Saxby Chambliss responds to charges he isn’t a conservative leader by showing he isn’t a conservative leader

Earlier I made some salient remarks concerning Saxby Chambliss and his two-faced positions on pork spending and on how he fears being anything but a backbencher. Behold Saxby’s words on the Omnibus Spending Bill, via Press Secretary Ashley Nelson, received into the Peach Pundit Command Center a few hours ago:

On Nov. 2, the American people made it clear that they want Congress to rein in spending. I recently voted in support of an earmark moratorium to help reduce federal spending in the next Congress. As I have previously stated, while this is not the answer to our budget woes, it is a good start. Even though the Omnibus Appropriations Act falls under this Congress and is not covered by the moratorium, and even though it contains items that will benefit Georgia, it simply spends too much. I intend to vote against it.

It. Simply. Spends. Too. Much. Give me a break. This from the man who supports massive pork spending attached to the tax bill which passed this afternoon, who also voted for TARP, and who believes that billions should be spent so the First Lady can have a salad bar in every elementary school in the Republic.

To Saxby, he thinks he has done his job and can go home simply because he announces he is against something. But that is not leadership.

Why is it I seem to hear the name Jim DeMint every time real conservatives, you know, employ strategy and try to fight the never ending spending and increasing of government control? And has anyone ever –EVER– read a bunch of stories about how Jim DeMint and Saxby Chambliss are teaming up to fight fight fight for conservatism, more liberty, and less government control?

Remember, this is a man who voted for TARP. Who wants Federal government involvement in your schools. Who voted for every grotesquely bloated and pork filled budget under the Bush Administration. But now he has the pretty words of a member of the minority party in the Senate which he thinks will mollify the public.

What do I want Saxby Chambliss to do? Get some freaking skin in the game, man. Show even a moment of emotion and acknowledge that this massive spending is indeed the ruin of the Republic. And then go find a real Conservative, like Jim DeMint, and tell him you are ready to do whatever is needed to be done to fight the Omnibus Spending Bill. And start calling for action and the public to contact his peers and protest.

But he won’t. Because he’s Saxby Chambliss. And all he thinks he has to do is sit back and vote. Just cast a series of votes and watch the world pass. Pathetic.


  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    To you Saxby clearly can never do anything right can he? It doesn’t matter what actions he pledges to take, how he stands on any issue or how he votes on any given bill, he is still always wrong. Due to preconceived notions based on passed actions you will con’t to believe he is incapable to making good decisions.

  2. mountainpass says:

    Wow. I sent an email to him about my issue with the US Army Corps of Engineers about two weeks ago. I got one response that missed my entire intent, so I resent a more precise one…that has been over a week…. Hmm, how do I get to be a front page poster? 🙂

      • Lady Thinker says:

        I have emailed both senators over the years on several issues and got the standard email thanking me for contacting my senator and nothing else.You were lucky.

        • mountainpass says:

          I guess they are too busy. I really find it sad that Congressman Graves has yet to respond. I mean he just got there.

  3. TheEiger says:

    So if he runs for re-election who can beat him right now? I know there are a few Congressmen that are probably chomping at the bit to take his seat. I bet a well funded Congressman could beat him in a primary.

  4. Game Fan says:

    How hard can it be to vote “no” once in a while? This so-called “outrage” by “conservatives” is one big sick joke. but luckily we may have 2 principled conservatives in DC now. (Ron Paul and Rand Paul)

  5. CCollins says:

    What is interesting is that the Taxpayers against Earmarks has given Saxby and Isakson a nod for their earmarks. That kind of tells me that there are earmarks that make sense and are put to go use such as defense and the military.

    I’m a die-hard Conservative Republican but even I know that not all earmarks are a waste of money and certainly, as a Veteran, I am all for keeping our defense and military up to speed, earmarks or not.

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