Malik Brown Charged With Assaulting Photographer At Senator Brown’s Press Conference.

Details here.

Both Malik Brown and State Sen. Robert Brown met with police for more than an hour this morning.

Video showed Malik Brown assaulting Marshall after Robert Brown’s news conference at Macon City Hall yesterday. Macon police said Thursday they weren’t sure if the two men are related, but Malik Brown appeared to arrive at the news conference and leave with Sen. Brown’s group.

BTW, at the press conference, Brown said he wasn’t talking about the KKK, he was talking about sex (taking Erick’s advice), oh and in case you forget, all Republicans are racists.


  1. mountainpass says:

    It’s interesting to note that the democratic party has been silent. Even Blog for Democracy(in the blogroll on the right) is silent….they just got called out in an open thread. It’s NSFW.

    • Rick Day says:

      I agree. Journalists should dress more like professionals, and less like homeless blogger who found a spiffy camera in a dumpster.

      How many other reporters were at that press conference? Do they all dress like this guy in Macon? Did they get a shove?


      That would explain a lot. Dress better and be treated with more respect as a professional.

      • Dagny says:

        Rick – I say that everytime I go to an event and the media is there. Everyone could be in suits and here comes the camera crew in ragged shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops! Show some respect; if not for yourself then for the people around you. They look like they are touring with the Grateful Dead. 🙂

      • Apparently Malik Brown wasn’t even trying to touch the (non-GQ) Macon Telegraph photographer at all. He was just trying to touch a wall (and then later a column) really really hard and the photographer was in the way.

        So, if you get mugged – or just assaulted – and you’re wearing jeans you were just asking for it, right?

        • Dagny says:

          Just so you know – I was not defending what Brown did; I was just agreeing with Rick about the media looking like heck while working. 🙂

          • Oh, I understood – and I don’t think Rick is quite sold on that idea, either. 🙂 It was a good opportunity to offer some grief. Besides, if Rick has seen the video by now, I think he might have been a little more subdued in his defense (was it a defense?) of Malik Brown.

  2. Wow!!! Senator Brown needs to resign. This whole action is nothing short of disgraceful. I know they’ve been trying to stimulate tourism in Bibb County, granted they made national news, but I don’t think this is the type of promotion this community expects.

    • Toxic Avenger says:


      Seriously, it’s been made clear that no Democrats endorse his comments. He’s always been an old coot, and I don’t care for him much at all. But seriously, he had nothing to do with the attack– he’s just got a loud mouth. The comments are bad, and I think he needs to apologize, but let’s not pretend like Republicans haven’t made some pretty dumb statements, too.

      • Rick Day says:


        sheesh…resign? Phfft you WISH it was that easy. Wait a few weeks, he will turn (R) just to f*ck with all of you, and you will embrace and defend his “First Amendment” right to be a doofus.

        *throws shoe*

      • Andre says:

        Seriously, it’s been made clear that no Democrats endorse his comments.


        The Georgia Democrat Party certainly hasn’t issued any public statements condemning Senator Brown’s remarks nor have they said that Brown does not speak for them.

        I’d say that until a press release is issued from the DPG, they’re giving implied approval of the Senate Minority Leader’s comments.

        • I don’t dislike or detest Senator Brown. In fact, he has ALWAYS been polite, courteous and accommodating to me. However, it is obvious that he has apparently run amuck with his “white sheet” comments and the following beating of a Telegraph photographer, then alleging death threats. He obviously has serious issues (aka, Glenn Richardson).

  3. Rick Day says:

    “…all Republicans humans are racist..”

    There. Fixed it.

    The issue is not racism, the issue is how does one use one’s collective power to retain economic power over other races who share common resources.

    The sooner you all understand this, the sooner you accept your White Privilege™ only then we can start a real dialog on how to move out of the 19th Century with our race relations.

    • The issue is not racism, the issue is how does one use one’s collective power to retain economic power over other races who share common resources.

      Umm, how does “one use one’s collective power”? I mean, maybe I missed this part of Das Kapital, but I think you’re mixing or maybe even missing metaphors or maybe your workers of the world chains cut off your oxygen supply for too long.

      Seriously, try again with less cliches and a little more content.

  4. B Balz says:

    On the whole matter….


    Why do we insist on remaining the Nation’s prime source of laughing stock?

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