Democratic Caucus Adds Member

Let me get to the real news in a minute, as alluded to in the headline.

I’m the newest member of Peach Pundit’s esteemed and illustrious goon squad front page.

My name is Ed, and I am a Democrat. However, that’s about as simple as it gets. To call my political philosophy “barely coherent” would be a charitable description. For example, I’m a conservative who wants a national healthcare system, but not the one we’re about to get.

Several things push me firmly into the Democratic camp. Some of these include my strident opposition to the death penalty, almost unceasing pacifism, and the growing lack of seriousness within the Republican Party. That’s not to say the Democratic Party is a paradigm of maturity and thoughtfulness, or that a Democratic President elected on a growing anti-war sentiment will actually do anything to end wars,  but I certainly have more of a home with the Democrats on those issues. Where I differ…well, that list is long. Being pro-life probably at the top.

What interests me most is how government works. I’m big on navel-gazing. I think agency reform is an exciting topic and I think more folks should know about it. Also, and this is especially true here, our legislative system is absurd. This I’ve found, is a lot less partisan or ideological than most topics.

So anyway, the Big Dog wanted a “real” Democrat, he’s probably going to continue waiting.

I told Icarus that I already blog at Blog for Democracy and that will likely remain my home and focus. He said he’s fine with that, and that I may not contribute regularly here.

What I told him to expect would be similar to what Erick would do, posting the interesting news of the day from Georgia. Oh, I can also promise rank boosterism for my beloved Georgia State Panthers (Drew Little is a darkhorse Heisman candidate).

The real news is this…sorry for the misleading headline. I never apologize.


  1. Gerald says:

    Anti-capital punishment, pro-life, anti-war, support universal healthcare. I am going to profile you as a … Roman Catholic along the lines of Mark Shields of CNN and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania. Is my profiling right or wrong in this instance? If I am right, good for me. If I am wrong, well maybe I should apply to work for TSA.

  2. fishtail says:

    Ed…you sound like a walking contradiction, so you should be a Democrat, or more specifically a Southern Democrat. I am frequently confused about what I am as well. Look forward to reading your posts. Good luck.

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    We could use some sane points of view. Tolerance and compassion are in short supply around these parts. Welcome.

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