In Deal’s Defense

This post has been sitting in a corner waiting. Not because I doubted my thoughts – but like many I have been waiting for the “October Surprise.” But that surprise never came in October, and one can only assume it came in September when Deal got hit hard on the bankruptcy issues. But those attacks haven’t stuck.

A fellow contributor has been reciting a mantra for months, “Republican State. Republican Year.” I never doubted that saying – though I had reservations. I have always contended that if something horrible enough came up in a candidate’s history, I believe it would sink them. No such thing happened.

So why am I now defending Nathan Deal, on the eve of the election? Because I think some people, both here and elsewhere, have laid some serious accusations and allegations against him. I voted for Nathan Deal. I am not ashamed. A person very dear to me voted for Roy Barnes, calling him “The devil you know vs. the devil you don’t know.” I think that argument is certainly valid.

One of my favorite allegations against Nathan Deal is perhaps the most puzzling. Like President George W. Bush, Deal has been accused of being a bumbling oaf. Detractors cite his weak campaign start, political missteps, and words he wish he never said as examples of his “bumbles.” But often times the same very people want me to believe that Deal is also a corrupt criminal mastermind. Deal has been in the political world since the 1980s; if he was a crook then he was a smart crook. If he was as much of a bumbler as he has been made out to be, then he would have already slipped up big time. Likely before he went to Congress. I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept both arguments. Pick one and stick to it.

Much has been said about Deal’s liabilities in regards to his son-in-law and daughter’s failed business. That was a mistake. People stick their necks out for family all the time. Many Georgians have been forced to file bankruptcy because of the economy. A small minority have drawn issue with this, but a larger number have used this as an example of Deal inability to manage the State’s budget. Who decides the State’s finances? I’m going to break someone’s heart here, but Sonny Perdue hasn’t been the sole decider of this great State’s financial policies. Sonny doesn’t compile the budget all by his lonesome. Nor did Roy Barnes, nor Zell, nor any other Governor we have had in the past fifty years. The Governor is who decides who will decide. He picks advisors. Accountants. A number of people are involved in this process. If you pull the lever tomorrow for any of the candidates, they will not be the sole arbiter of all of Georgia’s finances. As this is the case, Nathan Deal’s failed business is not indicative of his ability to select a group to run this state.

But don’t forget, Deal’s been accused of keeping his salvage yard afloat on state money – why didn’t he get the same deal for this failed store? Wouldn’t his life be easier that way? Strange how such a corrupt and powerful man can actually wind up in bankruptcy court. Something doesn’t pass the smell test, you decide what.

I don’t expect Nathan Deal to be a great Governor. I don’t expect miracles. I don’t buy into the redistricting argument that Erick likes to cite as his reason for voting for Deal. I think Deal is a better candidate than Barnes. I think Monds won’t garner more than 7% of the vote. I see Deal as a one-term Governor. He saw problems in his home state with the possibility of the Governorship falling back into Barnes’ hands – and stepped in to prevent that. Deal could have remained Congressman Deal until the cows came home; but rather he has chosen to become Governor Deal and quietly retire one day.

And that’s my spirited defense of Nathan Deal.


  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    “And that’s my spirited defense of Nathan Deal.”

    I smell some irony. That wasn’t much of a defense. I don’t think anyone considers Deal a ‘bumbling oaf.’ His most notorious gaffes can be attributed to his true character and beliefs shining through the veneer. (see: Ghetto Grandmothers)

    No question Deal is a smart man. He graduated near the top of his class everywhere he went and certainly has a wealth of experience in politics. However, he has also used his position in Congress to enrich himself and he has a track record of switching around his beliefs (and party allegiance) to maintain his grip on power.

    You say “But don’t forget, Deal’s been accused of keeping his salvage yard afloat on state money – why didn’t he get the same deal for this failed store?” Well, he did. Just as he has enriched himself this campaign cycle with his aviation deals. How do you think Deal got all that credit from friendly banks? Why was it that his name was conveniently left off of his son-in-law’s bankruptcy filings, where it should have been included? Deal knew he couldn’t get away with doing more to help his kid’s failed business, so he sent daughter and son-in-law off to bankruptcy court and tried to wipe his hands of the whole thing (Don’t worry kids, I’ll help you get back on your feet. You’re just going to have to take this one for me in the meantime).

