Tea Party Patriots Hosts Tele-Townhall With GOP Committee Chair Candidates

The Tea Party Patriots will have a telephone townhall meeting tonight focusing on a couple of key Committee Chair races in the soon to be GOP controlled Congress. Register by 2 PM to receive an invitation to listen in.

As Jim Galloway points out, Kingston and the other candidates will make their final sales pitch tomorrow and decisions could be made soon after.


  1. John Konop says:

    Will the Tea Party support the plan?

    Deficit Demagogues Rev Up

    Obama’s deficit panel is set to suggest an explosive combination of Social Security cuts and tax hikes tomorrow—even though internal disagreements have punted a vote on their proposal until Friday. John Avlon on the bipartisan cowards trying mightily to derail the plan.

    The president’s deficit-reduction commission is scheduled to vote tomorrow on what might be the best shot our country has at a bipartisan plan to get the national debt under control. Establishment Washington is sniffing that the proposals are DOA while ambitious draft plans have come under attack from the right and—especially—the left.

    “We’ve got Holocaust deniers, climate-change deniers, and now we’ve got fiscal-crisis deniers,” Will Marshall, president of the Progressive Policy Institute, told me. “They don’t believe that we have to deal with our deficits and our debt.”


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