On the GAGOP Campaign Trail: Updates for the Week of 2/6 – 2/12

Here is your weekly round-up of campaign updates for the GAGOP that were sent in to us for the week of February 6th:

NOTE: If I didn’t post enough or anything about your favorite candidate for chairman or 1st vice chairman for the state GOP this week, email me press releases or other notes of interest to me by noon on Fridays before  the state convention in May.  Click here to email me.

Kicking off this week’s digest is Tricia Pridemore announcing another big name supporter: Congressmen Paul Broun and Lynn Westmoreland:

Pridemore in reply to these latest endorsements, “It is an incredible honor to have a conservative stalwart like Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. supporting my candidacy for Georgia GOP Chair. Dr. Broun and I have worked together in my former role as state director of The 9.12 Project. We both share a deep faith in our country, its founding principles and conservative grassroots activism. Dr. Broun along with these fine conservative leaders are supporting my candidacy because they desire a state party that is honest, accountable, and has a vision for the future.”

Congressman Broun’s endorsement “I met Tricia Pridemore while she was directing the Cobb 9.12 group in helping a local Christian charity in Atlanta. Immediately I recognized in her a passion and zeal for this country and its principles. She is an incredible fundraiser, a strong organizer, and a person with impeccable character and faith. I am proud to call her and her husband Michael friends, and will do whatever I can do to see her lead the Georgia GOP into our 2012 showdown against the disastrous policies of the Obama administration.”

New Steering Committee members:

Bob Fink- Chairman of the Rabun County GOP

Lawrence Hammond- Immediate past Chairman of the Columbia County Republican Party, GAGOP State Committee member

Kirk Shook- Chairman of the Oglethorpe County Republican Party

Karen Kemp- 2010 Republican Candidate for House District 150, GOP State Committee member

Jim Richter- Chairman, Fayette-Coweta 912 Patriots, Peachtree City

Previously Announced Steering Committee Members

Dennis Coxwell, 12th Congressional District Chairman, GAGOP

Ivan Figueroa, Councilman, City of John’s Creek

Dr. Karen Mathiak, Chairman of the Spalding County Republican Party

Ray McKinney, 2010 Republican nominee for Congress – 12th District

Michael McNeely, Chairman of Georgia Black Republican Council

Jim Pilgrim, Chairman of the Hall County Republican Party

Eric Johnson, Former President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Former Chatham county GOP chair, and 2010 Republican candidate for Governor.

Jamie Carswell, Immediate Past Chairman, Cobb County Young Republicans

Myron Faircloth, Co-Chairman, South Georgia Young Republicans and Faculty Advisor for the Valdosta State University College Republicans

Micah Gravely, Co-Founder, “We The People” of Paulding County

Brad Hughes, 2nd Congressional District Chairman, GAGOP

Mark Pettitt, Chairman, Georgia Teen Republicans

Ben Satterfield, Long-time Gwinnett Republican Grassroots Activist

Phyllis Gingrey Collins, Cobb County Republican Activist and Campaign Manager

Patrick Cork, Chairman of the Lowndes County Republican Party

Andrew Laarhoven, State Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans

Jay Morgan, Former Executive Director of the GAGOP, 2011 Inaugural Co-Chair and Senior Advisor to Johnny Isakson for U.S. Senate

Robert Potts, Immediate Past President of the Kennesaw State University College Republicans

Lawton Sack, Chairman of the Bulloch County Republican Party and 12th District 1st Vice Chair

Dave Barbee, 10th Congressional District Chairman, GAGOP

Mike Crane, 2010 Republican nominee for the Congress – 13th

Michael Huneke, Bartow County Republican Party Chairman

Carolyn Meadows, former GAGOP National Committee Woman from Georgia, board member of the National Rifle Association and the American Conservative Union

Linda Parker, Past Chairman of the Cherokee County Republican Party, Past Secretary of the GAGOP

Gerry Purcell, 2010 Republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner

Pridemore in reply to these latest endorsements, “I have always respected Congressman Lynn Westmoreland as one of Georgia’s finest representatives in Washington and a true fighter for our conservative cause.  I look forward to working with the Congressman Westmoreland as he continues his work with the National Republican Congressional Committee in funding and recruiting candidates to beat Democrats all over the country.  Congressman Westmoreland along with the new members of the steering committee embody a state party that is serious about winning elections and giving the grassroots the tools needed to be successful.”

Congressman Westmoreland endorsement “Tricia Pridemore is a proven leader with a distinguished record of success and I have complete confidence in her ability to lead our state party. Tricia also knows and understands the importance of fundraising and I believe she has the ability to attract new donors to our effort and maximize our state parties fundraising potential.  I can think of no one better prepared to lead Georgia Republicans against President Barack Obama in 2012 and I am excited to support her grassroots campaign for chairman. She is the right person at the right time to lead our state party.”