    Deal is as shady and corrupt as they come.

    You say, “Deal could have remained Congressman Deal until the cows came home; but rather he has chosen to become Governor Deal and quietly retire one day.” Maybe so, but if he had stayed, he’d have seen his face on front pages all across the country just like his old buddy Charlie Rangel. Again, Deal is a smart man. Being elected governor and avoiding the Rangel-like spotlight was a no-brainer.

    I believe Deal will win this election, but he’s not getting my vote. Not even in a runoff, if we get that far.

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        I think ZaZa has been pretty consistant. Heck, RightofCenter almost had a coronary simply because ZZ repeatedly mentioned that he was voting for Barnes.

        As for this post, ZZ is right, I don’t recall too many people dismissing Deal as a bumbling oaf. Currupt and motivated by money? Of course. But not an oaf.

        • ZazaPachulia says:

          Thanks Loyalty. I’m a Republican, so switched around a bit during the primary (Scott was my original choice, then Chapman, then Handel for the runoff), but I’ve been pretty consistent since Nathan pulled the wool over our eyes and beat Handel by a couple thousand votes.

        • Ron Daniels says:

          Rewind back to the start of the Primary – some very vocal people insisted Deal was a bumbler. Even after that, the label has been applied to him in various situations that many labeled as campaign gaffs.

          I know I travel to a wide array of websites, perhaps my mistake is admitting I read what the wing-nuts write.

  2. Joshua Morris says:

    Nathan Deal will be one of the best governors the state of Georgia has ever seen. I base this on my personal experiences around him. He is a genuine thinking conservative, and he will benefit our state.

    • Dawgfan says:

      HA! A genuine thinking conservative? First, the only thing he ever thought of during his entire congressional career was himself. He wins the primary by screaming “Homo” and “illegal alien” the loudest. His campaign has been one attack after another because he has nothing positive to say. Nice try, but you’re still just putting lipstick on a pig.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        deal’s motto is more like, “I ask not what I can do for you, I ask what you can do for me.”

      • NoTeabagging says:

        Deal came out of the gate foaming at the mouth, screaming hate and attacking his fellow ‘conservatives’. Many of the other Republicans followed his lead in the primary with hateful comments and ads, never once did they state a direction or concern for the people. This completely turned me off. I cannot believe any political party would allow such behavior. More appalling, is the fact that we citizens continue awarding this behavior instead of standing up for decency, civility and independent thinking, free of a single party mentality.

    • Three Jack says:

      “Nathan Deal will be one of the best governors the state of Georgia has ever seen.”

      out of all the asinine statements made by you and other gop loyalists, that one takes the cake. he’s had 18 years to become “the best congressman georgia has ever seen”, but he isn’t even close. in fact, he’s done nothing in 18 years to be considered the best at anything except self-enrichment.

      i look forward to canceling your vote tomorrow joshua as i move closer and closer to voting for barnes over monds. georgia cannot withstand 4 more years of gainesville good ol boys screwing up this great state.

      • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

        I think he had some post offices renamed in his district. That has to count for something doesn’t it? 😉

          • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

            LT, like me, I think you wonder who you are going to vote for in the general election. We have more in common than you think. Maybe…just MAYBE you were right about Karen…we’ll see…Chapman would have been the best candidate…..

            Regardless, the next 4 to 8 years do not look good for this state.

            • Lady Thinker says:

              Politics makes strange bedfellows. Since the Primary, I have to agree you and I have more in common than I recognized while working in the grassroots movement for Karen. Overall, I think she was the best, then Chapman second, and Johnson third. The rest weren’t of the same caliber as the ones I named and in my opinion, deal was at or below McBerry. I would have chosen Oxendine over deal.

              I don’t think we will have deal a full term because I think the Feds have his number and will find him a place to live with below average health care in a facility NOT of his choice.

    • I agree Josh. Most folks perception is based on spin. I really like this guy and think he will do a very good job for Georgia.

      I work in a pretty large office with several hundred folks. Today folks were coming up with high five, thumbs up and asking “ready?” all with grins. I’m telling you I get a sense that this thing that is happening today is far larger than anything we’ve seen. People are genuinely honked off at politicians, but primarily Democrats.

