It’s Official: Georgia to Add One House Seat

As expected, Georgia will receive a single new Congressional Seat in 2012.

Let the reapportionment fun begin.


    • Nathan says:

      Rep. Tom Graves will more than likely be the congressman from NWGA. It’ll be tough, but not impossible, to draw him out of the same area as Dade, Walker, Catoosa, and Whitfield (maybe even Chattooga for good measure).

      • Actually it’s very easy to do, the question is whether the will is there. My understanding is some Republicans don’t like having a con artist representing them in Congress.

        • GOPGrassroots says:

          Tom Graves is representing the 9th District with distinction and my understanding is some RINOs and all 4 liberal democrats in the 9th don’t like having a true conservative representing them in Congress.

            • DoubleDawg3 says:

              Graves is doing a great job representing the 9th, whether you like him or not, that’s a fact. What’s probably also a fact is that Josh and all the other Hall County Hawkins’ supporters, will likely be “freed” from his representation.

              Given how Graves has really focused some importance on the Dalton community, plus the fact that Gordon County could be unified in a new NWGA district, I’d make my bet on him going to NW GA, with a new NE GA district.

              The big question is this – does the new NE GA district have Forsyth & Hall, or just Hall…because Forsyth will equal, or possibly even exceed, the voting power of Hall County without Nathan Deal on the ballot and with a “Forsyth County Candidate” on the ballot.

              Also, does the new NE GA district take Dawson, Pickens, Gilmer, Fannin with it (currently in Graves’) — if so, Chip Pearson becomes a real possibility (as he represented part of Forsyth to Fannin and has enough ties with Deal, Cagle, Kemp, etc. to get fundraisers in the Hall / North of Athens areas). If it doesn’t take those counties, then I think Jim Butterworth becomes a stronger candidate, as he’d be the candidate that likely represented the majority of the counties in the district (but misses the big population centers — but Ranger, GA isn’t exactly Cumming or Gainesville either, and that still worked out).

              • mountainpass says:

                I don’t like the idea of putting the 515 counties in a NW district. Of course I dislike like the idea of those being put in with Gainesville more.

                • DoubleDawg3 says:

                  Yeah, it just gets difficult to draw that district using only NW GA – being West of 515 (even adding Chattooga, Floyd, Bartow and the rest of Gordon). I imagine that they could draw in all of Cherokee with that (maybe replacing Cherokee with Forsyth in Price’s district) and it’d be close to the population size. The problem there is does Chip Rogers want a Congressional seat or hgher GA office – b/c drawing him in with his friend and 40 year old Congressman wouldn’t help him if he’s wanting to run for Congress.

                  Assuming he wants to run statewide, I could see a large piece of Cherokee going with all other NW GA counties and being a district – Price inheriting Forsyth, to have a “GA 400 District” – Gingrey getting more Republican areas of Cobb & Cherokee that are “left over”.

                  The problem then, to get to the 710,000 number for a district, is that you might have a district that goes from Fannin-Gilmer-Pickens -Dawson-Hall-Barrow-Jackson-Madison-Elbert-NORTH to Rabun (19 counties – with Hall being the clearly dominant county).

                  Will be interesting.

                  • TheEiger says:

                    Price can loose the Northern part of Cherokee. Basically Holly Springs North and will not have to have any of Forsyth. He has the 2nd or third largest district based on population so he has to loose a lot. I think loosing most of Cherokee would be the ideal situation for him.

              • Howard Roark says:

                Butterworth would make a great congressman. A district with a slice of Gwinnett, Barrow and Clarke, all of Madison, Jackson, Oglethope, Elbert, Hart and the remaining counties in SD 50 might be the ticket.

                I would work my fingers to the bone for Butterworth.

                • Dagny says:

                  Martha Zoller would make a great Congresswoman. I hope she runs.
                  We could use someone with her knowledge and ethics in DC.
                  If she doesn’t run, I’d be happy with Ashley Bell.

  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    I’m no political junkie, that raw data means little to me. Can someone explain what will happen to representation for SWGA, and S GA in general?

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      Nothing. Y’all aren’t getting crap. Not to be crude, but the balance of power is nowhere near your favor right now, so it’s going to (likely) North of Atlanta.

    • griftdrift says:

      Likely scenario is you’ll still be split by the 2nd and 8th. Little change. Almost zero population growth.

      The real battle lines are across the northern arc. With a side skirmish in the Athens area.

