Insider Advantage Says Nahmias, McFadden Lead.

No numbers, but on the eve of the General Election Runoff it appears David Nahmias leads the Supreme Court race and Chris McFadden leads the race for Court of Appeals.

(11/29/10) An InsiderAdvantage/WSB-TV survey conducted last week showed incumbent David Nahmias with an overwhelming lead over his opponent, Tammy Lynn Adkins, in Tuesday’s runoff for the state Supreme Court while Court of Appeals candidate Chris McFadden appears to hold a substantial lead over his opponent, Antoinette “Toni” Davis, in another runoff.


  1. I received 14 political robocalls for Nahmias and McFadden over Sunday/Monday and though I support both, I’m staying home Tuesdau in protest. Good luck, but you’ll have to do it without my family’s 4 votes.

    • macho says:

      Just out of curiosity, how are you “supporting” them if you don’t vote for them?

      Did you contribute to their campaigns?

    • Brandon says:

      Not enough money for TV, not enough interest to have a grassroots team across the state knocking on doors or phone banking (not that direct contact would win your support) and not enough name i.d. to take it easy and coast to victory. What else would you have them do? The majority of Georgians know very little about these candidates and unfortunately, robocalls can’t specify who knows what or who gives a rip. Still though, that’s no reason to not go to the polls and exercise the right and privilege that is voting.

    • JeffD says:

      See my earlier rant about people not appreciating how fortunate they are to be able to vote at all without fear, unlike much of the world. Unbelievable.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Proof of robocall abuse. For every robocall I get, I call the candidate and leave my own robocall thanking them for their reminder not to vote for them by their use of anonymous out of state robocall services and not identifying themselves with a local callback number.

  2. Word says:

    That really makes no sense at all. How about you just hang up or just hit delete when you get one. There is no doubt they are annoying but I also understand that with these races there is very little money involved and it’s probably all these candidates can afford. So instead of just ignoring the call or heck maybe listen to what someone has to say about these two potential Judges on the two highest courts in the state you live in, work in and possibly raise a family in. If you really believe either of these guys is by far the most qualified for the position you really should go vote for them.

  3. macho says:

    It’s always amusing to me when people say, I’m not going to vote for them because I got some phone calls, especially when both sides are autodialing.

    Running statewide costs a lot of money. Perhaps Nahmias has raised a lot by now, but I doubt McFadden has. Especially in Judicial races, some of the candidates feel uncomfortable hitting folks up for money. So, autodials are one of the few ways to reach all of the voters.

    These same people who complain about autodials are probably the same ones complaining “there is too much money in politics” or “why didn’t I hear from the candidate.”

    I swear, perhaps we should only allow rich people to qualify and get their messages our or just depend on the AJC to tell us who to vote for.

    So you’ve got a few days you get annoyed. It’s Democracy at work, sometimes it’s ugly, sometimes it even interrupts Dancing with the Stars. I’d rather have the current system then being forced to listen to the morning and evening updates, on all radio and TV, from the Politburo.

    You probably would have “supported” the revolutionaries, but stayed at home, since Paul Revere invaded your personal space by yelling through your windows, “The British are coming!”

  4. macho says:

    I think it will be a landslide. I know there are a few local runoffs, but basically, the only people voting will be folks who care enough to learn about the candidates, i.e. lawyers and concerned citizens. Anyone who has done a cursory review of Nahmias and Davis’s background, would vote for Nahmias. While there is at least one organization advocating to vote for the candidates based on gender, I don’t think it will work, since, thankfully, people are not usually motivated to drive to the polls, and vote solely for Judges, based on gender.

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