      Before Republicans get giddy, these same honked off folks will throw the bums out in 2 years IF they act like Dems and former Republicans that got tossed in 2006. They are straight ticket folks. One friend said he used to run regularly with Congressman Marshall and is a friend. He said I’m sorry but I’m done supporting a Democrat. Who knows, but if I were a betting man I would say tomorrow is going to be pretty sweet.

  3. Steve says:

    Deal has been accused of being a bumbling oaf … But often times the same very people want me to believe that Deal is also a corrupt criminal mastermind … I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept both arguments. Pick one and stick to it.

    With corruption, you only have to be smarter than the standards to which you are held. Which quite frankly in Georgia, are pretty damn low. Here in Gwinnett County, the Board of Commissioners are just now starting to get their due (sorta)… and even that probably wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t squandered their political clout on tax hikes and the trash server fiasco.

    As long as you’re not brazenly governing against the wishes of your constituents… folks in Georgia kinda assume you’re “taking care of yourself” in some manner, and look the other way. They… just… don’t… care.

    • fishtail says:

      Sonny Perdue certainly seems to have gotten away with a lot of unethical and illegal conduct during these last 8 years. David Namias would not pursue Perdue’s conduct and was rewarded with an appointment to the GA Supreme Court. We are starting to resemble Alabama and Mississippi more every day.

      • rightofcenter says:

        You like to throw words around like unethical and illegal. Well, I don’t remember our Democrat Attorney General doing anything about all of this “unethical and illegal” stuff. Was he on the take? I guess his reward was unemployment.

        • fishtail says:

          Thurbert Baker’s reward for not rocking the boat and making waves will be a fat job at a blue chip Atlanta law firm, such as King * Spalding. Mark my words.

  4. Gerald says:

    As usual, the Nathan Deal apologies build up straw men and fail to interact with two serious issues.

    1. Deal’s long string of ethics problems, including but not limited to those which caused him to resign from the House of Representatives in order to prevent having to endure the same sort of ethics trials that Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel went through (except that there was more evidence against Deal, and the charges were more serious than they were against the 2 CBC members). So, the idea that “Deal could have remained Congressman Deal until the cows came home” is simply not true. Had Deal not short circuited Pelosi’s probe by resigning, the guy would not have survived politically.

    2. That if it were a Democrat – especially a Fulton Democrat – with Deal’s ethics problems AND lack of a track record, you’d be screaming “corruption! criminal! unqualified!” at the top of your lungs. How are the Georgia GOP going to nominate and elect people like Deal and Cagle and ever accuse the Democrats of being corrupt with a straight face? The GOP has long sacrificed any semblance of moral high ground on ethics, and actually bounced Karen Handel for trying to run a Sarah Palin/Nikki Hailey type of “reform” campaign. The GOP stood up to DEFEND and PROTECT backroom deals, cozy relationships with lobbyists, sex scandals … you name it. It shows that the people of this state don’t care about your accomplishments, ethics or character so long as you have an “R” behind your name, and that makes them different from the folks who elected Bill Campbell mayor twice HOW exactly?

    If you want to go vote for Deal and Cagle, fine, it’s a free country. But don’t you dare go around claiming that it is something to be proud about, and 2 or 4 years from now when the next Democrat gets himself involved in ethics charges and scandals, you had better shut your trap.

    • Ron Daniels says:

      That if it were a Democrat – especially a Fulton Democrat – with Deal’s ethics problems AND lack of a track record, you’d be screaming “corruption! criminal! unqualified!” at the top of your lungs. How are the Georgia GOP going to nominate and elect people like Deal and Cagle and ever accuse the Democrats of being corrupt with a straight face?

      Oh really Gerald? Where have I complained about a Democrat’s ethics? Where in the history of my front page posts have I ever screamed that someone was a corrupt criminal and unqualified? Perhaps you confuse me with someone else.

      And as a point of fact; I never mentioned Cagle. You are free to assume how I voted in that race, but assumptions are just that – assumptions. As a second point of fact, I don’t recall saying I was proud of voting for Deal. I’m not ashamed of how I voted – that includes a vote for Deal. I can’t justify in my mind voting for Barnes nor John Monds. That leaves me with one choice, other than writing in Eugene Talmadge’s name.