Rosalyn Gilreith- President of the Griffin-Spalding County Republican Women’s Club

Bryan Griffis-Chairman of the Wayne County Republican Party

Ashleigh Kenny-Grassroots coordinator and founder of Matter Now

Mike Sabot-GOP state committee member and 1st Vice Chair of Lee County GOP

Adam Clemons-GOP State Committee member

Current GAGOP Chairman Sue Everhart sent out an email reminding that counties with a population of 80,000 or more will have their precinct mass meetings on Saturday thereby starting the convention delegate process:

This Saturday, grassroots networks across the state begin the convention process which will determine delegates to the County, District and State conventions.  Precinct Meetings kick-off in a number of counties across Georgia on Saturday at 10 a.m. For a list of February 12 Mass Precinct  Meetings, visit www.gagop.org.  Counties with populations under 80k will hold their precinct meetings on March 12 at 9:00 a.m., immediately before the county convention.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue P. Everhart is seeking re-election as Party Chairman at the State Convention in Macon in May.

Under the leadership of Chairman Sue Everhart, the Georgia Republican Party has grown its majority to an unprecedented level.   In 2008, Georgia went against the national tide and delivered for John McCain and re-elected U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss.  In 2010, Republicans swept every constitutional office, re-elected U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, and added to the majorities of the U.S. House and Georgia General Assembly.

Sue is a proven leader, determined grassroots advocate and a seasoned fundraiser.   With critical events such as redistricting and a presidential election on the horizon, Georgia Republicans need experience at the helm of the GAGOP.  Proven leadership will make the difference in 2012.

Vote for the winning team in Macon on May 14th!

Doug Grammer released the 2nd part of his introductory email:

Too often, delegates at state conventions are asked to vote for people with whom they are not very familiar. Sometimes, the voter simply believes what is in a flyer, in who a friend suggests, or what has been relayed through a robo-call. With an email, one has an option whether to open or ignore it.

For those who want to learn more about me, I am going to share some of my history with the GOP. I’ll be sending out several emails on different stages of my involvement with the GOP, and occasionally, they will reference each other. I hope you enjoy.

In 1992, I attended the National GOP Convention in Houston Texas. It was the first time I remember meeting Johnny Isakson. Somewhere along the trip, I met Kristina Tobin, now Tobin-Nesbitt, who was the Georgia Federation of Young Republican Clubs Chairman. Shortly after I got back, I along with at least 9 other friends, founded the Northwest Georgia Young Republican Club. It’s still going today.

For those who don’t know, the YR’s range in the age of 18 to 40. I have always though they should change the name nationally to the Young Professional Republicans, but that’s just my opinion. If you don’t have a YR club in your area, go to http://www.georgiayr.com/

We worked on a few local campaigns and I attended my first of many GFYRC state conventions. One of the members of my club was elected GFYRC National Committeeman. I also went to my first of many Young Republican Leadership Conferences.

In 1993, I went to my first national YR convention which was in Charleston West Virginia.

I think that’s the year that I was first elected as Co-Chairman of the GFYRC. Rick Richardson, current Fourth Congressional District Chairman, was elected Chairman at the time I was elected. I have met a lot of good Republicans across the state of Georgia through the YR’s, many of which I still consider close friends. I traveled over the state getting to know YR’s from different clubs.

For those who read my last “getting to know Doug,” you realize at this point I was a statewide officer in the CR’s in TN, and at the same time, I was a statewide officer in the YR’s in Georgia.

Somewhere along the way, we decided to bid for the national YR convention. Long story short, we won, had lots of VIP attendees, and raised a lot of money to help YR’s win public office here in Georgia. Atlanta 95 was a great success.

I was elected to a second term as Co-Chairman, this time with Ed Kelly as Chairman. However, I didn’t complete my term. I felt a calling to try my hand at public service.

More on that later.


Here are the key things I’d like you to remember from this note:

1.) I went to a national RNC convention as a guest. I didn’t mention it, but I went to the New York RNC convention as an alternate in 2008.

2.) I am a self starter. Founded the NW GA YR club in 1993.

3.) I support members of my team, helped getting a member of my club elected to a statewide office.

4.) I traveled not only across Georgia, but to DC, and now other parts of the nation to support the GOP and to promote Georgia.

5.) I have made life long friends through my participation in the GOP.

6.) I achieved statewide leadership in 2 different GOP organizations in 2 different states at the same time.

