$15 per vote cast

That is the figure from WSB:

Because there were only two statewide runoff races and those were for appellate court judges, the state of Georgia predicted only about five percent of registered voters would go to the polls.

Poll workers around Metro Atlanta said that’s just about what they got.

“Turnout has been very low,” said Winston precinct poll manager Tina Martin. “But it’s basically what we expected.”

Lousy weather also played a part in the low voter turnout.

Things were a little better at Austell’s Trinity United Methodist Church where poll workers reported 50 voters by 4 p.m.

“Not as good as we wanted but more than we expected,” poll manager Stacey Waters told Elliot.

While she appreciated the 50 voters, she said it was a far cry from the 1,200 people who voted during the general election.

“We’ve been taking frequent snack breaks,” she said. “We’ve just been trying to pass the time the best we can.”

Some experts have estimated that because of the low turnout and high costs of setting up precincts, Georgia will have spent about $15 per vote in the runoff.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp and his commission on electoral reform need to take up the costs associated with conducting elections, and all options, including Instant Runoff Voting (even if it’s just for local elections), need to be on the table.


  1. No. No. No. No. Elections are the one thing government SHOULD spend money on. And $15 per vote cast is what the voters who chose to stay home today made my vote worth. Are you trying to diminish the value of my vote? Why do you hate America, Jason?

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