Senator Chambliss, one more question

There have been many comments in several posts about this today and I believe it’s worth moving to the front page. Here is Senator Saxby Chambliss precisely one month ago:

“I have consistently voted for the elimination of earmarks in the past and will support the earmark-moratorium resolution today.

And here he is today:

I recently voted in support of an earmark moratorium to help reduce federal spending in the next Congress. As I have previously stated, while this is not the answer to our budget woes, it is a good start.

Why, then, Senator, do you personally have 42 earmarks in the Omnibus Spending Bill?

And if you think the Omnibus Spending Bill “simply spends too much,” does that include your own pet projects? If so, why did you promote them to begin with? If not, isn’t that a violation of your own alleged position against pork spending?


  1. ~M~ says:

    One of two things:
    1) He is hoping that come 2014 we will have forgotten this, moved on to other things or stopped caring about fiscal issues
    2) He isn’t running for re-election

  2. debbie0040 says:

    My understanding is that Reid and company added earmarks that had been requested over the past two years by GOP Senators in order to get them to vote for the pork fest. Some earmarks listed may be current requests. I am not sure in Sen Chambliss case. I would lean toward that if a Senator has pledged to vote no to Omnibus, then the earmarks are not something he or she currently requested and are from previous requests.

    Pretty slick of “Dirty Harry” Reid..

  3. If we don’t spend $1M on peanut research, who will?

    And of course everyone knows that the Senator’s home town of Moultrie needs an intermodal facility… at only $400k that’s quite a bargain, no?

    And just how is the good Senator going to get to Washington if we don’t spend $1.4M at Macon’s airport and another $1M on “Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Apron and Various Improvements”?

    Of course Isakson’s name is attached to a lot of these as well (and he just recently won re-election last month). Congratulations citizens of Georgia… you’ve done it again.

  4. Kimmie2shoes says:

    Dingy Harry IS pretty slick on this one. Many Republicans are scrambling now to justify earmarks in the Omnibus bill that were requested up to 2 years ago. It’s actually kind of a brilliant “payback” or “parting shot” on behalf of the Democrats. Let’s stick in EVERY earmark anyone has requested over the past two years and dump it into one big giant 2000 page bill that no one will read except a few bloggers, and then make the holier than Thou GOP defend themselves now that they are supporting the earmark ban so vocally. Now who has mud on their face? As far as airport upgrades go (re: Macon & SW GA Regional) – I have no problem asking the feds for money for those updates. None at all. Passengers from all over the country use those airports. That’s what we need government to spend money on – infrastructure, not the stupid peanut / maple syrup studies and other crap that has found itself slapped into this monstrosity.

  5. Three Jack says:

    if saxby had a pair, he would offer an amendment to get some significant portion of the 50m non-tax paying households to pay a fair share. if we could get just $100 out of these freeloaders, that would be $5b.

  6. Ramblinwreck says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but couldn’t Saxby have instructed that the 42 earmarks attributed to him be removed from the bill? You can’t convince me that he is required to have earmarks he claims not to support in this bill. If so he should just vote against it on principle. But, then again, this is Saxby we’re talking about. Never mind.

  7. Spacey G says:

    The schizophrenic behaviors regarding pork from Washington displayed over the last couple of days on Peach Pundit are starting annoy the crap outta me.

  8. James Fannin says:

    When Saxby Chambliss asks for 42 earmarks that in his opinion are in the best interest of economic development in Georgia, he is substituting his judgment for the judgment of President Obama and his appointees about how federal dollars should be spent. I think Saxby is right to do so. I can’t understand why so many Peach Punditeers think Obama knows best. The airlines aren’t going to pay for the improvements in Macon because they aren’t flying there anymore. Macon probably hopes to lure them back and add flights which would be good for Macon’s economy. It might also convince some companies to locate there and it would add tax revenue. Macon and the others seeking Saxby’s assistance could go through the federal grant process and make their case to Obama appointees but, oh yeah, Georgia’s a Red State and that money would be better spent in Ohio or Illinois. The money is still going to be spent but thanks to the proudly ignorant it will be paid for by Georgians but spent elsewhere. But hey, Obama knows best.

  9. CCollins says:

    What is interesting is that the Taxpayers against Earmarks has given Saxby and Isakson a nod for their earmarks. That kind of tells me that there are earmarks that make sense and are put to go use such as defense and the military.

    I’m a die-hard Conservative Republican but even I know that not all earmarks are a waste of money and certainly, as a Veteran, I am all for keeping our defense and military up to speed, earmarks or not.

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