7.) Fundraising

8.) Those funds raised went to elect Republicans.

9.) Helped host a national GOP convention.

10.) Elected to statewide YR office

11.) Young Republicans

Justin Tomczak also encouraged people to get involved in the convention process this Saturday:

Marietta, GA – February, 10 2011 – This Saturday’s Mass Precinct Meetings – for counties with populations exceeding 80K – are an important step towards the vote atthe State Convention in May. To learn more about how you can take part in your county, please visit the Georgia Republican Party’s website. For those of you living in these counties, this meeting is an important event and a great recruiting tool for introducing new people to the process. For those of you living in counties with fewer than 80K residents your meetings will be held March 12th, immediately preceding your County Convention. Every county is critical to our statewide grassroots network and I am proud to have support from friends and fellow conservatives from all across this great state!

Our campaign for 1st Vice Chairman of the GAGOP is in the middle of another productive week on the campaign trail. On Saturday I spoke to 150 or so folks at the Gwinnett GOP Breakfast, then joined the Georgia Federation of Republican Women (GFRW) and had the opportunity to speak to their membership. It was a great day! Monday’s Georgia Association of College Republicans (GACR) candidate forum provided a great opportunity to spread the campaign’s Grassroots in Actionmessage to some of the hardest working Republicans in this state. The GACRs are hosting a President’s Day Dinner that will help them raise funds for the mission ahead. The event features the candidate from my favorite campaign commercial of 2010. I am honored by the strong support I have from within the GFRW and the GACRs and look forward to working with them as 1st Vice Chair.

We are honored to have received campaign contributions ranging from Clayton, GA to Clayton County this week! These contributions enable us to get our message out all across this great state. If you are able, please consider investing in this campaign.Over the next few days we will be at events in multiple counties and our financial supporters make this possible! Thank you in advance.


  1. Jeff says:

    Pridemore is BRAGGING about the endorsement of this guy – a known conspiracy nut, LIAR, and open supporter of the “States Rights” candidate for GAGOV last year????

    Not exactly a move *I* would make – in fact, I’d be trying to NEVER have it mentioned – but hey, not my campaign or even my Party. Maybe the GOP really is crazy…

  2. jbrannan says:

    Today, the Columbus Mass Meeting had about 83 attendees. Anecdotally, the crowd was a mix of 3 primary “groups” – Muscogee County Party “regulars”, those responding to robocalls funded by Tricia Pridemore, and those supporting former CD-2 candidate Rick Allen for the county party chairmanship.

    It was one of the largest turnouts for a Muscogee event in recent memory and by far had the largest showing of new faces in a long time.

  3. Shep says:

    Near record, if not record, turnout in Cobb County. I haven’t seen a mass meeting this packed since Reed/Shafer/Strollo in 2001.

  4. Mama_grizzly says:

    jbrannan, did you ask those new faces if they were there because of robocalls from Tricia or emails they received from the tea party? Or did you just assume they were there because of Tricia? I received emails from two different tea party groups asking me to show up for Mass Precinct Meetings and neither one of these groups support Tricia.

    I also attended the Cobb Meeting and saw that Everhart supporters turned out enmasse..Not a good sign for Tricia Pridemore.

    From what I can gather, tea party activists really turned out state wide. I spoke to several new people at the Cobb event and they were upset about Gov. Deal trying to wrest control of the GOP from the grassroots and had received emails from asking them to turn out to stop Gov. Deal.

  5. drjay says:

    the sav’h precinct meeting did not seem to be any different than any other year to me yesterday, ’08 was probably the biggest one i ever remember. none of the chairman candidates appeared to have any particular “presence” that i was aware of, or if they did it was pretty stealth…of course we are a bit of an outpost, so if they are concentrating on the metro area to the exclusion of the coast i wouldn’t be surprised, pridemore did have some literature available, but even that was just on the table where candidates always have literature available at headquarters, so it wasn’t like anyone was making any particular effort to distribute it yesterday or anything…maybe they and the 1st chair guys will have more of a presence in march..

  6. Joseph says:

    Mama-G, I did not specifically hear anyone say something about a Tea Party email – however, there were folks there identifying strongly with the Tea Party. But I heard numerous folks say something about the Pridemore robocalls. Again, all anecdotal.

  7. Sally says:

    Someone just sent me a rather interesting excerpt from an article written by John Frederickson at Beacon Media. It seems that Karen Handel has quite the different recollection of who Trica Pridemore…and perhaps more importantly, who she is not:


    Another rather suspect claim from the Pridemore camp came in the form of an interview that ran in The Marietta Daily Journal, where the upstart candidate suggested she had an inside tract to gain the endorsement of former GOP gubernatorial hopeful Karen Handel, who lost by a razor thin margin to Deal in an August run-off.

