Austin Scott To Deliver Republican Weekly Radio Address Tomorrow

Republicans have selected Representative-elect Austin Scott to deliver their weekly radio address tomorrow. Clearly, Republicans have a lot to be thankful this year, and an 85 member freshman class is at the top of the list. As President of that class, Scott is expected to reflect on the challenges that lie ahead, and the folks that are being sent to Washington to address them.

We’ll post the text of the address at some time tomorrow.


  1. Awesome! I’m glad to see Austin get recognition of his leadership abilities so quickly.

    So will the Macon Telegraph cover it? If so, will it be anytime within the next month? We’ll see. It would be nice if they would get over their bedmate Jim Marshall losing.

    • UPDATE:

      The Macon Telegraph covered the story on page 2!

      . . . of the B section . . .

      . . . inside a group of stories . . .

      . . . below the fold . . .

      . . . all 4 column inches of it . . .

      . . . including the headline.

      Thanks, Macon Telegraph!

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