O’Neal Chosen As Majority Leader

The House has chosen Larry O’Neal over James Mills to be the new House Majority Leader during a caucus meeting underway at the State Capitol.  The vote was taken in the House chamber where the majority party filled the vacated position left open with the retirement of Jerry Keen.

The battle was one of both Hall County vs. Rural/South Georgia, but was also one of fiscal conservatives vs. social conservatives.  Larry O’Neal is known for his understanding of both the budget and tax policy.  Mills is best known for staunch social conservative stances.

The outcome preserves a position of leadership in Houston County that is losing a Governor, and is the home of Georgia ledgends Sam Nunn and Richard Russell.   Hall County will just have to settle for having a Governor and Lt. Governor, with the House Speaker from the same congressional district.


  1. Gerald says:

    So, Republicans use social conservatives to get elected and then ignore them, passing as little of their agenda as possible. The old Ronald Reagan playbook (and Reagan put 2 pro-abortion, pro-gay rights judges on the Supreme Court!) still works. Seriously, blacks get more from the Democrats than social conservatives (especially non-Catholic social conservatives … think we will ever see a Southern Baptist or Pentecostal on the Supreme Court, yeah right, remember Harriet Miers, thought so!) ever have or will from the GOP.

  2. Sandy Brothers says:

    With O’Neal taking a bigger role in the House and Cecil Staton as Majority Whip in the Senate, central Georgia seems to be gaining a little for clout in the General Assembly. Perhaps that will offer some balance to NE Georgia!

  3. Nixonstheone says:

    I suspect the folks in Winder won’t like your taking Richard Russell away from them and giving him to Houston County.

  4. Joshua Morris says:

    Portraying Mills as a social conservative in seeming contrast to a fiscal conservative is just a touch disingenuous. Mills is a conservative in every sense of the word, fiscally and socially.

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