To The Head Of The Class, Austin Scott

I’ve received word tonight that Austin Scott has been elected to the position of President of his Freshman class.  This group is one of the largest classes to descend upon Washington in generations, and is looking for change. 

I have no outside links or other news at this point.  Thus, I will say two things. 

1)  Congratulations, and,

2) This is less an accomplishment than a recognition that a lot of people, including many of us, expect great things from you and this class.   Your peers and the rest of us are expecting great things.   Not all of us will expect perfection, but we do want your walk to match the talk. 

I think all that practice you had walking will be put to good use.

Sincere Congratulations Congressman-elect Scott.


  1. Patrick Mayer says:

    Rep.-elect Austin Scott (R-Ga.) was elected the freshman class president and Rep.-elect Diane Black (R-Tenn.) was elected the class representative to the Policy Committee.

    Austin Scott said that he was “certainly proud” to have been elected the class president and added that he hopes to contribute to Republicans’ efforts to address voters’ concerns about economic issues.

    We understand that jobs and the economy should be the focus of this Congress and that’s what we intend to work on,” he said.

  2. John Vestal says:

    Congrats to the Congressman-elect and VERY pleased with his comments. The true TP platform has shown the GOP the blueprint…..let’s hope they can read it. :>)

  3. slyram says:

    Remember, we always talked about what would happen if a certain temperment was bottled by the conservatives. It’s the reason wise Bill Clinton tried to cut a deal with Meeks to put Crist in the Senate and limit Rubio on the national stage—Rubio and Scott vibe could appeal to many Democrats. Austin will do really well in Congress.

    • For all you Erick Erickson disciples out there, Erick has declared Austin’s position “largely irrelavent.”

      Yes, but he spelled it correctly.

      “Irrelevant” or not, it shows the high esteem in which Austin is held by his peers. Those of us who know Austin are not the least surprised. It was a good choice.

  4. Tiberius says:

    If correct spelling, punctuation or grammar are the measuring sticks for a quality post then we ALL better watch out.

    Scott has my full kudos for the recognition. Unfortunatley, Erick’s disdain for anything in Congress that smacks of institutional acceptance has now enveloped Scott’s achievement. How soon before Austin is now a dreaded “insider” in Erick’s eyes?

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