    “I met with Mrs. Handel … and told her that in my opinion, for what it’s worth, this is just little me, but I’d hate to see us go down this road [Party battle],” Pridemore was quoted as saying. The relative political newcomer, in an interview with this newspaper, said she coveted Handel’s endorsement and that the two had met in the past and planned another get together soon.

    But Handel flatly denied the validity of either rendezvous.

    “I never met with her,” Handel said. “If the woman knocked on my front door on a Saturday afternoon, I wouldn’t know who she was.”

    The former Secretary of State says they may have shook hands at a campaign event – “along with me shaking hands and exchanging introductory comments with hundreds of others…but inferring that we met to discuss the campaign is simply false. The two are not even close to the same thing,” Handel said. “We have not met on the Chairman’s race. In fact, neither she nor anyone associated with her campaign has requested a meeting, so to say that we are planning a get together is simply not true.”

    Maybe Mrs. Pridemore will “correct” her earlier statement by saying she “met” with Handel back when Handel ran for Fulton County Commission Chair. Or, maybe Pridemore knew she would be running for 2011 state Republican party chair even way back in 2006 when Karen was running for secretary of state., and that’s when Handel said Pridemore could possibly get an endorsement.

    Boy! The lies just keep piling-up by TP!

    • Doug Deal says:

      At this point, it looks like Pridemore is dead in the water. She needed better support going into the mass meetings and all reports I’ve heard is that she is not really racking up county delegates.

      She can turn it around at the county conventions, but if you do not have enough county delegates to control their state delegate selection process, good luck getting your people on the slate.

      I guess we’ll see how much political capital Deal will be willing to spend on this lost cause. If he’s smart, he would quietly withdraw support and let her flop like a fish on a boat deck. But, never underestimate the ability of Governor Deal to use bad judgment.

  8. Mama_grizzly says:

    Sally, not only did Tricia lie about Handel, she is also claiming the voter records are wrong with regard to 1998 in that same article. If you move, sometimes your voting record does not move with you and your record will not show elections you may have voted in. It does not show you voted in an election you did not vote in. Mrs. Pridemore keeps having to tell lies to cover up for lies she originally told. She is so good at spin and lies, it makes one wonder if she worked for the Clinton Administration.

    That article makes it very clear that Pridemore is not the tea party candidate. In fact , it clearly shows that many in the tea party look at Pridemore with disdain.

    Quotes from the article,

    “”Another discrepancy for Pridemore involves her resume, where she claims she worked as a volunteer for the Guy Milner (R) for Governor Campaign in 1998. Voting records show that Pridemore voted in the Democrat primary and the Democrat run-off in 1998. Typically, if one volunteers in a campaign, they vote in their preferred candidate’s primary. Moreover, when a traditional Republican or Democrat switches over and votes in the opposing Party’s primary, it is likely to be remembered, as it tends to be a purposeful decision. (For example, this author and his wife, staunch Republicans, switched over and voted in the 2008 Democrat U.S Senate primary and run-off for Vernon Jones, who is a personal friend). When questioned, Pridemore said she voted in the GOP primary and run-off, and surmised that the voting rolls were in error. But the Secretary of State’s office said that was next to impossible. When contacted by phone, a spokesperson for Milner who was involved in all the former candidate’s campaigns could not recall Pridemore’s involvement.”

    “But the legacy of that tarnished relationship may be the catalyst that inspired Deal to seek his own candidate for GOP state chairman: Pridemore. “Nathan wants somebody he can work with,” offered one GOP operative with ties to the governor’s office, but is not authorized to speak to the press. “This is Nathan’s way of controlling the state party’s fundraising, the money (estimated to be about $10 million in 2012) and the Tea Party and 9-12 activists. It’s the best way for him to lead the Republican Party in Georgia.”

    Evelyn says those that are in alignment with his state and local Party philosophy “are turning out in huge numbers across the state at the GOP district mass meetings to make a difference.” The noted activist, who said his group focuses on statewide issues, maintains that Tricia Pridemore is not going to get many votes from “those who support the grassroots ideals.”

    “Nathan Deal wants Tricia Pridemore to become state party Republican Chairman for one reason,” Evelyn theorized, “so he can control where the Party money goes. Then Deal can funnel money to his favorite constituents, [consultants] and vendors. They can then contribute money back to his re-election campaign and maybe help him relieve his $2.4 million in personal debt after that.” Evelyn asserts that for this reason, Pridemore is a goner with his allies. “Tricia is aligned with Nathan, and Deal is not the state Tea Party choice or the grassroots choice,” Evelyn said, flatly.

