Jason Fincher For Cobb State Court

As you know, each county has it’s own front page poster except for Hall.   That’s  just how we roll around here, and I’m the Cobb County guy, when I’m not the Fayette County guy.  Or the Fulton County guy.   Or,…

Anyway, I voted early last week as I’m out of town this week.   Voted for Nahmias for Supreme Court, and McFadden for Court of Appeals.   I’ll have to admit that there was one race I skipped on the general ballot as I didn’t know anything about the candidates, and didn’t start asking in time to get an informed answer.

The Cobb Young Republicans were able to direct me to the campaign manager for Jason Fincher for State Court Judge.   I’ve since learned he’s a lifelong Cobb resident, Kennesaw State graduate, has about a decade of experience with the Cobb County solicitor’s office, and has been endorsed by Sheriff Neil Warren and retired Sheriff Bill Hutson.

I like the profile of having support from both the sheriff’s office and the solicitor’s background.  More importantly, I was asked to vote for him.  I’m not even sure who he is running against.  They didn’t ask.  Fincher’s folks did.  

Basic campaign rules win.  I voted for Fincher on Wednesday.