A Little Advice

There’s always the old joke about locking up the silverware when the Legislature is in town.

Michelle Malkin listed ten simple rules for the new Congress, especially the freshmen Republicans. While not all might apply to our newly minted Legislature, in my opinion, several of the suggested rules are very appropriate.

1. Manage expectations.

2. Serve the people, not the press.

3. Neutralize the grievance-mongers: Confront the race card early and often.

6. Never forget: Government does not “create jobs.” Politicians don’t create jobs. You are there to stop government from killing jobs in the name of “reform,” the “children,” “emergencies,” global warming, hope, change, etc., etc., etc.

9. Show, don’t tell: Transparency. Accountability. Integrity. When you fail, you’ll be called out. The “R” after your name doesn’t give you immunity. Ever.

We, the people of Georgia, voted them there; we can just as easily vote them out. And keep our silverware.


  1. John Konop says:

    …..Don’t be afraid to say it: Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It, Democrats………

    If Obama wins re-election in 12 it will be the above attitude that hurt the GOP. You can be disagreeable without being a jerk.

  2. Tiberius says:

    I prefer George Will.

    For whatever reason, whenever she speaks I feel as if my intelligence is being insulted. It must be her continual desire to dumb-down or simplify every issue.

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    Government doesn’t create jobs….there is some truth in that but it is not an axiom. State government has a mission to empower its citizens with transportation, education, the regulation of communication and energy. Government must also protect citizens by ensuring clean air, water, public health and criminal justice. No business whether existing or new can exist without government successfully these functions. When government does a poor job of meeting these missions, it stymies economic growth and job creation. The public sector has a significant role to play in job creation.

    • Government has no resources with which to produce anything unless it first takes those resources from the private sector. This is especially true of jobs.

      For every government job created, at an average tax rate of 20%, five private sector jobs must be created – and that does not include any benefits – just to pay the salary of that one public sector job.

      Are you willing to state that federal and state governments stay within their Constitutional mandates? In addition, calculate in the regulatory, unfunded mandates on businesses and individuals.

      Obviously we need government for a limited amount of things – very limited – but to say government creates productive jobs is without foundation. It does create jobs for a lot of tax professionals and attorneys, but almost none of them are “productive” jobs. Instead they are compliance or regulatory jobs.

  4. Progressive Dem says:

    Government jobs are a by-product of government performing its mission. I never said government creates productive jobs, but an effective teacher or police officer is probably very productive. These public servants empower the rest of us to go about our lives and to be productive. They create a productive economic climate.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Saying we can just as easily vote them out is not so easy. For most, absent term limits, the serving and the self-serving remain.

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