      Please check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

  5. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Deal could have remained Congressman “till the cows came home” because of the fact that the whole salvation yard deal, and the conversations with Graham, wouldn’t have been a newsworthy topic if he hadn’t run for Governor. Only b/c he was running for GOV did this come out and only for that reason did the Atlanta press, and his GOP opponents, take it and run with it, making it a bigger issue.

    Deal is extremely popular in the 9th District…if you don’t think he is, you’re kidding yourself. He’d have held that seat as long as he wanted to.

  6. KingWulfgar says:

    I’m probably ok voting for Deal in a run-off (if there even is one which I have my doubts about), but Monds has my vote tomorrow. If for no other reason than to support state-wide ballot access for the LP.

  7. jackz28 says:

    In defense of Nathan Deal, have any of you that are trashing him spent five minutes with him? Have you personally (I mean sat with him, not read talking points) asked him the tough questions about the ethics charges? This particular issue was brought up by a staffer of Steyne Hoyer who is one of Nancy Pelosi’s lapdogs. This, as well as plenty of other garbage has been well orchestrated to discredit and destroy someone who could do some good and keep our state out of liberal hands. How come Nathan and plenty of other candidates’ are being attacked personally, not what they stand for, or their proposed policies? This is an old trick that if you say it enough they will believe it and the media took the ball and ran with it. I know Nathan, and if you got five minutes to talk to him and his Lovely wife, you may change your mind. It is refreshing to finally get someone who is smart and REALLY cares about the people of Georgia. By the way, I am in favor of getting rid of ALL of the corrupt ones whether they are an R or a D or an I. Lets get back to where we started when we founded our country. “Those who expect to reap the blessings of Freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it”. Thomas Paine
    I believe Nathan will support it. Go Deal for Governor.

  8. Clint says:

    What a bunch of horse crap.

    Defending a corrupt relic of Washington DC must be exhausting for you.

    Deal’s corrupt. He lied about it – repeatedly. He got loans no one in the private sector could have gotten. He won’t be transparent about his finances. It’s disturbing all the way around.

    Glad I’m not carrying that bucket of water.

    • Doug Grammer says:


      No one would trust you to carry water any more. Your bucket has holes in it. Tell us again how much Gov. Barnes is more conservative than Congressman Deal. I challenged you to discuss real issues like jobs, taxes, water, and transportation that most Georgians care about. You declined and said you sole issue was a sub division on health care, high risk pools. When I got the answer that Congressman Deal held a position that should be favorable to your ONE issue, you wouldn’t admit that you made up your mind without knowing how one of the two candidates stood on your issue. Your credibility is shot to HELL. Don’t blame me, you shot yourself.

      • Clint says:

        Doug, I have no intention of discussing anything with you. Get over it. I’ve mentioned issues, many have. You just want to argue for argument’s sake with no real point to it.

        I’m voting for the candidate who won’t be distracted by all of the scandal and legal actions who can focus on creating jobs for Georgia and getting our state back on track.

        You’re voting for a crook. Deal with it!

        • Doug Grammer says:


          You are just unhappy that someone had the guts to challenge you to talk about issues. Your candidate was weak on the issues and not more conservative than Congressman Deal, despite how you try to spin things. You would rather focus on throwing mud. I wanted to debate the issues to help explain where our candidates stood on the issues to help readers who were undecided which way they should vote. You had a choice, ISSUES or MUD. Your candidate was bad on issues so I understand your choice.

          Should there be a run off, I will call you out again, so be prepared for it. You want to portray yourself as a Republican for Roy. You aren’t. You are an independent for Roy. There’s nothing wrong with being an independent for Roy, but it’s very misleading to call yourself a Republican for Roy.

          Congressman Deal with be our next Governor so you can DEAL with that.

    • Ron Daniels says:

      This isn’t Hilly Valley and it sure ain’t 1955, so let’s leave the horse manure out of this.

      I’m not exhausted. But thanks for checking.

      I’m just not a fan of Roy Barnes, I think you laid out a very good argument for him – but I’m not inclined to give him another shot at the office. If I had my own way, you’d be saying hello to Governor Chapman on Wednesday. But this isn’t a perfect world, and we don’t have the best of choices. I’ve come to terms with that.

