Robert Brown’s Hate Speech Inspires Violence

State Senator Robert Brown, D-Macon, implied that Georgia Republicans are members of the Ku Klux Klan.

But keep the white sheet over there… because we might need that one for the midnight meeting.” -State Sen. Robert Brown

No doubt inspired by Brown’s hateful racial rhetoric, an unidentified man attending a press conference called by Brown to not apologize for his remarks attacked Woody Marshall, a photographer for the Macon Telegraph who was covering the presser.

To the right is the guy who attacked the photographer. Reached by phone, Brown disavowed any knowledge of the incident or the perpetrator.

I did not physically see the altercation. I do not know the person, nor is he associated with me. Other than that, I’ve no specific comment on this matter.”

Video of the attack and some incoherent remarks by the perpetrator here.

We here at Peach Pundit are eagerly awaiting a public condemnation of State Senator Brown’s hate speech by the Democratic Party of Georgia.


  1. Three Jack says:

    how long before brown ‘finds’ a burning cross in the front yard to garner more publicity and make himself look like the victim?

    • Mike Hauncho says:

      I have never heard the name “Robert Brown” and the word “inspires” in the same sentence before.

  2. rebelyelp says:

    Ticky tack charges, but that is a nice mugshot of Malik Brown. Assault & Battery are a little more serious.

  3. Gerald says:

    The Democratic Party of Georgia should denounce Brown’s comments when the Republican Party of Georgia does the same regarding Nathan Deal’s “ghetto grandmothers” remark, Lynn Westmoreland’s calling Barack Obama “uppity”, the birtherism (which Deal and other prominent Georgia GOPers have hopped onto from time to time), the Georgia Legislature’s refusal to issue the customary ceremonial honor proclamation for Obama that they have unanimously given to all presidents, Republican and Democrats, when they have visited Georgia in the past, including George W. Bush right after Hurricane Katrina, and a whole avalanche of race-baiting statements made by the likes of Mitch Skandalakis, Matt Glavin, Bob Irvin, Newt Gingrich and a ton of Georgia GOPers.

    Similar to corruption charges, when the issue is race-baiting, you GOPers shouldn’t be so quick or zealous to throw stones from your glass houses.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      You have to be the craziest poster on Peach Pundit. Apologize for saying that Obama is “uppity”?!?!? I don’t have enough minutes in the day to write everything that Obama should apologize for if that is the standards that we are going by.

  4. Pappy says:

    You guys are all idiots, but did you know that Houston is Georgia’s most progressive county? It says so right there on their website. (SFCWallace link above)

  5. saltycracker says:

    Instead of creating a distraction (much needed by Brown, et al) from the self-destruction show, Republicans would best served by doing little more than to keep asking “how’s that situation going”?

  6. Rick Day says:

    Mike, either your tone is dripping with irony (which I doubt), or “I see what you are doing here”.

    What I see is, “lets give Darkie some of the same accusations of racial bigotry that our forefathers dished out, because, like man, hate is best served spread around. Apologize for the Darkie’s comments, Democratic Party”.

    Let’s ignore the fact he was intimating the ‘white sheets’ of a hotel rendezvous with a favored lobbyist.’ You guys got the KKKphobia!

    Wat? Please GTFO with all that ‘reverse victimization’ B.S.

    That dude with a camera photographer is a shame to the White Race™! His “shoulder and feelings hurt a little?”

    Representin’ Macon, of course.

    • Rick, I’m not nearly as stupid as you are if you believe the “I meant lobbyists” bullcrap Brown is now trying to serve up.

      He’s a liar, Democrats are racists and you’re an idiot. Nothing “reverse” about it.

      • Rick Day says:

        Pfft. You voted in a system that give wealthy people like me a huge SSI and IRS tax break while you got…satisfaction for being ‘right’?

        Who is the idiot here?

        Oh it must be you because you miss the point of my comment. The white sheet reference is valid. I’ll take the double-entrendre BECAUSE THEY BOTH FIT.

    • SFCWallace says:

      “Let’s ignore the fact he was intimating the ‘white sheets’ of a hotel rendezvous with a favored lobbyist.”

      Let’s follow your logic for a second…the exact quote from Brown:
      “What does the wife do then,” Brown said, “put on some red sheets on the bed and say ‘Now we can get rid of the blue sheets. But keep the white one over there, because I might need that for the midnight meeting.'”

      The wife changing the blue sheets to red an obvious Dem to Rep switch. The the wife goes on to say “…But keep the white one over there, because I might need that for the midnight meeting.” So is the wife going to meet a lobbyist? Why would she need the sheets if he’s going to a hotel to meet the lobbyist? Why the “midnight” reference? The best way out of these things is to just come out and say “it was a stupid analogy and I’m sorry if it upset anyone,” then it’s forgoten. He could also try the Harry Reid defense, “I can’t be racist, I’m a Democrat!”

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