Westmoreland Appointed To House Steering Committee

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (GA-03) is proud to announce his selection to serve on the House Republican Steering Committee for the 112th Congress.  The House Republican Steering Committee is tasked with selecting full committee and subcommittee chairmen as well as committee membership for the 112th Congress. 

“With the new Republican majority in the House, it is important that we follow through on our promises to decrease spending, pay down the national debt, and get Americans back to work,” stated Westmoreland.  “As a member of the Steering Committee, I will be able to directly affect the makeup and leadership of committees in the 112th Congress and ensure that members are placed on committees where they can have the greatest impact for their constituents and for the American people.”

The Steering Committee is comprised of party leaders, selected committee leaders, and regional representatives.  Westmoreland was selected by the Republican members from the South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama delegations to serve as their regional representative on the committee.  Because, generally, legislation must pass through committee before reaching the House floor, committee membership is an integral part of legislating. 

“I’m honored that my friends and colleagues from the Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama delegations have selected me to serve as their regional representative on the Steering Committee,” stated Westmoreland.  “Knowing that my peers have the respect and confidence in my judgment means a lot.  The decisions made by this committee will significantly impact the success of the 112th Congress and I look forward to working with Speaker-elect Boehner and the rest of the Steering Committee to create diverse and knowledgeable committee panels led by experienced and dedicated chairmen.”

The Steering Committee, headed by Speaker-elect John Boehner, is anticipated to begin meeting the week of November 29th.


  1. Three Jack says:

    it has been reported on many websites that congressman westmoreland turned down an appointment to the committee on appropriations. why would a fiscal conservative decline an opportunity to join the committee that works up the budget?

    • bobspolitics says:

      Because he is saving that spot for an even more fiscal conservative, someone who is outspoken, new and is rising star. Rep. Tom Graves! Instead of being an army of 1, grow the army and make sure other conservatives get leadership roles.

      • Three Jack says:

        more likely that he doesn’t want to get blood on his hands as part of the committee that is responsible for doing the dirty work. it’s one thing to go around calling for spending cuts, quite another to actually get in the trenches and make it happen. westmoreland comes across as a spineless weasel for avoiding this committee appointment.

  2. GS_Eagle says:

    I have no idea what motivates the folks in my district to vote for Congressman Westmoreland…he doesn’t distinguish himself or sponsor any bills. What does this guy do?!

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