  9. AlanR says:

    This election is about what happens next. Even if everything claimed about Nathan Deal is true, and its not, he’s still light years ahead of Barnes. Turning Georgia over to a trial lawyer with strong liberal credentials is a big step in the wrong direction.

    One other element of the Deal story that has not been addressed is he has been responsible for a business. The salvage yard employs real people who depend on that work for a living. The sporting goods store was a disaster, but it was an attempt to make it in the private sector. Its a risk, and no one in business never fails — everyone tanks somehow someway at least once. Deal learned the hard way.

    Deal will do less harm, and likely do more good.

  10. Obis_Sister says:

    Barnes’ education policies set our county back 10 years. Five years of grass-roots work by parents dedicated to incorporating the arts into our elementary schools to improve our children’s education went up in smoke. If I was dead and some fraudulent voter used my registration to vote for that rascal, I’d come back to haunt them!

  11. Herb says:

    Squeal’s campaign is going nowhere fast. He’s stalled out in the polls, and his favorables are taking a heavy beating as the horror stories of his corrupt practices in Washington see the light of day. Barnes’s favorables have remained in positive territory as long as I can remember. Barnes clearly has the momentum going into tomorrow. GA Republicans are heading for apocalypse tomorrow as Dems sweep all but 2 statewide seats(Sinkfield and Squires) and win back the State House. GOP will buck this trend by taking 4 Congressional seats(5, 8, 12, 13) and the Shepard State House race.

  12. Bill30097 says:

    We are re-electing an older Senator for 6 years with known health problems. If the worst happens then the governor appoints the replacement. Enough for me to vote for Deal in the runoff after Monds tomorrow.

  13. dirL says:

    Wow, you just sealed my vote. For Monds. You basically admit early on that you know something worse about Deal that you waited to be leaked in an October surprise, then you basically said he will be such a bad governor that he will only garner one term. Then you twist the fact that he quit congress before the critical health care vote for some noble cause to come save Georgia….paaauuuleassee !!!!

    • Ron Daniels says:

      1. I said I was waiting on an October Surprise – in case you missed it, everyone claimed there was one. I’m not an insider. I chose to believe what was being pandered out by many. I don’t know where you get the idea that I know more on Deal than has been said.

      2. I said Deal would not be a great Governor. That does not imply bad. I don’t think he’ll run for re-election. I did a post back a couple months analyzing the numbers between the candidates, and Deal would be one of the oldest elected Governors’ we have had. I see him using this as his exit from Congress and a chance to keep the Governorship of Georgia within his party.

      3. Who says paulease? You’ve twisted my words far more than what you accused me of twisting. Deal would have voted No on Healthcare. He would have done that if he wasn’t running for Governor. Perhaps you do not recall – but when Casey Cagle decided not to run, there was an uneasy feeling in Georgia politics. Names from Kingston to Westmoreland were thrown around as possible people to jump in the race. I very much believe Deal jumped in because he felt he could win the election and to provide him a chance to finally end his political career. You don’t honestly think he is going to run for re-election and then run for Senate do you?

      • People on this site have been at Area 51 for awhile. They’ve been seething for scandal and when there was none, they’ll make one up. No one has the answers to what happened with Deal’s finances, and frankly it’s none of our business. He’s had the political rectal examine and the majority of Georgians are polling consistently that they are comfortable with him as their Governor. I think they got it right.

        You wrote a good honest assessment.

  14. James Fannin says:

    The next governor of Georgia has some serious problems facing him from the first day and I have no doubt that the next governor will be Nathan Deal. First, he has a $2M note due in February and few liquid assets to cover it. Worse for him, there has been far too much attention to his ethical lapses for him to solve them the old fashioned way – someone with interests before the state suddenly decides he really has a burning desire to buy Nathan’s property and his business of three times what they are worth. Probably too much sunlight to pull that off now but I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like that take place and we can count on Doug Grammer to tell us why it is a good thing when it does.

    He boasted during the campaign that he will know the new governors of Alabama and Florida and will be able to work with them to resolve our water disputes. I hope he can. That clock is ticking and we will be watching for results.