    • SWGA/S Ga lucked out that the new divisor is 14 instead of 13. Districts that would have been vastly underpopulated will instead be only slightly underpopulated.

      In the House and the Senate? No such luck. Look at the map as it exists now, everything South and outside of metro Atlanta – for every 8 or 9 districts (House or Senate) that currently exist on average 1 is going bye bye. And it can’t be majority African American ones either.

      Have fun party switchers!

      • Actuallllllllly, shouldn’t you say “Have fun Democrats”? After all, do you really (seriously) think any of these seats will go back to being Democratic — outside of the majority African-American ones?

        You saying “have fun party switchers!” reminds me of the Joker laughing as he falls at the end of Batman. You sure…showed them!

        • Toxic Avenger says:

          No, “impartial” polling guy. And yes, if you followed the switchers and the demographics in their districts, I’d say 7/9 of them could easily go back into Democratic hands. That, and Athens is not majority-minority. And McKillip is royally effed.

          • Really Toxic Avenger? You … want to re-think that?

            7 of 9, huh?

            In case you missed it…the topic here is reapportionment. The chances of most of those districts flipping back to Democrats is about….zero. Maybe one or two, but I’d say McKillip is more likely to be vulnerable to a GOP primary loss than a general election one.

            But I love to read the delusion you guys live under. 7 of 9, huh? Still rethinking?

            • While that is maybe a bit optimistic, consider:

              McKillip or any Republican can not win an Athens area district no matter how it is drawn. That said, if Republicans want to crack up Athens into multiple districts maybe he can, but you would have to divide the non Keith Heard part of Athens into 3 or 4 other districts spiraling outward. Not unheard of, but he can not win anything remotely approaching his existing district.

              Now as for party switchers. Alan Powell should be OK, his area of the state probably hasn’t grown as fast as the overall state but it was already a Republican district and won’t need too much help from neighboring areas to be reconstructed.

              Amy Carter – I’d be holding my breath if I was her. That district according to 2009 ACS estimates is now 48.7% African American. At the 2000 census it was 45.7 … which means virtually any combination of continued trend and/or undercount of minorities puts it at 50%. Tell me how many Republicans represent 50% AA districts that haven’t switched parties after their election as a Democrat?

              Gerald Greene – he’s another one. According to ACS estimates it is 49.6% AA, up from 47.49%. Very close to 50%.

              Even Cheokas is in a district that is 45% AA, and underpopulated by about 16%.

              But really the point isn’t winning the seats of the party switchers back. The point is they are disappearing from the map down there. Seats will have to be eliminated, and since there are pretty much no Democratic seats down there that aren’t protected by the VRA, that means Republican seats will have to be eliminated.

              If Mike Cheokas or some other Republican has their seat cast into the dustbin of history and it gets reincarnated in Western Gwinnett County and a Democrat wins it then I don’t really care what happens to the person who used to hold it.

            • ACCmoderate says:

              Mark, when’s the last time you visited Athens?

              McKillip ran unopposed in both the primary and the general. What makes you think that the Athens-Clarke GOP is going to drum up a serious candidate overnight?

              McKillip will get it handed to him royally in the general, espeically with Obama driving AA turnout once again.

    • They’re right, but . . .

      Actually, the 1st, 2nd and 8th US Congressional Districts will have to expand geographically because we lost population relative to the rest of the state, even factoring in the new congressional district.

      Expect the real knife fight breaking out over the increased geographic sizes of the state house and state senate seats. I like both my stste rep and state senator and hope to keep them both with the new lines, but who knows?

  2. Jane says:

    The new district could/should be built around Hall county. It could also be built around Columbia instead, but that is fairly remote.

      • Toxic Avenger says:

        It’s not remotely close, Chris. I’ve been trying to mess around with the Redistricting App, and it seems like there’s very little way that everything will stay anywhere near the same. Try using Dave’s Redistricting App, and keeping all of the GOP congressmen in their districts while adding one more in Hall. It’s easy, but it drastically alters the landscape, and may even make some more seats more Democratically competetive. Again, not arguing here.

  3. Anonymole says:

    I think the most interesting question for S GA is if they will draw Kingston into the same district as Barrow (reuniting Brunswick, Savannah and Statesboro in the first).