    While Pridemore’s promotional material attempts to depict her as a Tea Party and 9-12 favorite, it appears that she will not likely garner a majority of either of those delegates’ votes at the state convention in Macon.

    “The Tea Party members I know are right now gravitating towards Hanley and Everhart,” Dooley said. “When we asked Sue early on to keep our organizations separate from the state Party apparatus, she obliged. And Hanley has been very active with our veteran outreach programs.”

    Dooley maintains that Pridemore can’t have it both ways. “You can’t say you’re a grassroots activist and an outsider and then align yourself with the governor and political power brokers,” Dooley said. “Anytime we asked Sue and Shawn for anything they were right there.”

    Dooley conjectured that scores of her members might be turned off by what they consider a ploy by Deal to consolidate power through his surrogate, Pridemore. “We don’t want more power centralized in the hands of one,” Dooley asserted. “That very concept is counter to our core beliefs.” Dooley claims that if a conflict comes up, there would be no hope for amicable independent resolution. “Pridemore will have no choice but to blindly follow the governor,” Dooley proffered. “It’s the grassroots who should run their Party, not the governor and his anointed choice.”

    A high level Tea Party organizer, who preferred anonymity for professional reasons, questioned some of Pridemore’s campaign tactics. “Her direct mail flyers were deceptive, and some of her web ads and digital media promotional material is purposely misleading.” The mailer in question featured Gov. Deal and Pridemore as a sort of state convention duet. “There are ads running on FaceBook for Tricia that say ‘Join Governor Deal’, and when you click on it, it takes you to her website. Then there is an email where the Governor makes a formal statement for the convention, and at the bottom it says, ‘Paid for by Pridemore for Chairman.’ I don’t think that is upfront,” the grassroots leader said.

    Another Pridemore web ad had a promo for Herman Cain that lulled the viewer into thinking that Cain had endorsed her candidacy. But when contacted, a Cain spokesperson said that her boss had not formally endorsed anyone in the race. Eden Davis, one of Pridemore’s campaign operatives, when contacted, said that the ad was simply a test by their digital vendor, and was not meant for publication. “We took the ad down as soon as we saw it,” Davis said. “It was a technology test and not meant for publication

    Deal’s communication director, Brian Robinson, said the governor endorsed Pridemore but was not, to his knowledge, actively campaigning on her behalf. “The governor knows Tricia, he’s worked directly with her, and he thinks she’d be a fantastic Chairwoman. That’s as far as it goes,” Robinson said.

  9. Mama_grizzly says:

    Tricia is not the only one that tells lies. Look at the statement above that Brian Robinson made. Clearly, some of Deal’s close associates believe that if they keep telling the same lie over and over again, it becomes truth.

  10. GerryPurcell says:

    Mamma Grizzly and Sally,

    I hope you will reconsider your tone in future posts. The constant use of pejoratives is more similar to the posts one would expect to see on the ultra liberal Daily Kos or, formerly, hear on the David Olbermann show. This lack of civility is not how most people in the GOP, the tea party and 9-12 movement want to be characterized, me included. Obviously, you have a right to say what you want to say, but it is unfortunate that you project such solid connectivity with our movement and so liberally and easily trash those who both come from it and who have contributed much to it.

    Moreover, if we must refer to someone as a “lying” or as a “liar” it is more courageous to do so using our own names, rather than hiding behind the shadows of screen names.

    Tricia Pridemore is a good person. She has a deep and abiding faith in God and in people. In addition to the time she has devoted to GOP issues, she devotes numerous hours and personal resources to worthy charitable endeavors.

    For the record, I was at the event where Tricia met with Ms Handel. I spoke with Tricia before and after her discussion with Ms. Handel. In fact, I encouraged her to speak directly to Ms. Handel about a strong conviction she held about the tone of the campaign. If Ms. Handel does not remember the conversation or remember Tricia Pridemore at all, then that is another matter. As a candidate, I know for certain that most statewide candidates were familiar with Tricia, as she led one of the largest and most organized groups in the state, and many candidates attended events she led. I take Ms. Handel at her word about not remembering. However, I also know that a discussion took place and I remember the feedback from the discussion.

    I applaud Tricia for having the courage of her convictions to confront a candidate about a matter in a straightforward manner. That is the Tricia that I know. She is direct, tough, and no rubber stamp for anyone – I don’t expect that to change one iota if she is honored to be elected State Chair.

    I did not advise Tricia’s campaign that I would be posting this statement. I decided, on my volition, to comment directly after seeing how you have spoken destructively and recklessly about a situation in which you have no personal knowledge, for the sport of tearing down someone who you have obvious disdain for. I DO have personal knowledge on this matter.