    He said he will create jobs in Georgia. Let’s hope he does but if he doesn’t, he will learn the same hard truth President Obama learned – they keep score of these things.

    Early on he will have to find some way to reward all those folks who have sold their souls and defended the indefensible for months. Chief among them on this blog is of course Mr. Grammer but there are a host of others like Jan Jones, and all those Fulton County State Reps who were afraid Handel’s ethics reforms might actually drain the swamp and cut off their freebees at the Gold Dome. Those politicians all deserve some serious rewards for literally ignoring the views of 75 percent of their Republican constituents to support Deal in the primary. Frankly, I hope they all face Tea Party primary challengers and the bums are thrown out.

    Nathan Deal is clearly not a loutish oaf nor is he a criminal mastermind. He is a tired, old, business as usual 8 term Congressman who has little to show for his years in the House and like the state he is about to lead he is seriously in debt despite his schemes. Deal has also been surrounded by “yes men” enablers like Chris Riley for too long and they both have gotten so used to cutting corners and doing whatever they thought they could get away with to benefit themselves financially and not spent enough time focusing on the people’s business. Nathan will soon be the next governor and unfortunately for him and us, he’s an old dog and the governor’s office is a new trick.

    Should he have ‘helped” his daughter. Of course, we just disagree with what “help” is. A fiscal conservative would have counseled his daughter to start small, work hard and build a business rather than give her a stimulus package and literally bet the farm. He should have also drawn on his experience as a prosecutor and attorney and advised his son-in-law not to lie to the feds and sign his name swearing what he said was true.

    He promises to get it right the first time. I hope he does. He was a Democrat for most of his life and certainly didn’t get that right until the age of 53. He has submitted and resubmitted a host of state and federal disclosures that he didn’t get right the first, second or even third time. There is no evidence I see that he actually believes he has ever done anything wrong and he has an uncanny ability to rationalize just about anything. I hope he has indeed privately learned from his many mistakes.

    Gays. News flash. He is soon to be the governor of one of the biggest gay states in the country and they represent an economic engine that cannot be ignored if you hope to create jobs and attract business to Georgia. This is just going to fun to watch.

    Abortion. Deal pretty much committed to making all abortions for any reason and IVF illegal in Georgia when he sold his soul to Georgia Right to Life. Guess who will be sitting outside his door to collect? This is not going to be fun to watch.

    Finally, just because it bugs me as a veteran. He has a commercial in which he says that as a veteran, he fought for safety and security of Georgians. Not he didn’t. He was a JAG officer at Fort Gordon and was never in combat. He didn’t fight. He served honorably and did more than many but far less than over a million men who went to Vietnam and really did fight for our security and he shouldn’t be implying he did. Frankly, I don’t think he even thought about this when he made the commercial and that is what bothers me the most.

    Tomorrow will be a day to celebrate Republican victories throughout the nation and the end of Democratic control in the House and possibly the Senate but here is Georgia where we will win big, there will be no joy in Mudville.

    • Charlie says:

      I’ve been trying to get the energy to write a post for tomorrow called “Capitulation” James. While I would have left two of those paragraphs out, you nailed it.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      James Fannin,

      I haven’t sold my soul, it’s not for sale. I’ve been active in the GOP since 1988. Last night was the first night before an election since 1988 that I haven’t personally put up signs the night before an election. I coordinated people who were put them up this time.

      You can be as cynical as you like as about the political process and the candidates. I think you go too far when you question my integrity to imply that I am doing anything for a pay off. I have no plans to apply for a job in the new Governor’s administration. I don’t work for the GOP or it’s candidates for pay. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t. I have considered becoming a consultant on races, but I didn’t want it said that I used my position within the GOP for personal financial gain.

      If a job were offered to me, I’d want to make sure it matched my skill sets and it’s something I could do better than most people. I have a job and I am not looking for another. That doesn’t mean I would automatically turn one down if it were offered.

      By the end of the day, there is a good chance that my Congressional District will be the home of the Gov. the Lt. Gov. and the Speaker of the House. I don’t know that I will run for reelection as Chairman, but there’s a good chance that I will. I don’t get paid for that. As a matter of fact, it’s costs me hundreds if not thousands of dollars to serve. I do so because I think it makes my state and my country a better place.

