the bank bailout yet use government backed loans, banks… and had NO SOLUTION what to do when the system faced total collapse with Armageddon consequences to our economy.

        I could go on and on but I think you get the point.

        I like you on a personal level but you tend to support feel good checkers style moves and chants in a game of chess. I am a pragmatist that deals in reality. Do you really think your level of anger on this situation with everything that is going on is proportionate and or rational? This coming from someone who actually agrees with you that it is not the right policy.

        • Jason says:


          You have a pattern issue after issue of supporting your strict ideology over dealing with reality of the situation and or the proportionality.

          Yes, because I’ve interpreted the Second Amendment to mean that individuals have a right to own a nuclear bomb. [/sarcasm]

          You know, for such a reasoned “pragmatist” you have a way to blow someone’s beliefs incredibly out of proportion. But, don’t let the ideologue get in the way of your pragmatic superiority and self-righteousness.

          Do you really think your level of anger on this situation with everything that is going on is proportionate and or rational?

          Irritated? Yes. Disappointed? Very. But not angry.

          Like I said in my post, there are plenty of other issues going on in the state that require the legislature’s attention. But this is a simple issue that just requires some leadership. And the reason it is a lost issue right now is because there is no one in the Senate willing to take the lead.

          If you want to debate health care policy and the bailouts. We can do it on an open thread or through e-mail. We have rules against thread jacking, and it’s clear that you’re intent is to try to bait me into a discussion on these other areas of disagreement you have with me.

  4. Cloverhurst says:

    This proves that Chip Rogers is not ready for primetime.

    Stripping Casey of his authority was a stupid move- he gave Senate leaders a lot of political cover.

    Not anymore.

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