  4. peach4handel says:

    They need to make the 2nd smaller,its a joke on how big it is. I would like to see a part of Houston county join the 2nd. The part where house seat 136 ( Tony Sellier/State.Rep Judye Sellier) seat will be. And give Muscogee to ga-8

    • Jeff says:

      How in the Sam Hades are you going to give MUSCOGEE (on the AL line) to CD8 (along I-75)???

      You also got the State Rep title backwards. Tony was the State Rep. With any luck, Judye won’t be.

      And CD2 is about to get BIGGER – not smaller.

      • Toxic Avenger says:

        Yeah, basically. You gotta realize that South Georgia doesn’t have much in the way of population. North Georgia will be smaller areas.

    • Jeff says:

      Maybe in sheer area, but in population it is nearly 10% *TOO SMALL*.

      Meaning it has to GAIN population – though if said population comes in Columbus/Valdosta, actual area gain MAY be minimized. If the population comes from virtually anywhere else, area gain will be moderate to significant, depending on particulars.

  5. peach4handel says:

    Not if u make it like the old line where it go’s from macon to Muscogee. It can go right cross from macon. BTW Mrs.Judye is hands down the best person for that seat. She was up there with Tony,and she knows the rope’s every well.

    • Jeff says:

      Count me solidly in the “No Legacy” crowd. She may win, but because of an emotional appeal that has no place in policy.

      And I DOUBT they put Bibb back in CD2. Possible, but I think they’ll try to put Muscogee and/ or Lowndes solidly in CD2 in order to bump Republican numbers – IF DOJ will let them get away with it.

      • Toxic Avenger says:

        Respectfully, p4h, you need to check out the demographic distribution (or at least the current estimation), and you’d know that it will not remotely resemble that. Sorry to say that South Georgia just does not have much population, compared to up North.

  6. Tiberius says:

    The real map drawers will receive 3 orders (in no particular order):

    1. draw Bishop into Macon thereby
    2. protecting Austin Scott
    3. Screw John Barrow.

  7. peach4handel says:

    We need to help Mike Keown if he wants to run again in 2012,we got to figer out a map where we can screw bishop. If GA2 can get parts of Houston County that’s at least 10,000 votes right there.

    • Jeff says:

      Mike Keown needs to go the way of the dinosaur – gone for good. He was a crap candidate in 2010, and he stands NO CHANCE in 2012 with Obama driving AA turnout.

    • Gerald says:

      No, we need to give the VOTERS in that district, actual living human beings, a congressman that is actually willing and able to represent them, instead of someone who will vote party line with the national GOP and totally ignore actual constituents.

      Look, you wouldn’t want to be represented by Cynthia McKinney, so why do you want the voters of that district to be represented by some right wing Republican?

      • Tiberius says:

        The cries of help remind me of the time when I worked for a powerful GOP Congressman in the 90’s. People would call from Michigan, California and Texas crying to us b/c their Representative didn’t represent them and they wanted to know what my guy could do for them. It took every ounce of strength not to say “hey, you got the Senate” or more aptly or more bluntly say “move.”

        The evils of a democratic republic.

      • I believe we still live in a republic, Gerald. The majority preferred Austin Scott despite Jim Marshall’s fear-mongering about RAFB.

        BTW, do you live in GA-8? Not attacking, just asking.

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      Can I just say that I loathe people that have no idea how redistricting works? You can’t just draw things however you want. Every suggestion you’ve made is inane. That, and Bishop is going to be safe. Why? They want to protect their boychik Austin Scott. You can’t get everything you want.

  8. Gerald says:

    The real story here is how Georgia SHOULD HAVE PICKED UP two congressional seats. Georgia WOULD HAVE picked up two congressional seats if it were governed by:

    1. Actual social conservatives who would have worked to reduce the number of abortions in this state (making getting them extremely cumbersome and impractical, as has been done in several states)

    2. Forward thinking, pro-growth types instead of anti-government figureheads who poorly understood the Reagan era (and more to the point, who totally ignore Reagan’s tenure as governor of California). Under Roy Barnes, Zell Miller and their predecessors, this state was booming economically and stealing workers and businesses from other states, not only the southeast but all over the country, and starting innovative new businesses. Now after 8 years of Perdue (and a GOP legislature), not only is that long over, but we are actually losing certain economic battles to not only Florida and North Carolina, but Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee.