      There is a chance that I might run for a statewide GOP office, but I won’t be running for Chairman of the Georgia GOP in May. (I have had several people ask me to do so, but I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.) First or second vice chairman may be a possibility, it depends on what others are doing. I don’t want to get into a contested election with people I call friends. I have had people ask me this week to look at putting my name on the ballot (again) in 2012. I haven’t ruled that out yet. Should I decide to do anything different than what I am doing now, it won’t be a pay off for campaigning. It’s because I care about my state and country and have been working to make them a better place to live for over 22 years. I view my service in the GOP as a form of patriotism.

      I am not going to refute everything in your post, but I wanted to set the record straight on your allegations about me.

      However, if you have ever met Congressman Deal, you would know that he is not “tired.” As a veteran, you should know that’s impossible for everyone serving to fight in the field. If he and others like him weren’t serving as JAG officers, that role could not have been performed. Do you think the Army could work without JAG officers? Apparently it doesn’t, because it has them. Not everyone gets to be on the front line. To imply that the ones who don’t serve on the front line are any less honorable than those that did is an insult to everyone who served but didn’t see combat. Supply sergeants, doctors, recruiters, mechanics, and even JAG officers are all required to keep the Army going. I guess you are OK saying that they did not serve with as much honor as all those who saw combat. You are OK with questioning how much honor they have.

      You were fine with questioning mine.

      • chefdavid says:

        Oh I am telling Jeff.. He was in Dade last night putting up Deal and Isakson signs. He even made an appearance on on the local gossip show. I can say one thing I may not always agree with him but he does work hard for whomever he is supporting.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I knew he was there. He knows I was at the house. He gave me permission to take the night off. Jeff is also one of the people suggesting my name go on the ballot.

      • James Fannin says:

        I think Mr Grammer doth protest too much but the good news is he pretty much went on the record denying any ambition to accept any appointments which will make is harder to accept such an appointment later. I’d say my work here is done.

        You missed the point on Nathan Deal’s service. Reread what I said as you grossly distorted my words about Nathan Deal’s military service. I specifically said “He served honorably and did more than many but far less than over a million men who went to Vietnam” What I took exception to is his commercial in which he said “as a veteran and prosecutor I fought for the security of Georgians.” He didn’t fight as a veteran and in saying so he implies to that he was a combat vet. He wasn’t. JAG officers perform very essential missions and we appreciate them. Doesn’t everyone love lawyers?

        • Doug Grammer says:

          As a veteran, he was serving the US. As a prosecutor, he fought for the security of Georgians. Do you understand that slight difference?

          You have accomplished nothing in regards to me. These are my same plans I have had for years, and I have spoken on them before. Should I change my mind, I have the right to change my mind. I protested because you are arrogant enough to question my honor without reason.

  15. Georgia Judge says:


    There will be much joy in Georgia at the end of the day.We will have kept Barnes from having a second shot of creating King Royville and will have sent the Dems to the hitherlands for quite sometime.Nathan Deal is a good man and will do a good job as Governor and was the clear choice for conservatives.

    Barnes 43%
    Other 3%

    • So clear that he stomped Handel by all of 2500 votes in the primary, right? So clear that if he wins today without a runoff it’ll be by a whopping 1 percent or so? So clear that many Republicans are voting for Monds or Barnes instead? Yeah… that’a real clear choice. Perhaps if you’re talking socially conservative, yes, I guess you’re right… he hates the gays more than either of the other two candidates.

      When Deal wins Georgia loses.

  16. Harry says:

    Deal is picking up the reluctant votes of myself and some other Handel supporters. He better hope he clears the first round and not go to runoff, because it’s questionable how many of us as well as the Libertarians would be motivated to drag ourselves out of the house at that point. On the other hand, King Roy will turn out his minions (government workers/union members) for the runoff.

  17. JoshDBrown says:

    My reason for voting for Monds is simple. Barnes is poison and Deal is poison lite. They are both still deadly; one just kills you slower. In my humble opinion, Monds is what the state needs. Will he win? Probably not. But I refuse to believe that voting for a 3rd party is a waste of a vote. I also refuse to fall into the doldrums of party loyalty. We keep preaching vote on the issues when all parties have issues that you, me, and every other person with some intellect can tell will never be broached.

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