    I am a big fan of tea party endeavors and have participated in many. Some tea party groups have pledged to be issue oriented and their organizations are 501 (c) (4) organizations; meaning those who are organized in that manner should be careful about getting intimately involved in supporting candidates. For those groups who are more issue oriented, this fractious approach undermines their mandates and divides our strength.

    All tea party members don’t fall under one banner, and that is a good thing. Many of those who identify themselves as tea party members do support Tricia, and certainly 9-12’ers. I believe it is misleading to give the impression that she has no or little support from tea party members.

    I will even say I applaud Gov Deal for making a gutsy and unorthodox endorsement of a 9-12 activist leader as Party Chair — and I think it reflects his personal desire to move away from the status quo and shake things up a bit. We wanted to be heard and have a seat at the table. He endorsed a tough 9-12 leader – good for him and, I believe, good for us. Regrettably, some would bite their nose off to spite their face, after he endorses someone from among us.

    I noticed you quoted one tea party leader’s statement that Tricia can’t have it both ways, being a grassroots activist and being connected to power brokers. Frankly, this statement is ridiculous and would disqualify Rep. Michelle Bachman, Sen. James DeMint and many others in leadership from their active roles among tea party causes. You can’t reform a system totally from the outside and certainly not by being a critic all the time. Eventually, someone has to get into the bloody arena and fight the fight and lead the way.

    Tricia was there from the beginning, while many in the GOP leadership took a “keep our distance” posture, until it was clear the movement had legs…then the party leadership wanted to co-opt the movement. I remember this very well, including from my personal conversations I had with a number of leaders in trying to persuade them the movement was authentic, on target, and would be lasting.

    I would plead with you to keep the arguments on an positive, issue level. Pick a candidate – which I suspect you have – and articulate their positive attributes and positions. We have three great candidates…what we don’t need are corrosive forces seeking to destroy the character of one in order to elevate the positioning of another – that is the type of establishment political games for which so many of us disdain, and rightly so.

    • Sally says:

      How quaint it is to hear frm GerryPurcell on this matter. A man who has been involved in the Georgia GOP scene for 1 or 2 years less than Tricia. A man who has claimed to several people that he personally has more e-mail addresses on his list than Sue Everhart and the State GOP has…even though Gerry came in 4th place with under 75,000 votes. What good did your many thousands of e-mail addresses (if you really have any at all) do you?

      Yes, well, Gerry, the propensity Miss Tricia has to mislead is apparently a trait you admire so much that you decide you can engage in it as well.

      Sorry, Sweetie, this smart Southern gal just isn’t buying your hubris. Nor am I buying Mrs. Pridemore’s.

    • Three Jack says:

      to be accurate, here is debbie dooley’s exact quote, “You can’t say you’re a grassroots activist and an outsider and then align yourself with the governor and political power brokers,”

      gerry, how can you say this is “ridiculous”? as someone who has been around party politics for over 20 years, i have seen so many well intentioned grassroots volunteers become political sycophants after they get closer to office holders and so-called power brokers. i am very skeptical of anybody so closely aligned with an elected official because there is very little chance this person will ever go against the wishes of the elected official.

      what is ridiculous is to identify oneself as a grassroots activist while at the same time being pushed by the most powerful elected official in ga.

    • Ambernappe says:

      Since I am a relatively artistic person, Mr. Purcell, might it sound more civil to you if the word “lie” is replaced by, say, “embroider”. The fact is, Mrs. Pridemore and several of her supporters have not been entirely truthful in attempting to describe various encounters of the “non-existant” kind. The continuing interjection of the Handel name is being used as a ploy to create an association which does not exist. It would serve no useful purpose for me to speculate on why you may have decided to undertake this posture or why Mrs. Pridemore has not confined her name dropping strictly to those individuals who have permitted their names to be used in her behalf.