    Imagine if we had built the “brain train” connecting Atlanta, Athens and Macon, and if the Beltline had been constructed. Imagine if Sonny Perdue hadn’t killed the northern arc and rolled back Barnes’ education reforms. Imagine if ALL of the REAL pro-life bills proposed by Sadie Fields and company become law. (Not that I am a supporter of GRTL incidentally … their throwing all their weight behind “former” pro-abortion Democrat Nathan Deal, not to mention their general acquiescence to pro-abortion Johnny Isakson, is almost as bad as Roy Barnes’ redistricting.) Imagine, imagine, imagine …
    And with Deal in office, anyone thing that Georgia is going to go back to its booming ways that went from the early 80s until around 2001 (when the bubble burst)? Yeah, like that’s going to happen …

  9. slyram says:

    I like Tiberuis’ thinking. Relative to national Democrats, Bishop is a member who works well with conservatives on regional issues. I was surprising to see him slammed like crazy when he is the voice in the Congressional Black Caucus pulling them toward the center. The 2nd and 8th are both too long and the win-win (for Bishop and A. Scott supporters) would be putting the 2nd Bibb County; and cutting the northern part of the 8th off while adding Lowndes, Brooks, Thomas, Cook, and Berrien. Jeff is right about the numbers of AA voters with Obama on the ticket. Remember, when the Justice Department talks about Black district, the 2nd aren’t really one.

  10. Tiberius says:

    CD 2 was 48% AA in 2000 in population. when 2010 #s come out, it is distinctly possible that CD 2 will be 50%+ AA. This coupled with Bishop’s own ethnicity puts him squarely under the protection of the VRA. Trying to carve up the 2nd CD to help Keown may not be possible.

    Taking out Barrow sounds a lot more reasonable, entertaining and rewarding.

    • I think CD2 will be about the same black % as it was in 2000, but underpopulated by about 8% compared to the ideal size of a district.

      I would look for them to swap some territory with neighboring CD 8, getting CD 2 some extra population and also pushing it up into 50% AA territory in the process.

      I think most Republicans realize that 2010 was probably a once in a lifetime wave, and it makes more sense to just shore up Bishop and Scott respectively.

  11. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    “Taking out Barrow sounds a lot more reasonable, entertaining and rewarding.” Seriously? Just compare his and Bishop’s voting records. The reality is Barrow, at-least recently, truly has a “moderate” and maybe even Conservative voting record, social issues aside. So if issues, such as abortion and gun rights are very imp. to you, Bishop is your guy, but for the rest of us, he has done nothing but spew party rhetoric. Plus, Barrow is a highly intelligent guy, who can actually articulate his position on issues. Have you ever tried to talk to Bishop about the specific details about key bills? I have, and all he does is repeat quotes from his buddies his democrat buddies in Washington and his very smart and savy Chief of Staff.

    As for Jeff, you have no idea what you are talking about. I really don’t want to go into the details, but you know as well as I do, Mike came closer than anyone else (and raised more money locally) to defeating Bishop. I recently talked to a couple of fairly influential politicians who atleast like the idea of making the 2nd more competitive, considering it was redistricted atleast twice to make favor Bishop. Obviously, whether that happens or not will depend of many other factors. Personally, I think slayram will get the best deal, as the likely Scott’s district will be more red, while Bishop’s will be more blue.

    • Gerald says:

      So, you prefer Barrow over Bishop because Barrow is a fiscally conservative, socially liberal Democrat and Bishop is a fiscally liberal, socially conservative Democrat. So why not just come out and say it without making cracks against Bishop’s intelligence – nonsense that would never be taken seriously if it weren’t for Bishop’s race – and pretending that Barrow is any more than what he is? Bishop is a former Army officer (ROTC, hey did Barrow serve, nope … I guess he had more important things to do), an Emory Law School grad, and ran his own law firm (hey, is Barrow a former owner/operator of a business, again nope). This idea that an Emory law grad, former Army officer, and a guy who ran his own law firm (in addition to receiving the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts) … do you honestly think that you can accomplish all that while being dumb? Oh, if you are black I guess. Cursed affirmative action …

      Anyway, the combination of a personal scandal, the healthcare bill, the worst economy in decades, an extremely unpopular president, and the national tea party movement, his failing to take Keown’s campaign seriously until the last possible moment, and Bishop still won by nearly 5,000 votes (nearly 3% of the total votes cast). Next time, Bishop will take Keown a lot more seriously, won’t have ObamaCare or a bunch of Pelosi votes to defend, and the economy will have improved. You have no shot at defeating Bishop, and again, I question why you would want a right wing GOPer in that seat anyway. Again, Keown will simply follow the national GOP leadership. He has no idea how to lead a district comprised mostly of blacks and poor whites (this district isn’t Gwinnett or Forsyth, ok?) and based on his campaign no interest in learning (look, if Mike Huckabee, another SBC preacher, was able to get black Baptists to vote for him in Arkansas, Keown should have been able to get more black Baptists to vote for him in the 2nd, and from the looks of it didn’t even try).

