Major Changes Coming For House Committees: Confirmed

UPDATED: No longer rumors, the full list of committee assignments can be found here.

A friend of mine sent me a message saying this looked like “The Revenge of the Nerds”.  Fitting, given that the old team of House Leadership was too often referred to as running a Frat House.  The party boys are gone, and the serious kids are now in charge.  They might not look quite as cool as the other guys, but here’s hoping this is the leadership team that can get Georgia moving in the right direction as we tackle the challenges ahead.  Or at least, not embarass us every 10 minutes over sex, lies, and lobbyists. 


With last year mostly a “transitional” year for Speaker Ralston, very few committee chairmen were changed from the previous Speaker’s appointments.

In keeping with the fact that Ralston now has had a year and very successful election under his belt, there will be new leadership for several major House Committees if talk around the Capitol today is confirmed with the list of committee assignments, expected this afternoon.

Rules Chairman Bill Hembree appears to be on the way out, with John Meadows taking his place.  Hembree was a former challenger to Ralston but ended that race with Ralston’s favor.  Talk seems to suggest that Hembree’s nomination speech for James Mills as Majority Leader over Larry O’Neal soured his support to remain in this key position.

Appropriations Chairman Ben Harbin will yield to Terry England.  Harbin has had some well publicized personal issues, and is part of the former leadership team where “personal” usually meant “lobbyist”.  Ralston has now had time to develop his bench and ensure a smooth transition on this key committee in an era of intense budget scrutiny.

Don Parsons (or Mickey Channell?) will be assuming control of Ways and Means, with former Chair Larry O’Neal now the Majority Leader.

Other changes appear to be coming as well.  Mills appears to be on his way out as Banking chair, but no word yet on his replacement.

One confirmation via his facebook page is that Rep Steve Davis will chair the Information and Audits Committee.

All the rest is heresay.  Do with it what you will.  The truth will be known soon.  I’ve heard it will even set you free.


  1. Charlie says:

    Nothing like posting a rumors thread to pull other rumors out of the woodwork. Two other names are currently being floated for Ways & Means, but I’ll stick with what’s above as the “leading rumor” for now.

  2. Bucky Plyler says:

    It’s knowing the truth that will set you free. (but it could make you mad first)

    The Speaker is still checking to see who signed their loyalty pledges.

    • Charlie says:

      We need to follow up on that story. I think it quietly went away because it was being pushed by a local commissioner who was out to get Davis, but upon closer inspection, was actually the one with the hands in the cookie jar.

      I’ll see what we can round up on that. Feel free to remind me if it falls off my full plate.

      • Either he took the money or he didnt. Lunsford admitted he did and gave it back, which is pretty damning. Additional information would be helpful. It’s always a tiny comfort to know an elected official isn’t quite as big of a self-serving tool as originally expected so more information would be cool. However, I know Davis has trouble discerning between things that are his and things that are someone elses. Thus, I’m very suspicious.

        I’m done, so as to avoid a threadjack.

        • Charlie says:

          I’ve sent a message to one of my Henry contacts for an update, and I agree, we’re threadjacking. But what you’re saying above is what the County person told the local news, and may not in fact be reality based on what I was being told as I was packing up for my fishing trip. We’ll give it it’s own thread once I can piece it back together, but I’m not promising it today or tomorrow. It is a weekend, and despite the snow everywhere, I’ve been wide open all week. Icarus needs down time too.

  3. Charlie says:

    Official list is being read to me:

    Mickey Channell got Ways and Means

    Mills replaced at Banking by Greg Morris. Mills received NO committeee chairmanship.

    Chuck Martin got Budget and Fiscal affairs, replacing Penny Houston, now on appropriations.

    Bill Hembree goes from Rules to “Industrial Relations”.

    Mike Jacobs picks up MARTOC from Jill Chambers

    Tim (Don’t ask about that $100,000, it’s a secret) Bearden got Public Safety.

    I’ll get a soft copy and post ASAP.

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