  11. GerryPurcell says:

    That’s right Sally. I am a newbie. I joined the GOP and the Army in 1980 because of Ronald Reagan, but I clearly don’t have the establishment credentials in the state party that meet your criteria. What was I thinking, interjecting myself in your domain? I chose to get involved partly because corrosive forces had changed the GOP and because the nation was and is headed in the wrong direction. For one thing, there is a decline of civility, honor and mutual respect. I decided to do more than be an anonymous critic and flame thrower. I got into the arena. I came in 4th out of 9 candidates with 70,000 votes. Without a big budget, I must have met every one of those 70,000 wonderful folks personally. I had no base of support or sponsors and very little money and still managed to be in the hunt as a newbie. I was the true outsider type of candidate that I thought you liked. Guess not. After the primary, instead of being a sore loser, I sent out nearly 700,000 emails supporting two candidates (one for IC) in the run-off. I was delighted that both won and were appreciative of my help. Last week in Gwinnett, I shared the fact that our campaign team was, indeed, able to amass more emails in the primary than the state party, to raise a valid point that while the party has made progress in technology, we remain behind the DNC technology platform and Obama billion dollar e-machine…must have hit a sore point. The fact is we do remain behind to this day, and we also have a number of counties which remain without GOP structures. Judging by your continued accusations, you don’t really care about any of that though (the facts, I mean), do you? Especially, when they don’t suit your purposes…who is it you are supporting or leaning towards? You should, at least, be proud enough to enlighten us…they are all good folks and I am sure they will relish having such a politically astute and omnipotent person as yourself announcing your support. I wish you the best, prayerfully.

    • Sally says:

      GerryPurcell, the more irrelevant facts you try to use in your defense (and the defense of Pridemore), the more you make yourself look ridiculous.

      The fact is, this state went RED in 2008 when a whole lot of other states went blue. If the “Republican Party” is so far behind the Democrat machine’s “technology platform” (whatever that is), that may be on a national level, but that is not true in Georgia.

      Sue Everhart has been re-building the grassroots apparatus since she took it over in 2007 from the do-nothing Good Ole Boy machine that Alec ran the party as. For people like you or Tricia Pridemore or Shawn Hanley to walk-in off the street and start criticizing everything is absurd and us real grassroots will neither listen to nor tolerate your nonsense.

  12. debbie0040 says:

    Gerry, I don’t think my statement was ridculous at all. Three Jack is right on target. I have been active with the tea party movement since 2-2009 and I applaud SueEverhart for abiding by our wishes and not try to coop the tea party movement.

    Another point of clarification is that just because you are a long time activist does not mean you are part of the GOP establishment. I have been active off and on since 1976 and have fought the establishment since that time. Just because you say you are grassroots does not mean you are and just becasue you are new does not mean you aren ot part of the establishment.

    I have a right to be involved in this race if I choose to . I will fight to make sure Gov. Deal does not coop the Georgia GOP from the grassroots.

    If you want to talk about facts, Gerry, then ask Tricia why she denies voting in the 1998 Democratic Primary and Runoff when voting records clearly show she did. Ask her why she sent out that misleading email and bought up that misleading web site.

    Don’t accuse someone of ignoring facts when you do so yourself.

    Tricia also served on the Georgia GOP technology committee and was particially responsible for the technology it has.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    I can tell you that it is absolutley false that the Georgia GOP tried to coop the tea party movement in Georgia. Sue reached out after the first tea party held on 2-27-2009 (btw, I don’t recall you or Tricia being there)and asked what she could do to help. I basically told her to just leave us alone. She abided by our wishes.

    I have volunteered 30 hours per week on behalf of the tea party movement since 2-2009 so please don’t try to lecture me or anyone else about the tea party movement.

  14. SFCWallace says:

    Here’s my problem with the email thing…not that any of you care. I gave my email address to you because I wanted info on your campaign. I also gave it to the Deal campaign after the runoff…I didn’t give it to Pridemore…one of you two did…if I wanted email from her, I’d have sent it to her too…(sorry to get off topic, but it kind of irks me…)

    • Shep says:

      That’s why I explicitly state on everything I collect emails on that they will never be shared, traded, or sold.

  15. Mama_grizzly says:

    “I am a big fan of tea party endeavors and have participated in many. Some tea party groups have pledged to be issue oriented and their organizations are 501 (c) (4) organizations; meaning those who are organized in that manner should be careful about getting intimately involved in supporting candidates. For those groups who are more issue oriented, this fractious approach undermines their mandates and divides our strength. ‘

    What you mean Mr. Purcell is that tea party leaders should have stood by and not said a word when Pridemore kept falsely claiming she was the tea party candidate.. I submit to you that the Pridemore campaign should have never claimed she was the tea party candidate when in fact she is not. The purpose of most 501c4s are education. I don’t see where a 501c4 has endorsed anyone. If that is a veiled threat to get Ms. Dooley or Mr. Evelyn to back off, that is really a pathetic attempt and for some reason, don’t think it will work. From what I read in that article, they were clearly speaking in their private capacity, not on behalf of a group. You can go back and tell those thugs you associate with that not everyone responds positively to bullying or intimidation. I don’t know Ms. Dooley well, but I do know Mr. Evelyn and know he would just laugh at your attempt.

    I see that Pridemore donated at least $ 1,000 to your campaign for Commissioner. She supported you and now you support her. Quid pro quo.