      But hey, if you want to try to knock off Bishop when going after Barrow might actually work, and might actually get most of the people who live in that district a representative that they can live with, then whatever floats your boat. Just know that it isn’t going to work.

      • KD_fiscal conservative says:

        Gerald, this is the third time you took my comments completely out of context and some how expanded my statements to include race into a debate that has absolutely nothing with racial issues. In the past, refused waste my time to response to your absurd assumptions, but these points need to be made.

        The statements about Bishop concerning his intelligence has nothing to do with his education. He is definitely has a solid formal education, but he still refuses to educate himself about the major issues of his district, and is unable defend his position. Although I that way talking to him, I am just a college student, so it could be argued that I am not an expert in anything, and thus can’t make judgment about people’s knowledge. So let me briefly discuss two instances of area experts who I have talked with in detail, about working with Bishop.

        A) A couple of my major professors and as well a high ranking member of the Ag. school exec. have a long standing relation with Bishop b/c he is able to bring in the pork. They all, as well as many other Ag. professors who have dealt with him, have mentioned he doesn’t know much about ag. issues, but he will still go on about specific farming related matters, in an asinine attempt to “act like he knows.” They have given me many specific examples, I don’t want to go on, but overall they have a low opinion of him, and his ability to work through major agricultural issues concerning S-GA. This may be why he voted for the environmental bill and never even attempted bring up the issue on the Floor of amending the cap and trade portion in a way that would have benefited his district’s many farmers. Next time you see your buddy Bishop, and ask him about that. I guarantee he will i)avoid the issue and talk about how he never voted for cap and trade, only a env. bill or ii)tell you the env. should be protected, and that provision didn’t really affect the farmers, both of which is not completely true. But it’s Bishop we are talking about, half-truths are ok right?
        B) He held many meeting with doctors before the huge “ObamaCare” bill. The many doctors I talked to reported they told him the many specific concerns about the bill. Especially the fact that there is no tort reform, as well as many other specifics I really don’t want to get into. He was unable/unwilling to listen to their concerns and take his new found knowledge about the bill, from local experts on health-care, to Washington. Once again, these professionals concluded that all he is able to do it repeat party rhetoric.

        So I could have taken out the word “intelligence” and replaced it with “knowledge,” or desire to learn. But the fact is, no matter how highly you think of the congressman, he doesn’t know very much about very much, and thus resorts to party rhetoric. I have seen it time and time again, even regarding other issues.

        This has nothing to do with race as you would like to believe. But I don’t blame you for making that argument, as soon as you pull your favorite card, you have automatically won the argument. There is not much I can say to 100% prove, without any doubt, that my opinions about Bishop has nothing to do with race. Even after I make point after point with much evidence, you can still make that charge, no matter how over the top that it is.

        You were so dead set on inserting racism, that you clearly did not research about Barrow, I urge you to learn a little about him(use a better source then wiki), and you will learn he did in fact did run and operate a law business as well, after graduating as the youngest member in his class at Harvard Law, but that in its self doesn’t mean much. You can tell how smart the guy by hearing him speak and/or talking to him in person. For example, when I asked about him about healthcare, he was able to explain, point by point, why voted the way he did, in a very convincing, manner. But I’m not trying claim I know everything about Barrow, so I may be wrong about him, but it will hard to change my opinion about Bishop. I still think Barrow may be a far-left liberal in disguise, but at least he is representing his district.

        Also, I truly believe that if Mike would have gotten elected, he would have been able to convince African-Americans that he is in Washington to represent them as well. If he didn’t try to bring in those folks as well, I would have been the first one to call him out for not representing a large percent of his constituents.

        But you are right, we lost, and looking at the redistricting situation, Bishop looks like he is hear to stay. So nothing I say about him mean anything, but points about racism had to be made.

        Lets me make it very clear, my judgments have nothing to do with race, you can read my posts and see I am very critical everyone who I think ignorantly make decisions, and hold views without intelligently looking at the issues surrounding a matter, regardless of party and especially regardless of race.

