RIP: Ludlow Porch

I’m catching up on the weeks events in the real world and came across the sad news that radio legend Ludlow Porch passed away at the age of 76.

My first memory of Porch was during a brief period that I was working the night shift at a small manufacturing company. Porch had a show on at that time on WSB and used to do traffic reports…all night long.

RIP Ludlow.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Wonderful storyteller – He made us laugh…..

    Remember his detailed yarn of a GA country boy coming to Atlanta for the first time….encountering a floozy at the bus station saying she’d do anything for $50… her the $50…….saying “paint my house”

    May he spin those yarns forever in heaven…….

  2. Newtonian says:

    I was fortunate enough to see Ludlow last June, prior to his strokes. Nice to know that he has already been healed.

  3. DMZDave says:

    My favorite Ludlow Porch radio bit was his insistence that there really was only one state called Dakota and that they had pulled a fast one in order to get 4 senators in claiming there were two states. He then asked his listeners if anyone had ever actually seen North Dakota or met anyone who had ever been there. He got angry calls from people supposedly from North Dakota who didn’t get the joke but I thnk he was on to something. The only person left from those old WRNG radio days is Neil Boortz – talk about not getting the joke.

  4. SallyForth says:

    First we lost Grizzard, and now Ludlow. What the devil are we real Georgians supposed to do without the last of these beacons for all things Southern?
    Those two are probably swapping laugh-out-loud yarns right now, and Lewis is trying to find out why we went to sleep at the switch, let his beloved Blue Willow fall on hard times.

    DMZDave, you are SO right – it is heresy to mention Boortz in the same breath with these two gents.

  5. DMZDave says:

    You can download Grizzard hits from iTunes. I have about a dozen Grizzard bits and use them to educate the next generation. His humor is timeless.

    Oh, and I forgot that it was Montana that Ludlow said didn’t exist originally but it was on a latter show that he took up the question about whether there were really two Dakotas or was it trick. With the passing of Ludlow, it is good to recall a time when it was fun to turn on the radio and listen to Ludlow while stuck in traffic or read Lewis Grizzard in the AJC -nothing fun about the AJC or WSB these days.

  6. Dickson says:

    what a treasure – I am grateful to be old enough to have caught his show in it’s glory in the late 70’s – the charm, creativity and banter of the early whackos was priceless – when our son was born on a December night in ’82, the first thing I packed for the hospital was the radio for his WSB nighttime show – and it was a good while before I ever understood his frequent refrain on the air, when Ludlow requested call ins of punch lines, ‘he’ll bite choo.’ One of his best runs, though he hated it, and it was short lived in about ’79, was the unbelievably creative morning show. Kitty, just pass the parsley please.

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