    Tea party activists believes the grassroots should control the GA GOP not a central authority. That is in line with their core beliefs. Gov. Deal clearly selected Pridemore because she is extremely loyal to him and would run the GA GOP the way he wanted her to, not the grassroots. You don’t appear to have an issue with that.

  16. GerryPurcell says:

    SFCWallace, if you opted into our database, your email was not shared with any candidate for state chair or other statewide position. The emails that we have collected and utilized to communicate on issues or in support of candidates originated from our platform.

  17. GerryPurcell says:


    My response to Mama Grizzly and Sally was not a lecture to you, but it is and it remains my opinion. As a matter of strategy, I believe that you can’t stand on the sidelines or the shadows and lob grenades and yell at people or yell at the system and expect meaningful and sustainable reform. The optimal results come when people who share our values get into the arena and fight the good fight for us (I used Rep Bachman and Sen DeMint as examples), people who are willing to be transparent and accountable, work towards meaningful reform and then go home. As a matter of consistency, those same reforms we expect of our elected officials, we should model as well in our party structure and grassroots organizations.

    To suggest you can’t work for the Governor or another elected official and also be an agent of reform is not correct – we would never get anything done. Plus, it sends a disparaging message to many of those who have dedicated their lives to public service for the right reasons.

    TP has been with the Deal campaign for a very short time and you, therefore, conclude that she no longer has any grassroots bonafides? That is ridiculous and, using similar logic, would disqualify your own preferred candidate for state chair who has served for 8 years.

    I do appreciate your willingness to be upfront about who you are supporting and to do so openly. The question is, though, do you as a tea party leader support anonymous attacks on candidates using
    personal attacks laced with perjoratives? I hope not.

    Certainly as leaders, we should not empower it.

  18. SOGTP says:

    You can’t be for the little guy, the grassroots American, and be for Big gub’mint, Big spending, and Big taxes. You can’t be for a Party Chair that is embraced by a politician that has spent a lifetime abusing the citizens of this nation, State of Georgia, and Congressional District 9.

    Nathan Deal voted for:

    1. Community and Housing Re development Act — which is the quintessential Big gub’mint top down centralized planning of the housing market. Nathan voted to empower GNMA to issue collateralized debt obligations backed by both sub prime and prime mortgages, as well as, authorized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy up bad loans to banks. Nathan Deal participated in the destruction of our housing market and economy.

    2. No Child Left Behind — and every Bill that federalized our schools wiping out the educational futures of our children. Yet, Nathan stands on the stage at Jekyll Island and tells everyone he is for local control of our schools. His actions do not back up those words.

    3. Medicare Prescription Drug Act — the largest entitlement in human history prior to Obamacare. This program is $17 trillion unfunded and the next generations will pay for it with confiscatory tax rates exceeding 65% at the federal level.

    4. Patriot Act and Homeland Security — wipes out the 4th and 10th Amendments and represents a $58 billion >200,000 employees per year, that are now authorized to unionize. Nathan Deal stole our Liberty and grew government.

    5. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — This is serious … Nathan Deal voted for both wars without a Declaration of War. When you join the military you join to defend your family and your nation against an enemy that seeks to harm you. The only way the grassroots Americans get to weigh the risks and benefits of sending their children, fathers, mothers, uncles, sisters, brothers, etc, is through their elected representatives by a Declaration of War. This declaration describes the goals and end game.

    Nathan Deal has sentenced thousands of our young people to hospital beds, head trauma wards, wheel chairs, and cemetaries across this nation.

    Anyone in a political role that backs this man or is supported by this man is the enemy of the grassroots citizens of Georgia. I don’t know Tricia Pridemore so I can’t comment on her integrity, but she has attached her hitch to the wrong truck – its a garbage truck called Nathan Deal.

    Gerry Purcell would be wise to re think his position too.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      SOGTP –

      Get over it. He won.

      “Anyone in a political role that backs this man or is supported by this man is the enemy of the grassroots citizens of Georgia.”

      If you are voting in an election, you are playing a political role. Being a voter doesn’t get any more grassroots. According to your logic, more than 50% of the voters in Georgia is an enemy unto themselves.

    • Lady Thinker says:


      Interesting comments on deal but you forgot two others, his flip-flop on the abortion issue and insulting minority grandmothers.

      • KD_fiscal conservative says:

        Come on “Lady”, give it up all ready. I was a big Handel supporter as well, and didn’t even vote for Deal in the general…but holding a grudge against him for 4 years can’t be healthy….

  19. Mama_grizzly says:

    Doug Grammer is the well known moron and the butt of many jokes…Really cannot believe he thinks he has a chance to win…

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