    • Jeff says:

      Mike came closer than anyone else because of the GOP wave – and nothing else. In reality land, he was NO DIFFERENT than Bishop, and their voting records prove that.

      This year, you had the racist hicks coming out of the woodwork against an unpopular half-black President, even though his policies really have been largely the culmination of seeds planted by the past 5 white Presidents (from both parties). This, after the racist urbanites came out of the woodwork in 2008 – and will come out of the woodwork again in 2012 – to get a “brother” into the White House.

      And even WITH the GOP surge, even WITH the racist rednecks coming out of the woodwork, even WITH various “scandals” his opponent was involved in – Mike Keown couldn’t seal the deal.

      But hey, I’m all for Bibb staying with Austin Scott. Because from what it looks like right now, as of next summer I’ll have a man representing me in Congress that I literally walked 10 miles by his side.

      • KD_fiscal conservative says:

        “…After the racist urbanites came out of the woodwork in 2008 – and will come out of the woodwork again in 2012 – to get a “brother” into the White House.” –Wow, so y0u think you can make insensitive statements about black people just because you called some whites racists. Where’s Gerald on this?

        • Jeff says:

          To deny that there was racism on BOTH sides in 2008 – and 2012 – is to deny reality. The difference is, the African Americans for some reason tend to get a pass. Not with me.

  12. RabunCountyMtnMan says:

    If Butterworth ended up in the district he would definitely be a compelling candidate. The Norton Agency flagged him as a rising star and he’s shot through Senate ledership like a freight train. The public is aching for leaders with backbone and he’s proven to be loaded up with it. I’m sure there are more than a handful of hopefuls who would prefer not to face off with “B1 Butterworth”.

  13. peach4handel says:

    Jeff: wow you really have no idea about the races that mike ran. Yea it also helps when u got the RNC,NRCC ex ex completey in bed with ur cad. Mike had to do pretty much EVERYTHING with no help from the RNC and the NRCC. How about u worried about ga8 and i worried about ga2 🙂

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah, that’s the reason NRCC sent down those interns… that’s the reason Mike had to get their blessing before he would even consider running…

      Get your head out of Mike’s tail, will ya?

    • Jeff says:

      Mike didn’t stand half the chance from the get-go Austin did…

      Marshall was beatable. Barrow was beatable. Bishop was not, and National GOP should have put the resources into Ray McKinney that they put into Mike Keown.

    • Jeff says:

      Yep: I’m glad he’s finally out of office, and I hope he stays that way. I’ve got no problems with the guy personally, and in his private life I think he is an honorable man. He’s simply one of those that has NO BUSINESS being an elected official.

      So long as he remains a private citizen, I’ll help him out if/when I can. If he ever runs for office again, I’ll do everything I can to make sure he loses the race.

  14. peach4handel says:

    “So long as he remains a private citizen, I’ll help him out if/when I can. If he ever runs for office again, I’ll do everything I can to make sure he loses the race.” WOW so u either have a hard core dem that will do what ever obama saids then a republican. WOW!!!!

    • peach4handel says:

      “So long as he remains a private citizen, I’ll help him out if/when I can. If he ever runs for office again, I’ll do everything I can to make sure he loses the race.” WOW so would have a hard core dem that will do what ever obama saids then a republican that would stand up againts obama.WOW!!!!

      How about u get out of austin tail

    • Jeff says:

      Bishop is no “hard core” Dem. He votes with power – and he’s honest about what values he holds and how he will vote.

      Mike Keown will claim to be a “conservative”, yet vote to RAISE taxes and expand Big Brother. The man will openly lie to your face – and I prefer the guy who will at least ADMIT he is openly lieing to your face.

      Rick Allen wasn’t perfect, but he was a FAR better candidate than Mike Keown.

      Remember – I’m a Libertarian. I hate “both” Parties equally.

  15. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    @Jeff, Just to correct you misconceptions, Mike’s camp only had a single worker from the GOP, for the longest time, and only started receiving serious national help a few months before the election( like in late September. ) Mike, his staff, and volunteers had to prove that he was a serious national candidate before the NRCC stepped in.

    Regardless, I really don’t see the point in arguing about that race we ran in the 2nd. No matter how close it was, we still lost, and I agree Bishop is almost unbeatable, at least the way the lines are currently drawn. Plus, the GOP has every reason to strengthen the 8th, especially considering Austin Scott is someone who has broad appeal, and we can expect to successfully rise the ranks of the Republican party. While, even I will admit, Mike didn’t want to be a career politician and publicly said he will only hold office for 8 years. Unfortunately, especially in the House, it takes time to gain seniority and power. I hate to admit it, but the way it looks now, it is in the best interest of the party to take off some of the burden for Austin, be strengthening the 2nd for Bishop.

    • Harry says:

      Keown needs a second shot at this corrupt Democrat. What about the idea of grafting the GOP North Columbus area into CD2? It would not affect CD8.

      • KD_fiscal conservative says:

        That’s actually what I was talking about with a couple of state level politicians. I think N. Columbus will be added, but that will add a net gain of only about 10,000 votes, while that would have given us the win last cycle, in a presidential election that will not be be enough, even if that is the only change to the 2nd. But I have a feeling they are also going to take out some Dem. areas of the 8th and add them to the 2nd. The GOP definitely wants to help out Scott, and unless you see something I don’t, the only reasonable way to do this is by cutting into the 2nd.

        • Tiberius says:

          A lot of GOP VIPs and a lot of $$$ live in that part of Columbus. I am not sure they would want to trade in Westmoreland for losing to Bishop every 2. VIPs and $$$ like sure things and they got one now in Westmoreland.

          If CD 2 is majorty AA which is distinctly possible, Justice might a real problem if we suddenly add all these white voters.

          Anyway, do we really want to add to all those “trapped” GOP souls in the 2nd CD (see humorous post above).?

          • KD_fiscal conservative says:

            You do have a point there, all the very wealthy of Columbus( the Blanchards, Leeburn’s, Amos’s, Pezold’s….the list goes on and on…) all contribute big to Lynn, and live in the N. Columbus. While there were a good number of “rich” people from the area to support Mike’s campaign, most of them are “working professionals.” There are also many “powerful” people over here that actually support Bishop as well(the Aflac folks, and some businessmen that I know, for example), that also don’t want to add N. Col. to the 2nd. I didn’t think about those two facts, but that just supports my original notion that Bishop is here to stay, and there is no reason to waste time and money get rid of him. I will still still support the opponent if the GA Legislator takes steps to make the district more competitive, but I just don’t see that happening.

            What I don’t understand is, all these “big shot” people, and corporations constantly donating to very safe incumbents must want and get something in return. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but Lynn doesn’t seem to do much for these folks, or the community, as far as funneling in money. What does he do that benefits these big long time doners? On other hand, Bishop has always been a master of bringing in money to support area organizations. I will admit, this is the only thing I really like about him.

            • Tiberius says:

              I agree. I do not know what specifically Westmoreland has done for Columbus either. Bishop is a good connection to the current administration, and Bishop will not purposely screw over Columbus. My gut tells me the residents of northern Columbus would feel they were better served politically and ideologically by Westmorland over Bishop.

        • JRM2016 says:

          Had Muscogee County been fully in CD 2, Mike would have received a net gain of 8,600 votes and as a result would have beaten Bishop.

          • KD_fiscal conservative says:

            I was referring to the next election, which is a presidential election, looking the the previous numbers for those elections, it doesn’t seem likely, but I guess he could win, in theory. He would have to convince the African-American voters that he will be better than Bishop…

  16. slyram says:

    KD, Gerald, Jeff: I take a day away from the blogs to watch Georgia homekid Maya Moore make basketball history with UCONN and I miss everything. The funny thing about how Bishop (my former boss) comes across is that he seems nerdy or professor-like in the way Obama does. He doesn’t speak in sound bites but at the Albany debate with Keown he was much better than I have ever seen him. For that fact, Keown’s bid got SBD to elevate his game and without regard to the election results, the benefit is a sharper member congressman who should be aggressive next congress.

    While waiting with other Bishop supporters in front of the venue after the debate, I had to say “good effort…good hustle” to Keown as he headed to his vehicle because his folks worked really hard. Is he a bad dude? No. Is he right for the current 2nd? In my opinion, no.
    It’s amazing that people look at Bishop’s successful political career in term of race because he has always enjoyed a fair amount of support across the board from those who know him or the situation. For example, real liberals have been biting their lips about him for years because his voting scoring card is often 60% or 70% where Rep. John Lewis would be 100% or 0%. In other words, many Bishop supporters understand his desire or requirement to consider conservative views of other voters. Over the years, Bishop has pulled many of those voters closer to the center. To hear that Bishop is a good Dem party man is laughable because the progressives are offput by his positions and only tolerate him because he is a nice guy and they know rural Georgia (White, Black and Brown) is more conservative than northern cities.

    It’s all about primary voters producing candidates who can pull 10% to 20%. I still can’t believe that Austin Scott’s primary was as close as it was and that is the concern of conservative friends looking to 2012. Will the Tea Party push ultra conservative candidates in the primaries because they are just like them or will wiser heads prevail and candidates come out of the primaries who can win in November by securing some of the center.

    Does Keown have a bright future in an appropriate district? Yes he does. Some feel that the “energy” of those who like redmeat actually motivated some Dems who were not interested in the political season into action. Jeff knows that Albany has several young hip conservative guys who could have won that congressional race because they are likeable from years of working with everyone in the community (I am happy one of those dudes did not run.) Remember, all this drama could have been avoid if we would have pushed harder for SDB to be Ag Secretary …but noooo. Don’t waste money trying to beat Bishop or Scott if the districts dont significantly change.

  17. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    slyram, while I usually respect your views, I think you are dead wrong about Bishop. If you read my long post about Bishop, you will see that there are many actual professors that would completely disagree about Bishop being “professor-like” like Obama (who by the way actually was a professor). While I don’t know Bishop personally, they do, and they say he is pretty much a buffoon, especially when it comes to Ag issues.

    As for Ag. Sec., that was/is never ever going to happen. I am interested to know if you were working for Bishop during that time, because I am pretty sure even the “insiders” knew he had no real chance of getting that position. I really don’t want to revel specifics on the internet, but one of the current members of our Ag. College Exec. was a very high ranking member in the gov’t under one of the previous administrations, and this person pushed for Bishop to get that position, and this, possibly, is the only reason that there was even any consideration for him to get that position. But even that person admitted as soon as the someone in Obama Admin talked to him, they immediately stopped considering him for the job. He didn’t even make the “short list.” Once again, I hate to say it, but Bishop doesn’t really know that much about the issues he takes strong positions on. While he may have been a darn good lawyer, I won’t consider him highly knowledgeable in much else.

    As far as the debate, I have always noticed Bishop is a very slick talker, and very much resembles a stereotypical lawyer. He often uses his “southern charm” to avoid real substantive conversation. At the final Albany debate, Bishop basically recited his resume, and had a few very catchy quotes. I still remember his response to his ethical concerns, “If you have the law on your side, you argue the law; if you have the facts on your side you argue the facts; if you have neither, you just argue.” Wow! What and slick, clever response, but he never addressed the actual issue at hand. As for Mike, like I said earlier, he is not a career politician, and I will admit he was repeating sound bytes at the debate. But this is a must to invoke emotion in the SW-GA crowd. If you talk to him in person, he will state his position, and is man enough to admit if he didn’t know something. Also, I think people would be surprised to know that he is not as “right-winged” as some people like to believe. And doesn’t come off as an ideologically nut-job like too many congressman in the GA delegation.

    • KD_fiscal conservative says:

      Sorry, I was incorrect, Bishop was in fact on the “short list.” But my original point still remain valid. No one in their right mind is going to give him that position.

    • Jeff says:

      Mike isn’t a career politician???? That is news to anyone who knows his resume…

      He’s been an elected official off and on since almost the day I was born – and I turn 28 next month.

      In fact, while he was shooting higher than I ever intended to shoot for myself, his general path was EXACTLY what I have told others inside the LP we need to work on: local (preferably city council, if available), then General Assembly, then either Congress or Statewide (depends on particular circumstances there, though Congress helps with the “grow your regional base first” theory)

      • KD_fiscal conservative says:

        “In fact, while he was shooting higher than I ever intended to shoot for myself”

        Hey, I think your your selling your self short. I don’t know what you were shooting for, but you are the founder of SW-GAs “primer” news source and generate a whooping how many hits a day again…~0? And don’t forget, you are a powerful member of a “major” political party. You also “broke” a “major” “news story” about a “leading” gubernatorial candidate. So I disagree, you have shoot higher than any failed congressional candidate I know.

  18. Jane says:

    You cannot reduce the Black population and if you did reduce the black in the 2nd you would have to hurt the 8th. Face facts, we need to make the 2nd more democrat in order to make the 8th more Republican.

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